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It's important not to underestimate the significance of the Chemist when it comes to sex and the use of sex toys. When accompanied with sexual lubricants, sex or sex toy games can be made considerably easier and therefore more enjoyable for all concerned.

This is particularly the case when it comes to anal sex as the anus does not produce any natural lubrication so sex would be particularly painful without anal lubricants. Our Chemist also stocks condoms which not only help to guard against unwanted pregnancy and help to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted infections (STIs), massage creams and oils to get in the mood, a range of toiletries, hair removal products, flavoured lubes, anti-bacterial sex toy cleaners and a selection of feminine hygiene products. We also supply both male and female sex enhancement products to further enhance your sexual experience.

All of our products have been tested to ensure that their ingredients are safe to use. If we cannot get written confirmation from our suppliers that they are safe we will not sell them.

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ID Hero Heat Ray Lubricant 130ml
ID Hero Heat Ray Lubricant 130ml
Intensify stimulation levels with ID Hero Heat Ray. Unlike other water based lubes, this specially f.....
9.99 11.99
ID Hero Super Slick Lubricant 130ml
ID Hero Super Slick Lubricant 130ml
This silicone based lubricant is slippery and ultra thick which enables it to be used underwater. It.....
14.99 16.99
Wicked Jelle Anal Lubricant 120ml
Wicked Jelle Anal Lubricant 120ml
Created with all aspects of anal play in mind, this anal lube is water-based, super slick, thick and.....
19.95 23.99
ID Frutopia Lubricant - 100ml
ID Frutopia Lubricant - 100ml
The water-based ID Fruitopia lubricant collection contains 100% natural fruit flavours for 100% fun!.....
7.95 11.99
Sparkle Sex Toy Cleaner
Sparkle Sex Toy Cleaner
Make your erotic toys sparkle with cleanliness with this anti bacterial sex toy cleaning spray from .....
4.75 8.00
Bijoux Bliss Bliss Seductive Massage Gift Set
Bijoux Bliss Bliss Seductive Massage Gift Set
A sensual gift of blissful pleasure. Discover the surprising feel of the skin made into pure silk an.....
14.99 32.99
ID Flavoured Juicy Lubes 108ml
ID Flavoured Juicy Lubes 108ml
Rated number 1 in numerous lubricant reviews, ID Flavoured Juicy Lubes are ultra long lasting, non s.....
8.99 10.99

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