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Latex Clothing is perfect for the rubber enthusiast or a newcomer just testing the water in the rubber clothing world. Ladies, if you like getting hot and sweaty then latex clothing is for you! With the help of talcum powder, our selection of tight fitting ladies underwear and outerwear is easier to get into. However the result is worth it as when latex items of clothing are on they fit very tightly to the body helping to illustrate all of the natural bodily contours. Our open crotch and dildo panties are particular favourites! All of our latex clothing also has rubber shiner available as an optional extra because if you want your latex clothing to retain its shine then it's important to use a good quality latex shiner.

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Latex/Rubber Stockings
Get your partner's heartbeat to quicken with anticipation when they see you wearing these Latex/Rubber Stockings. Probably not suitable for the office unless you really want to make a statement, these stockings are super sexy, tight fitting and thigh high. 100% natural latex. Available in Black in small, medium or large. Wipe clean.
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