Sex Toy Furniture is a fantastic alternative to regular dildos and vibrators. Coming in a range of easy to assemble and inflatable items, sex toy furniture can put a whole new spin on all things sex related. We stock loungers, chairs and beds as well as hammocks, swings and pillows. There are also special position mastering aids available that help you and your partner to experience sex from angles that you did not know were possible!

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Liberator Black Label Wedge With Cuffs
This firm pleasure enhancer helps you feel great in your favourite positions! Whether you want some support during doggy style, or a hand boosting her hips up during sex, this toy is truly wonderful. Giving you the perfect angle, height and penetration in whichever position you opt for, spice up your bedroom fun with this added extra!
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Liberator Ramp
Let the Liberator Ramp introduce you to undiscovered territory! Firm yet soft, you'll be able to strategically lift and place your partner, so that they'll be able to receive the ultimate in angled penetration. With a height of twelve inches, you're bound to learn some new tricks and feel some brand new sensations! Whether you're trying off the side of the bed sex, oral sex, girl-on-top or a series of other positions, with this support, you and your partner can sustain them for unprecedented lengths of time, aiding those powerful orgasms!
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Liberator Hipster
Add something extra to your bedroom fantasies with the super cool Liberator Hipster. Curved, with high and low dips, this firm yet soft bedroom addition gives you and your partner access to penetrative techniques you never knew possible! Bound to intensify your sexual endeavours, the Hipster is helpful and comfortable - perfect for mind-blowing orgasms.
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Liberator Wedge Ramp Combo
Let the Liberator Wedge/ Ramp Combo help you find the G Spot, and uncover other thrilling sensations as it's shapely pieces nestle together to create a penetrative pedestal. Position your partner at an angle and indulge in great oral sex, doggy style and even classic missionary positions.Your stamina will instantly improve and aid those desirable long, steamy sessions. Whatever position you're looking to indulge in, the Liberator Wedge/ Ramp Combo will instantly improve the build up to orgasm, and bring a new edge to the bedroom - literally!
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Liberator Wedge
Previously described as the connoisseur's serving spoon of choice, the Liberator Wedge brings an unbeatable incline to the bedroom. This firm, supportive, angled device delivers the ultimate in satisfaction during every oral performance. Putting you in control at a 27 degree angle, let your partner penetrate with ease as you both enjoy the delights of the Wedge!
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Doc Johnson Iride
The Iride is the ultimate in hands-free excitement. This unique sex toy can be ridden, rocked or spooned. You can control the rhythm, the speed and the sensations while your hands are free to roam! Use the Iride on a chair, on a bed or on any flat surface. Two independently controlled, vibrating zones with dual vibrating bullets and dual multispeed controls provide maximum internal and clitoral stimulation with every movement. The curved design enables easy rocking motions while the soft, padded cushion makes for a comfortable and smooth ride. 4 AA batteries are included.
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Fetish Fantasy Incredible Sex Stool
Take the strain off your thighs and enjoy weightless sex, bounce up and down on your partner with ease, and try new positions and enjoy moves you never thought were possible! The Fetish Fantasy Sex Stool is designed to play hard--it holds up to 300 lbs. and is constructed with a heavy duty tubular steel frame. The seat is flexible, easy to clean, and made from high-strength TPU. The opening in the seat's center allows you to get closer and go deeper than ever before, for maximum penetration and maximum pleasure! Best of all, it's discreet enough to pass as a normal chair or stool in your bedroom. Be creative, explore new techniques, and do it all with greater ease! Take Off the Strain and Turn On the Fun!
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Fetish Fantasy Position Master
Let your imagination take you beyond your physical limits with the Position Master. Sturdy nylon straps hold your legs firmly in place so they won't tire when things are getting good! Both the plush neck harness and the fully adjustable Velcro fastening ankle restraints are super soft and cushioned for maximum comfort. Free Love Mask included.
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Sportsheets Door Jam Harness
The quickest set up ever! No installation! Won't leave any marks on doors! Place the straps over the door then close firmly. This set comes with one pair of felt cuffs that can be used on wrists or ankles (with adjustable Velcro closures) and 2 door jam straps. The door jams instantly fit either over or underneath any door.
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Sportsheets Under The Bed Soft Bondage Restraint System
This soft bondage restraint system features four fur lined cuffs with Velcro fastenings (adjustable up to a circumference of 14 inches), four 60 inch restraints and one 60 inch connector strap. Easy to set up in seconds, this bondage restraint system is suitable for any size of mattress. The straps can be positioned around the head and foot of the mattress or around the sides for new exciting uses. Turn any bedroom into an instant bondage playground!
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Rimba Hammock Collar and D-rings
For the ultimate in hammock restraints, this hammock has 7 D-ring attachments and a neck collar with metal buckle fastenings adjustable up to a 17 inch circumference neck. With their neck secured into this hammock, your sub will be severely restricted. It measures 44 x 140 cm (17.25 x 43 inches). This hammock is also incredibly easy to store after each use. Roll in up and put it back into the bag it came in. NB. The metal chains (pictured) are not included.
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Rimba Hammock with D-rings. Without Chain
This genuine Leather Hammock comes with 8 D-rings is ready and waiting to be attached to a hanging place of your choice with the aid of metal chains (not included). It measures 44 x 110 cm (17.25 x 43 inches) and is easy to store. Simply roll up and place back into the bag provided.
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Rimba Hammock with D-rings and Heavy Corner Joints
The Leather Hammock has metal studded details on each of the heavy corner joints. It also comes with four D-rings included and measures 50 x 75 cm (20 x 29.5 inches). Metal chains not included with this product but can be purchased separately.
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Louisiana Lounger - Inflatable Sex Toy
A fully inflatable recliner with wrist and ankle cuffs, it comes with a separate housing which contains the fun bit. A fully functional thrusting, pumping motor which, when combined with 1 of the 3 vibrators included, will deliver some good ol' fashioned Louisiana hospitality all activated by remote control. All vibrators can be used independently and as the whole unit comes with a foot pump you can save your breath, which will be taken away by this brilliant item. Must be seen to be believed. The vibrators included are a 5.5 inch realistic, a 5 inch G-Spot and a 7 inch classic. Free batteries included.
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Fetish Fantasy Love Lounger
The world's first portable inflatable sex machine! There are so many different ways to use the Fantasy Love Lounger you'll be pushed to know where to start.

Use the Love Lounger for experimental love making. The wrist and ankle straps help you get into position and stay there! Add the sex machine for a thrusting ride! It comes with three vibrators, the 6 inch classic, the 8.5 inch G Spot and the 8 inch realistic. Use the remote control to activate and away you go! Detach the sex machine and squat or stride your favourite vibe.

The sleek vinyl lounger is easy to inflate and can take up to 300lbs (21st 6lbs).

Comes complete with a FREE eye mask, Cat O Nine Tails whip, a hot wax candle, feather tickler, a foot pump, anti bacterial toy cleaner and lubricant. Free batteries included.
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Vibrating Chair
The Vibrating Love Chair is an inflatable chair with a 6.25 inch vibe attached. Available to bear loads of up to 100kg, this love chair has easy manageable multispeed control and solid handles to grab onto during every thrust. Inflates to a height of 8 inches and a diameter of 18 inches. Deflates and folds away after use for easy storage. 2 AA batteries included.
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Forbidden Bondage Chair
Inflatable chair with wrist and ankle restraints and head rest.
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