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Fake Vaginas are a step up from the classic plain male masturbation sleeves because they offer a more realistic masturbation experience. At Temptations Direct, we have a number of options within the range of fake vaginas for men.

Our False Vaginas are available as fake pussy masturbation sleeves, vibrating vaginas and sculpted torsos that come with an artificial pussy and a fake ass. Several of our high quality false vaginas are modelled on the erogenous zones of a real person (usually a porn star) and made from 'real feel' skin in order to give that extra bit of reality to your masturbation experience. Choose a fake vagina with multispeed vibrations included to give your cock an even more exhilarating ride!

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Fleshlight Girls Katsuni Lotus Vagina
Experience every single one of Katsuni's intimate folds with this extremely life-like soft and flexible Superskin sleeve which was cast from a mould of the actual vagina of Katsuni. The inner Lotus texture combines a narrow chamber on entry with a ribbed section towards the back for an incredibly intense masturbation experience. This phthalate-free toy is housed in a pearlescent case. The outer packaging contains all of Katsuni's vital statistics. This durable masturbator is easy to clean and store. Free sample lubricant sachet included.
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Fleshlight Girls Stoya Lotus Vagina
Enjoy the look and feel of Digital Playground star Stoya in this Fleshlight Girls masturbator which is an exact replica of her vagina. Designed to last for a lifetime, the patented Superskin material is soft, flexible and very durable. The inner Lotus texture combines a ribbed section at the back for your penis head and part of your shaft whilst the opening invites the base of your penis into a tight front chamber. An incredibly satisfying masturbation experience is guaranteed with every use. This Fleshlight Girl comes in a pearlescent case. The outer box includes all of Stoya's personal statistics. Free sample lubricant sachet included.
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Bridget Big Boobs Sex Doll
Meet Bridget the Californian beach babe. Bridget likes to wear a flirtatious pink bikini. She has a come-hither expression on her perfectly proportioned face. With golden hair, tempting pouty lips and with three luscious holes for your enjoyment, this life size sex doll won't fail to please.
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Jennas Vibrating Pussy and Ass
Moulded on a real vagina and ass, Jenna has the most life like, non sticky, latex free private parts especially for you. Jenna has a tight little pussy and a puckered anus. This queen of porn has 10 speeds and 5 functions so that you're in complete control to drive your penis wild!
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Shirleys Seductive Vagina
Shirley's Seductive Vagina is an incredible fake vagina toy for men.

The soft jelly latex offers a real feel sensation which enhances and maximises your pleasure. This fake vagina toy is a must for the discerning connoisseur of the male sex toy.
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Hot Lips Blow Job Oral Stimulator
Men's sexy toys are obviously centred on the penis as a whole, but only a few centre on just the head of your penis. The Hot Lips Blow Job is one such variety of men's sexy toys. It has a pump suction action which essentially is used to simulate oral sex. With a detachable 6 inch long penis sleeve that can be used with or without the dome for twice as many masturbatory thrills.
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The Animal Handy Vagina
There are loads of sex toys for guys on the market, but the Animal Handy Vagina, which is suitable for all sizes of penis, has always been a firm favourite. Out of all the sex toys for guys the Handy Vagina is small enough to be discrete and has ultra soft lips for smooth entry.

There are no trailing wires as everything is enclosed in the one unit. However this compact multispeed male masturbator is definitely powerful enough for ecstatic ejaculations.
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The Clone
The Clone is one of the all time classic men's sex toys. The Clone is a lifelike variable speed vibrating vagina. It looks real and boy does it feel real. There is no doubt that you will enjoy this true to life sensation.
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Our customer rating is 5 stars
Ultra Real Rear Entry Vagina and Anus
Smack my arse and thrust your man meat inside my tight and succulent pussy. I also don't mind you tickling my back passage with your large love truncheon and will never say no! A life sized replica of a real arse and fanny with impeccable detailing in all the right places. This product should not be used with silicone lubricant.
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Fleshlight Girls Jesse Jane
Fleshlight Jesse Jane has been moulded from the porn star herself!

Jesse claims that her Fleshlight is exactly like her tight little pussy, it's soft and wet and spreads open when you push inside it, just like her!

Inside the realistic look and feel sleeve is the Lotus design. Smooth and tight at the opening it blossoms into four separate pleasure chambers. Push your way through them all.

They call the inside the Lotus texture but it should be called the Jesse texture according to her because when she sticks her fingers deep inside it feels just like her.

The Jesse Jane Fleshlight comes in a pearlescent case that looks just like a torch for discreet pleasure. Also comes with an autographed postcard of the star herself and free lube.
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75.00 59.95
Our customer rating is 5 stars
Fleshlight Vagina Stamina Training Unit
Train yourself to be a legend in the sack with the Fleshlight Vagina Stamina Training Unit.

Once you penetrate the soft realistic feel lips and experience the large bulbous pleasure nubs and tight canal you will want to shoot your load.

The secret of this toy though is to stop yourself and train yourself to last longer. With regular use and a stop, start technique you will find you can last longer during sex. If you last 10 minutes with the Stamina Training Unit, you should be able to double that in bed with anyone! It comes in a gold torch like casing for secret sessions!
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66.99 52.95
Fleshlight Pink Vagina Vortex
This is a vaginal masturbator with a difference!

This Fleshlight Vagina feels just like real flesh and you can even warm it with water for super realistic sensations.

Once you penetrate the luscious lips you will feel the immense stimulation from the Vortex sleeve. With a variance in canal diameter and four spiralled chambers, the Vortex will bring you to dizzying heights of pleasure and give you a combination of suction, texture, and an unforgettable squeeze as you pass through each pleasure chamber.

Once used you can take the insert out for easy cleaning. Once cleaned and dried, replace into the torch-like casing so no one knows your secret!
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Fleshlight Girls Jenna Haze Lotus
The Jenna Haze Lotus Fleshlight is moulded from Jenna herself!

Allow your Jenna Haze fantasy to come to life with the soft Real Feel Superskin lips molded directly from her tight little pussy. Customers have raved about both the sensation and realism.

To keep things discreet it comes in a unique pearlescent case, PLUS you get an autographed postcard and a free 2-ounce bottle of Gun Oil H2O (water-based personal lubricant). Take Jenna home today!
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75.99 59.95
Fleshlight Pink Vagina Original
The Original Pink Lady Fleshlight is the most popular Fleshlight and has introduced more men to the pleasures of this popular range than any other insert.

Fleshlights are male masturbators that look like torches. Open them up though and they contain a secret. Inserts that look like naughty orifices and feel just like them.

When you penetrate the vagina inside, be prepared to take sexual gratification to new and exciting levels. This smooth textured insert is a realistic recreation of a young woman's vagina and you can even warm it under water for extra realism.

When you're finished, clean the insert, hide it back inside the outer casing and nobody will ever know.
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66.99 51.95
Our customer rating is 5 stars
Pipedream Fuck Me Silly Mega Masturbator
When they say Fuck Me Silly they mean it! This mega masturbator is the most realistic looking and feeling piece of ass and pussy (apart from the real thing) that you have ever fucked! Weighing in at over 20lbs, the tight flesh-like pussy and ass channels will want to make you ejaculate like no other masturbator. You can even prize apart the cheeks of the ass and give it a good slap while you're having the time of your life! You'll be hard pressed to find anything more lifelike. Also included are sample size bottles of moist lubricant and toy cleaner.
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575.99 349.99
Love Clone
Sex toys for men come in many different guises, but the most popular by far are the fake vagina type.

The Love Clone is one such sex toy for men. The realism of the Love Clone is undoubtedly mind boggling. When it is stretched it bounces back into its original position and feels just like the real thing. The vagina and anal openings both have inner soft cloned skin and a harder, more rigid surround, whilst the multi speed vibrator is positioned at the top end to give you extra stimulation.

As with all our sex toys for men the Love Clone is supplied with batteries.
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69.95 49.97
Fleshlight Girls Lisa Ann Lotus Vagina
This Fleshlight Girl is cast from an exact replica of adult star Lisa Ann's vagina. This, combined with the Superskin sleeve, gives this masturbator an incredibly lifelike appearance and feel. The inner Lotus texture means that on entry you will experience tightness which is followed by a series of ribbed chambers for a deeply satisfying masturbation experience that you will savour time after time. The torch style case is pearlescent. The outer box contains all of Lisa Ann's vital statistics. Free sample lubricant sachet included.
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Sultry Vibro Pussy
If you want a male masturbator that looks and feels like a real vagina this is the one for you. This exquisitely sculpted variable speed vagina is delicately detailed and hand painted to accentuate each luscious fold. The powerful removable power pack is strategically positioned for ideal placement. Comfortable enough to be used by all men, the nodule love tunnel enhances the strength and longevity of your hard on.
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Giant Pussy
The Giant Pussy is a male vibrator at the top of its game. Its soft, fleshy feel is just the beginning! The life like textured insides vibrates while the multi speed rotation motor simultaneously massages your cock like a hot, horny woman in total ecstasy.

With the inbuilt rotation motor to massage your penis to an incredible explosion this male vibrator is fantastic. Dont forget that batteries are supplied free of charge.
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Our customer rating is 5 stars

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