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Tenga Sex Toys provide a unique take on the male masturbator. Tenga specialises in masturbation tubes that have special valves and nodules inside to provide extra stimulation to your penis that a standard masturbator cannot match.

The Tenga take on the traditional penis sleeve, the Egg, opens to reveal a silicone sleeve with unique sensory nubs. Unique in their design, Tenga male sex toys allow your penis to experience new sensations. Tenga masturbators are also designed to accommodate all penis sizes. Tenga sex toys provide stimulation for the head as well as the shaft of the penis and can be re-used. Free UK delivery is available on all Tenga products.

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Tenga Wavy Egg
A new kind of masturbator is born!

What came first the chicken or the egg? It'll be you when you get your hands on the Tenga Egg.

Crack open the egg to find a silicone masturbator and sachet of lubricant inside.

The masturbator sleeve will stretch to fit any size and has a wavy pattern inside so you can ride the waves of ecstasy.

The sleeve has a rounded end to completely cover the penis. Designed for single use, but re-use may be possible with condoms.
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Tenga Soft Tube
Tighten yours to suit.

With the new Soft Tube, you can have complete control over tightening sensations, as well as rubbing and stroking. Controlled by how tightly you grip the sleeve, you can achieve the feeling that perfectly suits you.

Designed for single use, but re-use may be possible with condoms.
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Tenga Ultra Deep Throat
Enlarged size, upgraded insert. Greater feeling.

The much demanded larger Tenga Deep Throat is now unveiled. The new super smooth pad insert creates a soft, wet feeling - insert slowly and you will feel like you're in heaven.

The enlarged size brings you the strongest sucking sensation ever!

Designed for single use, but re-use may be possible with condoms.
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Tenga Flip Hole
The Tenga Flip Hole is a state-of-the-art male masturbator.

You loved the one use Tenga products, now get your hands on the first ever Tenga reusable sex toy.

Unlike other male masturbators, the Tenga Flip Hole does not replicate a vagina, it's far better than that. Loaded with functions such as a floating pad and vacuum pump you can control the intensity and pressure to your own preference. Tenga Flip Hole has buttons to create separate actions at different points along the shaft. Whether you want to massage the head or enjoy a sucking sensation at the base.

Flip open the case to reveal the amazing soft interior filled with soft pleasure nodules, bumps and ridges ready to deliver mind blowing sensations.

The Tenga Flip Hole comes with three lubricants, wild, mild and hole, designed to give you a different experience with each one.

Easy to clean ready for the next use! Possibly the best male masturbator on the market.
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