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Blow Your Nose Adult Bar and Party Game
This addictive, cult game, originally designed for children but quickly hi-jacked by adult game fanatics as a table-top bar and party game, is now available with DRINKING RULES. The game is simply played by blowing your 'noses' through a series of numbered hoops the rules being similar to the game of croquet, but it isn't as easy as it seems.
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Wine Knot Drinking Game
The games in 'Wine Knot' are variations of old nautical drinking games, believed to have been originated by Portuguese sailors. There are eight games with eight ropes and two dice to be played which will provide interesting, unusual and amusing entertainment for hours for between 2 and 8 players. A bottle of wine will ensure that the game does not finish too early.
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The Vodka Game
An outrageous party game for vodka lovers. You're inside the iron curtain, the cold waris on. You must eliminate your own 'super villian' aquire by various means secret documents on microfibre film and get out alive. All the fun of a James Bond game - plus the vodka.
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The Wine Game
This fun drinking game will improve your knowledge of wine. Travel around the board, answering questions, drinking wine and increasing yor knowledge as you imerse yourself in the fascinating world of wine.
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The Ultimate Drinking Games Compendium
This compendium contains 25 of the best drinking games including Fuzzy Duck, Drag Race, The Inviter, Suckathon plus many more, all of which are housed in an eye-catching beer mug! This mug also contains everything that you need to play them including cards, dice, straws, instructions, a blindfold, and a pack of forfeits.
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Slam-Dunk Drinking Game
Place the glass coasters together to create the board, fill the shot glasses, roll the dice and let fate decide, the longer it goes on the tougher it gets.
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60 Of The Greatest Drinking Games
Each of the three beer cans contain action-packed games and tricks. Hours of hilarity and madness is guaranteed for every player. Each can has been graded so that there is a collection for every occasion. Choose from 20 Great Bar Games and Tricks, 20 Completely Crazy Drinking Games or 20 Seriously Screwball Drinking Games.
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Partiers Guide to 51 Drinking Games by Brian L. Pellham
A complete guide to all the classics: Three-man, Asshole, Mexicali, Thumper, etc. This book als includes many original games, including Preposterous Proposals!A must have for all your wild parties.
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Because maths is more fun after youve had a few! Form a SudoDRINKu puzzle with the numbers 1-9, then flip over tiles two at a time. Follow the drinking rule that is revealed. You may perform a gesture for other players to imitate, assign two drinks to the other player of your choice, makeup your own rules and much more. Whoever does not make the winning play finishes their drink. SudoDRINKu include a standard Sudoku game board, 81 double-sided number/drink tiles and game rules for Sudoku and SudoDRINKu.
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Drinking Games from Around the World
It's a long way to tippleary. Drink your way Around the World in 80 days (or less!) with this great collection of 31 of the most popular drinking games from across the globe. Example drinking games include Relay Race in The Netherlands, Frisbee in Australia, Hockey in Canada, Fuzzy Duck in South Africa, Numbers in China and Hong Kong. The game includes 31 game rule cards, two dice, a deck of poker cards, a spinner, a plastic game chip and a dreidel, all attractively packaged in a durable game tin!
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Bachelorette Party Bar Challenge
Bachelorette Party Bar Challenge game is designed for a bachelorette party that is going to be at a bar. The bachelorette will have to perform several dares and probably be humiliated before the night is over. It is perfect for going to the inchmeat market inch type of bar with lots of dudes. The point of the game is to make the bachelorette do silly challenges to earn five special cards. Once she earns the cards, she can make the other members of the party drink shots. It is a fun game, especially if you are going to the bar to socialize.
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