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Rocks Off Sex Toys are an award winning brand that are famous for the RO80mm and RO120mm Ammunition for Love bullet vibrators which come in a variety of different colours.

Made from superior quality silicone, the Rocks Off range of fully waterproof sex toys can be used in the bath or the shower as well as in the bedroom. Also available are masturbators, anal vibrators, rabbit vibrators and prostate massagers. Free delivery available.

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Rocks Off RO 80mm Colour Me Orgasmic Bullet
If you like intense vibrations that go from the base to the tip of the vibrator, then try the Orgasmic Bullet. This 3 inch long, 0.7 inch wide bullet vibrator comes with 7 speed settings that can easily be changed at the touch of a button. It's also fully waterproof for use in the bath and/or the shower and is just the right size to comfortably fit into your pocket or a handbag for fun on the go. Free battery also provided. Available in Purple as shown.
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Rocks Off RO 80mm Gorgeous Glow Bullet
This limited edition 7 speed glow in the dark bullet is packed full of power. Designed to deliver you pure ecstasy, this 3 inch long, 0.7 inch wide bullet vibrator is fully waterproof enabling it to be used in the shower or bath. The touch button controls mean that you can get to your favourite speed setting with ease. This award winning Rocks Off toy is the perfect handbag companion. It also comes with a free satin storage bag and a free battery.
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17.99 11.95
Rocks Off 160mm Ammunition for Love Bullet Vibrator
The 6.25 inch long, 1 inch wide bullet vibrator comes with a specially rounded tip for effortless insertion. It also has an incredible 7 different pleasure settings to choose from. A simple touch of the button at the base changes the vibration settings in an instant so that you can go from low speed to high speed in hardly any time at all. This vibe is also fully waterproof for bathroom fun. Available in Metallic Pink. 2 AA batteries included.
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Rocks Off RO 120mm G Spot
Target your g spot with amazing precision using this 4.75 inch long multi-speed vibrator which comes with a specially angled tip for reaching your special spot. Made from silky smooth medical grade silicone, this g spot vibrator has 5 different speed settings available at the touch of a button. It is also fully waterproof for adventures in the shower or bath. 2 AAA batteries included. Available in Purple.
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Rocks Off Rude Boy
From the people who brought you the Rock Chick comes the 11 inch (total length) Rude Boy! Designed for every man out there to experience the orgasmic delights of a P spot orgasm, the dual action prostate and perineum stimulator has been designed and made in the UK from the finest grade medical grade silicone. Comes with a waterproof RO-80mm bullet. Batteries included.
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Rocks Off Ramsey Rabbit
This 4 inch randy little rabbit is guaranteed to whip you into a frenzy, get your juices flowing and bring you to the boil - just like his namesake! Powered by the amazingly powerful removable RO-80mm bullet, his nose will nuzzle and excite you whilst his ears will probe your most intimate parts. Hypo-allergenic and waterproof, he is the perfect housewives pet. Heat things up with Ramsey today! Available in Pink or Purple. Free batteries included.
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Rocks Off 100mm Soft Tip Bullets
If you enjoyed RO-80mm Ammunition for Love Bullet you will love this new version! The 4 inch long RO-100mm Soft Tip Bullet is soft yet firm enough to provide a really sensual, tactile and precise probing experience. It is also 100% waterproof and has three silent but deadly vibration modes. Battery included. Available in a choice of Black, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Yellow and White.
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17.99 11.96
Rocks Off 120mm Ammunition for Love
The RO 120mm Ammunition for Love bullet is the RO 80's big brother!

Bigger in size with 5 fantastic powerful functions of vibration and pulsation, it really is the next big thing. Simply push the button at the base of this 4.5 inch long vibe for easy control and mind blowing sensations.

Waterproof too for fun in the bath and shower. Just when you thought that bullets couldn't get any better. If you like the RO 80mm, you're gonna love it's big brother.
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Rocks Off Mini Buddies Missile
Buddies Missile is the ultimate gift for him when shooting is essential! Enjoy the 5 speeds provided by the 4.5 inch long RO-120mm powered vibrator; add the super smooth silicone sleeve for varied sensations. This wireless touch control vibe is also waterproof for fun in the bath or shower and only requires 2xAAA which are provided.
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Rocks Off Mini Mates Fever
Mini Mates Fever is hot hot hot! The RO-80mm Ammnunition For Love bullet just got bigger and more powerful. Not only is it bigger but it has five fantastic speeds and goes under the name of RO-120mm. This set comes with a super smooth and sensual removable silicone sleeve to add to your sensations. The push button at the base makes activation and control of this 4.5 inch long vibe easy. Take to the bath or shower with it too as it is waterproof and only requires 2xAAA (included).
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Rocks Off Mini Mates Disco
The RO-80mm Ammunition for love bullet just got bigger and better!

Mini Mates Disco is a set including the 4.5 inch long RO-120mm 5 speed bullet and a removable ribbed silicone sleeve. If you liked the RO-80mm then you are sure to love the RO-120mm.

Not only is it larger it has five speeds for you to enjoy. For further thrills slip on the ribbed silicone sleeve and relish in the sensations. Activation is easy simply push the button at the base. 100% waterproof too and requires 2xAAA.
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35.99 23.96
Rocks Off Finger Tingles
Turn your finger into a vibrator with Finger Tingles! Place your hand over the 4.25 inch long Finger Tingles and your finger through the hole in the end. The RO 80mm Ammunition For Love Bullet sends powerful vibration through the toy to your fingertip - meaning you have your own sensual touch with added vibration! 100% Waterproof. Take the finger sleeve off of the RO 80mm Ammunition for Love bullet for two toys in one. Free batteries included.
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Rocks Off 80mm Ammunition for Love
The RO 80mm Ammunition for Love is the world's most powerful vibrating bullet and delivers vibration so intense you will climax in seconds! Finished in silky chrome with one-touch operation, the 3 inch long vibrating bullet is 100% waterproof so can be used in the bath or shower. Feels incredible when used on any part of the body. Probably the most powerful mini vibe in the World! Available in Silver, Red, Purple, Pink and Black. Free batteries included.
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Rocks Off Ass Berry
The Ass Berry provides fruity fun for your bum, is perfect for beginners to anal play and is 100% waterproof.

This perfectly formed 3 inch long berry shaped vibrator delivers earth shattering stimulation and vibration to your behind. It includes the legendary RO-80mm Ammunition For Love bullet so you get two toys in one! Made from IntraMed material for hypo-allergenic, safe play. Available in Pink or Black. Batteries included.
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25.99 19.95
Rocks Off The Lick
Sister products the Rude-boy, the Rock Chick, and the RO 80 Ammunition are hugely popular for their reliability, stylish looks, and the quality of their workmanship.

The 4.5 inch long Lick is from the same family - powered by the ultra-strong, hyper-fast and exceedingly quiet precision engineered RO-80 bullet, it is ergonomically designed to provide flexibility and comfort, whether you wish to use it as a dildo, an anal probe, or a clitoral stimulator.

Made from 100% medical grade silicone, this product is guaranteed Phthalate and latex free, hypoallergenic and easy to clean. Available in Black, Pink or Red. Batteries included.
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Rocks Off Naughty Boy
The Naughty Boy double P spot vibrating massager is very, very nice!

Enjoy intense vibrations simultaneously to both the perineum and prostate for earth shattering orgasms. The 9 inch total length naughty Boy design enables hands free action - simply sit and rock.

100% waterproof for fun in the water. Available in Black or Blue. Batteries included.
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Rocks Off Rock Chick with Micro Bullet
The 10 inch long Rock Chick is a revolutionary new kind of toy from an English Inventor. Made from soft medical grade silicone, it can be sterilised easily by popping it in the dishwasher. Designed to offer G Spot and clitoral stimulation simultaneously through a gentle rocking action, we reckon this is the ideal toy for those who might have had difficulty finding their G Spot in the past. Random colour sent. Removable bullet included.
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Rocks Off 140mm Soft Tip Bullet Vibrator
The big brother to the RO-80 and RO-120, the 140mm (5.5 inch) long Soft Tip Bullet Vibrator comes with an incredible 7 different speeds which are guaranteed to set off explosive sensations in you with every use! Fully waterproof, use the tapered soft tip of this vibrator for internal pleasures or to massage the clitoris or other sensitive parts of the body. Choose vibrations anywhere between a gentle hum to a full on buzz! Battery included. Available in Silver/Black or Silver/Red.
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Rocks Off Butt Boy
The Butt Boy is a vibrating butt plug with a difference. Its unique shape means you can slip in the 1.75 inch diameter Butt Boy and enjoy anal and perineum stimulation at the same time. Simply turn on the vibrating bullet, sit down and rock for hands free fun. The 8 inch total length Butt Boy is made from silicone so it is hypo-allergenic and feels great against the skin. It's fully waterproof for easy clean up. You can also remove the vibrating bullet for use on its own. Batteries included.
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Rocks Off Mini Mates Twirl
This Mini Mates Twirl set is the ultimate gift for yourself or a loved one!

Including the new 4.5 inch long RO-120mm 5 speed bullet and a removable silicone sleeve with a raised swirl around the shaft - it has everything needed for a fantastic experience. If you liked the RO-80mm bullet then you are sure to love the RO-120mm with it is larger size and multi speeds.

Slip on the super sensual silicone sleeve for an even more thrilling experience. Activation is easy simply push the button at the base. 100% waterproof too and requires 2xAAA.
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