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Fun Factory Sex Toys are so unique they have actually won awards for their innovative designs. This collection of adult toys provides anal and virginal pleasures that aim to stimulate to the point of orgasmic ecstasy. Featuring erotic toys made of high quality, skin friendly silicone material, FunFactory offers a comprehensive range of male masturbators, dildos, variable speed vibrators, vibrating balls, double dildos, anal plugs and seductive body paint. If you are looking for high quality sex toys that will last for a long time, why not spend a bit more and have guaranteed pleasure from your favourite sex toy for years to come?

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Fun Factory Duke Prostate Stimulator
The Duke Prostate Stimulator is an 8 inch long smooth anal pleasure probe that is king when it comes to delivering unbridled anal stimulation. Thanks to its ergonomic shape, it adapts optimally to the male anatomy and stimulates both the P-spot (prostate) and the perineum intensely with its powerful vibrations. The upper bulge gives the feeling that this anal sex toy is fully inserted whilst its click 'n' charge capability ensures hours of endless anal pleasure. Made of soft silicone, the Duke is easy to keep clean and hypoallergenic. Available in Blue or Black. Don't forget to add the Click and Charge Magnetic Plug if needed.
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Fun Factory Click and Charge DeLight
Noble elegance meets fabulous functionality. The DeLight Click and Charge is considered the Rolls-Royce of vibrators and promises new heights of passion by combining velvet-like silicone with highly polished areas. This 10 inch (total length) luxury multispeed vibrator can be intuitively guided with the Royal Curl and has a curved end for stimulating the G-spot. A slight bulge tickles out extra desire in harmony with the vibrations. For use in conjunction with the Click and Charge Magnetic Plug. Available in Black/White, Red/Violet and Pink/Pink.
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Fun Factory Click and Charge Magnetic Plug
The Fun Factory USB Magnetic Charger sets a new revolutionary standard. All new rechargeable vibrators will come with the Click and Charge technology: the connection between electrical source and vibrator batteries now occurs through a magnetic surface in the Fun Factory logo of the toy and the metallic contact point of the head in the network part - another Fun Factory innovation perfectly combining quality and function.

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Fun Factory Click and Charge Cobra
A revolution in male masturbators! The Cobra Click and Charge toy from Fun Factory offers a totally unique experience from a rechargeable toy.

This 100% waterproof toy effectively stimulates the most sensitive part of the penis, the glans. It has two strong, quiet and long lasting motors, an innovative lit up slide control pad and has an intuitive operability.

Rechargeable vibrator - Do not forget your recharging Magnetic Plug.
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Fun Factory Click and Charge Bubbles Minivibe
The asymmetrically placed elements, placed over each other like soap bubbles, give flight to fantasies and promise a surprising outcome. Bubbles is a favourite of anyone who loves adverse and exhilarating feeling upon insertion. Any which way, Bubbles is thrilling and enchants with a particularly soft gentle touch silicone surface. A playful, yet distinctly designed 5 inch long toy to excite and intense stimulation with a playful lightness.

Rechargeable vibrator - Do not forget your recharging Magnetic Plug.

Fantasy-filled, perfected design, gentle touch surface, asymmetrically elements give flight to fantasies and promise a surprising outcome, diverse and exhilarating feeling upon insertion, playful design for easy handling, 100% waterproof, vibrator shaft made of 100% silicone.
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Fun Factory Click and Charge Spring Minivibe
Spring rechargeable 5 inch vibrator with click and charge technology combines passionate spring feelings with a revolutionary recharging technique! The enchanting flower relief on the otherwise smooth surface gives this little playmate some thrilling side effects. It can massage intensely right on the spot or gently all over - an exciting interplay that delivers emotional highpoints and not just to the vagina. All in all spring is a wonderful present, perfect for bringing a little spring into your home!

Rechargeable vibrator - Do not forget your recharging Magnetic Plug.

Offers fascinating interplay between smooth surface and vibrating flower relief, 100 % waterproof, delivers exciting pleasure thanks to its extremely exact stimulation, the floral design makes it a sweet and passionate gift, shines with a perfected and handy grip made out of the finest materials, suitable for experts and beginners.
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Fun Factory Tango BiSmart Vibe
Tango unites passionate play with strength and elegance. Thanks to a clever design, the 8 inch long Tango is a multi-talent - it stimulates vaginally and the clitoris. Change position and it conquers the most hidden and secret places, promising the greatest pleasures. The tested turbo-booster will unwaveringly go for a quickie pace or if you would prefer a slow dance, it can be a pleasure-indulging lover. The gentle touch silicone surface makes it especially cuddly.

Women, who love extravagance, will not want to forgo the Tango any longer!
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Fun Factory elLove Vibrator
The elegant elLove enriches its owners personal realm of feeling and really takes off with the tap of a button. Use the turbo booster and experience passionate satisfaction of the highest level. The sporty, dynamic vibrator pleasures with its silky smooth surface and is especially great for beginners.

The elLove is waterproof and has an extremely powerful motor which has eight vibration levels with three interval programs and offers a turbo booster function. This fantastic vibrator arouses nipples, penis, clitoris and stimulates vaginally. It offers an intense feeling thanks to the curved head which pampers the G-spot.

This gorgeous vibrator is 8.5 inches long, ergonomically formed, has a sporty, dynamic shape and is easy to clean thanks to its smooth surface which is entirely made of silicone. Free batteries included. Available in Rose or Violet.
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Fun Factory Colore Moi Bodypaint
Love yourself Colore Moi bodypaints embellish your love life. Natural scents stimulate senses and give flight to fantasies. Give creativity free reign and create a work of art all your own. Colore Moi can be playfully applied on partners body with a finger or a brush. Finally, the artist can nibble at his masterpiece by kissing away the precious, natural colours.

Available in banana, chocolate, lime, liquorice, orange, peppermint, strawberry or vanilla.
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Fun Factory Cavalier Dildo
The Cavalier dildo is made from medical grade silicone giving it flexibility without losing the necessary stability. It is easy to clean and has hypo-allergenic qualities. The secure base makes it easy to handle and suitable for harness use. If cooled or warmed, if bathing or on land it guarantees diversified stimulation. Available in Blackberry or Black. 6.69 inches long, 1.34 inches in diameter.
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Fun Factory Sally Sea Lion Vibrator
The perky, vibrating stub nose of this playful sea lion indulges the clitoris. At the same time the round body can be set to rotate for vaginal pleasure. 9.4 inches long.

The ultimate rotating vibrator. The invigorating rotations of the beaded shaft stimulate vaginally while wonderful vibrations pamper the clitoris. Has two powerful motors and continuously variable controls for the rotation speed and vibration intensity. Has pearls for additional stimulation and the sleeve is made from medical grade silicone. Random colour despatched. Free batteries included.
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Fun Factory Bendybeads
Bendybeads are the ideal anal sex toy for those that seek variety in their love life and want to try something new. Made of silicone, these flexible yet firm beads measure a total length of 10.1 inches with an insertable length of 8 inches. This skin friendly, odourless, durable bead string also features the 'Royal Curl' at the top so that you can maintain complete control. Available in Black, Red or Violet. A free sample size sachet of lube is also included.
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Fun Factory Flexi Felix
This is the must have anal chain of choice for all you butt lovers, no matter if in training or already being an expert. Flexi Felix is composed of elliptically shaped elements in different sizes, featuring a friendly beetle face for easy chain withdrawal. It is so much more advance when compared to ordinary extraction cords. 12 inches long. Available in Black, Blue or Pink.
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Fun Factory Layaspot
This innovative lay on vibrator stimulates through caressing, massaging and simply by laying over those external erotic areas of the body. Thereby the vibration mode is adjustable so that each erotic zone can be aroused gently or intensly. Three additional vibration modes provide for a variety of different pulsating vibrations. 4.3 inches long.

Easy to use with a powerful, quiet and durable motor. It is elastomed and splash proof. Random colour despatched.
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