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DIY Sex Toys are truly amazing. With them you can make your own DIY vibrator using a real willy as a template.

The Cloneboy dildo kits include the fully functioning DIY vibrator, a candle, and for those that want some classic dong fun, a DIY dildo set.

However our favourite amongst these homemade sex toys is the soap version!

These homemade sex toys also make great gifts for your lover or as a joke present for that particular work colleague who thinks they are God's gift.

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Clone A Willy
Make the ulitmate realistic vibrator, moulded on a real penis - YOURS! The kit contains everything that you wouild need to make an ultra-realistic copy of your penis and turn it into a fully functioning vibrating dildo. The special edition kit includes - moulding powder, liquid rubber, Vibrating unit, molding tube and easy to follow instructions. All that is required is a hard cock and water.
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Cloneboy DIY Dildo Set
Make a perfect copy of your erect penis with the Cloneboy DIY Dildo Set. This means that should you ever be away from home for the night then your partner can still take pleasure from an exact copy of your manhood even though you are not there. This flesh coloured silicone sex toy kit is made up of a tube, 2 lots of 3D casting gel for 2 moulds, silicone rubber, hardener, a mixing spoon and easy to follow instructions.
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Cloneboy DIY Vibrator Set
Cast a multispeed vibrator from your penis that your partner can use again and again. All it takes is 5 easy steps: firstly make your penis erect, secondly add the 3D gel and wait for a few minutes, thirdly fill the mould with the skin feel silicone rubber, fourthly place the vibrator into the silicone rubber and lastly unveil to find an exact copy of your penis. This kit also has not one but 2 sets of casting gel moulds. The vibrator set comes in Flesh colour.
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Cloneboy DIY Black Dildo Set
If you want your partner to have a constant reminder of your manhood that they can use if you are away for the night the DIY Dildo Set is just what you need! Cast an exact replica silicone dildo from your erect penis with this kit which comprises of a tube, 2 lots of 3D casting gel for 2 moulds, silicone rubber, hardener, a mixing spoon and those all important instructions. All you need to do it get erect!
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