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Big Dildos allow you to feel sensations you've never felt before. Our selection of huge dildos are the perfect size and shape for your sexual appetite which go up to 2.75 inches in diameter and an ultra impressive 16 inches in length!

Our selection of big dildos is made up of dildos for both anal and vaginal use so you can get pleasure into whichever channel you choose.

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Loving Joy Real Feel 8 Inch Wonder Classic Dong
If you like your dildos to look authentic, the 8 Inch Wonder is perfect. This big dildo has an 8 inch long, 1.5 inch wide shaft which is made of real feel flesh. It also has pronounced veining and a lifelike penis head. This dong is easy to clean and can be used with either silicone or water-based lubricants. The perfect thruster!

NB. This dildo measures 8 inches long although it states 9 inches on the box.
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Loving Joy Real Feel 8 Inch Wonder Suction Cup Dong
This 8 inch dildo comes with a tantalising real feel texture, vein details on his shaft, a realistic penis head and a pair of ball sacks. Take a ride on his 1.5 inch wide, 6 inch insertable length shaft and use the strong suction cup base (which will stick to any smooth, flat surface) for hands free action. This super dong is also fully harness compatible. Water-based or silicone lubricants can be used with this big boy.
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Basix 9 Inch Dong With Suction Cup
Made from hypoallergenic, latex and phthalates free American produced rubber, the Basix 9 Inch Dong has a jelly consistency, realistic penis end, a 2 inch diameter smooth shaft and squirmy balls. Coming with a suction cup means that this dildo can be stuck down to almost any surface which leaves your hands free to explore other regions.
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Doc Johnson Ty Fox Cock 8 inch Flesh - packaging slightly damaged
This is a Masterpiece. Moulded directly from Porn Superstar Ty Fox's erect manhood, this thick realistic 8 inch cock captures every bulge, vein and curve perfectly. This 2.5 inch thick big dildo has a suction cup base and even comes with a FREE Autographed Picture. This cock looks and feels so realistic that you will think the man himself has made an appearance.
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Doc Johnson Realistic Kong 9 inch Flesh Monster Dildo
The only Realistic Monster Cock in captivity has broken loose, freeing itself to unleash its intense pleasure on tiny orifices the world over. Measuring in at a staggering 9 inches long and 6.75 inches girth, this brutal dildo even has hair, as well as all the usual veins, bulges and curvatures you'd expect with a realistic big dildo. Can your beauty tame this beast?
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Doc Johnson Realistic Cock 8 inch Black
This 8 inch monster dildo is by far the most realistic cock ever made because it is moulded from an actual hard penis. Capturing every bulge, crease and vein, this black big dildo has a suction cup so that you can place it where you need it. This big dildo also comes with a convenient travel size bag. If you want realism, this is the cock for you!
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Our customer rating is 5 stars
Doc Johnson Realistic Cock 8 inch Flesh Big Dildo
The Realistic Cock is called that for a reason. This big dildo is the most realistic cock ever made. Moulded from an actual 8 inch long, 1.5 inch diameter erect penis and hand detailed to capture every vein, bulge and crease, this big dildo has a suction cup to allow you to position it where you need it and even has a free travel pouch for instant portability. Get Real get The Realistic.
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Our customer rating is 5 stars
Doc Johnson Dick Rambone 16 Inch Flesh Monster Dildo
This huge cock with balls measures a total of 16 inches with a mighty insertable length of 13 inches and a mouth watering diameter of 2.25 inches! It comes with all the details that you would expect to see on a genuine erect cock: veins, bulges and a lifelike penis head. Thanks to its suction cup base, this monster of a realistic dildo can be attached to almost any smooth, flat surface. Due to its large size, Dick Rambone is recommended for more experienced users! Available in Flesh as shown.
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Pipedream Icicles No 06 Pleasure Glass Dildo
The Icicles No 06 Pleasure Glass Dildo is 8.5 inches tall, has a realistic shaped penis head, a bulbous bottom, ridging on the bottom half of the shaft and nodules on the top half. With all these added lumps and bumps this hand crafted dildo is a guaranteed pleasure provider! It is completely skin safe, designed to last a lifetime and can be chilled or warmed up (under running water, in the freezer or the microwave). Due to the fact that it is non-porous, it's easy to keep clean and can even be placed into the dishwasher.
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Pipedream Icicles No 22 Smooth Glass Dildo
Standing at 8.75 inches in length, the No 22 Smooth Glass Dildo has a straight shaft with a bulbous piece at the bottom and a rounded tip. Inside the hand-crafted clear glass stem there is an accent of red and blue glass. This dildo is perfect for anal or vaginal thrusting and is completely safe to use. It will not shatter and is designed to last a lifetime. For additional sensations, warm up in water or in the microwave or cool down in the freezer or under water. This non-porous dildo is also completely dishwasher safe.
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Classic Pink 8 inch Jelly Dildo
If you are looking for a big dildo to penetrate your special places then look no further than this classic dildo. Easy insertion is guaranteed by the fact that it is a jelly dildo but it remains hard enough to leave you wanting more.
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Fetish Fantasy Big Daddy Hollow 10 Inch Strap On
Increase your length with the Big Daddy Hollow Strap On. Perfect for men with erectile worries this strap-on is a meaty 2 inches in diameter, has external veining and a realistic penis end and also comes with real feel balls. The comfortable elastic harness with a leather-feel front easily adjusts to the majority of sizes and can be worn by either men or women. The harness and removable 2 inch metal O-ring can also be used with other dongs. A free eye mask is also included. Available in Black.
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Doc Johnson Realistic Bam 13 Inch Black
The Bam moulded realistic dildo is a 13 inch long, 2.75 inch wide ebony recreation of one of the most famous cocks in the adult industry. Moulded directly from Bam's erect manhood, it captures every vein and bulge in exact detail. It also comes with a powerful suction cup base and is one of the biggest realistic cocks available! Made of silagel, it has the feel, look and texture of real body parts so if it's a huge cock you're looking for then its Wham Bam thank you Bam! An autographed photo is also included.
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TitanMen Master Tool No. 2
When boys have toys, men have tools and this is definitely the case with the 7 inch long Master Tool. With an insertable length of 6 inches, this anal plug has three bulbous ridges (the widest measuring 1.75 inches in diameter the narrowest 1.5 inches in diameter) and a smooth polished bulbous end. The smooth surface makes it easier to insert while the ridges make for more pleasurable thrusting. A free sample of lube is also included. Available in Black as shown.
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