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Jelly Vibrators (with Pink Vibrators a firm favourite) are soft and flexible making them ideal for those new to vibrating sex toys. Differing from jelly dildos because they come with an added buzz, jelly vibrators are easier to insert into the vagina or the anal passage than harder plastic vibes but are still rigid enough to provide you with just as much orgasmic pleasure. Jelly vibrators are also one of the most cost effective types of vibe available so you don't have to break the bank to afford one. Available in a wide range of shapes, sizes and colours, we have the perfect jelly vibrators for everyone.

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Jessica Rabbit Vibrator
This is the world's favourite bedtime companion and we offer the best price on this rabbit vibrator on the Internet.

This classic 7 inch Jessica Rabbit vibrator has dual shaft rotation offering rotating pearls and pendulum action. The pearl beads offer an added delight, but the soft vibrating rabbit ears really pack the ultimate punch. The Jessica Rabbit vibrator is made of soft jelly for a natural feel and has low/high vibration settings on both the shaft and the clit stimulating ears. As with all our toys batteries are included making sure we offer you the best price on a rabbit vibrator.

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Twin Turbo Rabbit Vibrator
The multispeed waterproof Twin Turbo Rabbit has a 5.75 inch insertable length shaft with a width of 1.5 inches. The soft and subtle jelly rabbit clit stim (with its own powerful motor) delivers just the right amount of tickling pleasure. The jelly shaft comes with 2 sets of internal metal pleasure beads that rotate in 2 separate directions which can be changed at the touch of a button. The rotating penis head also probes down deeply in 2 different directions. 3 AA batteries included. Available in Blue as shown.
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Kolibri Vibrator
This deluxe vibrator comes with a rotating penis head and rotating metal balls that massage away at your pleasure zones from beneath the soft jelly coating. The intensity of the balls and the rotation speed are both adjustable up to 6 different levels. Plus, the quiet hummingbird clit stim has 7 levels of pulsation and vibrations to choose from. What more could you want? NB. Insertable length of the shaft: 5 inches, diameter: 1.5 inches. 4 AA batteries supplied.
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Eclipse Ultra 7 Beaver
Unmatched power and performance is guaranteed from the Ultra 7 Beaver. The soft jelly oscillating tip goes deeper and deeper as it rotates. The soft jelly beaver clit stim comes with 7 modes (3 vibrating, 3 pulsating and 1 escalating). The 1.5 inch diameter shaft (insertable length: 5 inches) has 6 rows of 6 metal beads that spin at 6 different speeds. The controller at the base uses indicator lights and glow in the dark technology. 4 AA batteries are supplied.
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Future Tech Rabbit Vibrator
The 7 inch long Future Techno Rabbit Vibrator is the future of erotic pleasure and technology. This amazing techno rabbit vibrator has a rotating shaft with 6 rows of 3 metal beads that spin at 6 different speeds.

The ultra 7 power rabbit clit vibe is made of ultra soft jelly and vibrates in 7 different modes - there are 3 vibrating speeds, 3 pulsating speeds and 1 escalating mode.

The techno rabbit vibrator is controlled with a unique glow in the dark controller that houses the indicator light, the glow in the dark controls and a six stage oscillation/rotation LED indicator lights.
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49.95 34.99
Erotic Rabbit Vibrator
With fast and slow vibration speeds and rotation in both directions, the 6.5 inch long Erotic Rabbit Vibrator is bound to swell your clitoris and make your insides tingle with pleasure simultaneously. This rabbit sex toy also has colourful rotating beads and a soft jelly dong for easy insertion. Batteries included.
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California Exotics Dual Vibrating Flexi-Dong
Twice as nice and double the pleasure with the 17 inch Dual Vibrating Flexi-Dong! This is a double ender with a difference. Mould the pliable soft jelly shaft with internal vertebrae to your shape of choice you'll be amazed by its agility! Dual motors in both ends mean that both parties receive maximum vibration from its 1.5 inch diameter shaft. An easy push button in the centre activates 3 pulsation and vibration settings which deliver exhilarating sensations. Batteries included.
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The Rabbitronic
This is the latest edition to the fabulous rabbit sex toy range and has more variations of speed and control to excite you as never before! This 6.5 inch long rabbit vibrator has 3 vibe speeds, 3 pulsating speeds plus an escalating mode to add to the thrills provided by the rotating shaft containing 6 rows of 6 metal beads that spin at 6 different speeds and an oscillating soft jelly penis head that bores deeper as it rotates! Batteries included.
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Ultimate Rotating and Thrusting Rabbit Vibrator
The waterproof Ultimate Rabbit comes with a 7 inch long, 1.5 inch wide (insertable length) shaft with 3 rows of up and thrusting steel beads plus 2 rows of rotating steel beads that operate at 3 powerful speeds. It also has a soft and smooth jelly thrusting tip that probes deeply at 3 different speeds and a rabbit clit stimulator with 7 modes (3 steady speeds, one escalating mode and 3 pulsating modes). Indicator lights on the soft touch control panel make this orgasmic vibe very easy to use. 3 AA batteries are included.
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Our customer rating is 5 stars
Double Rabbit Pleasures Vibe
This double rabbit vibrator brings you double the pleasure! It has a realistically detailed penis head that bores deeper as it softly penetrates, a 7 inch long rotating jelly shaft with 8 rows of 5 metal beads that spin at multiple speeds, 2 rabbits that vibrate at multiple speeds and easy to use controls that slide the vibration and rotation at multiple speeds. Anal and clitoral stimulation has never been so simple! 4 AA batteries are included. Available in Pink.
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Rabbit Perfect Vibe
The Rabbit Perfect Vibe combines everything perfectly: the perfect size, shape, feature functions, power ranges and all round ease of use. This rabbit sex toy has 3 vertical rows of 3 steel beads that revolve in 2 directions with 3 powerfully hot speeds. The 6 inch x 1.5 inch shaft culminates in a realistic penis head. It also has a 3 speed clit stimulator with stimulating jelly ears. 3 AA batteries are included.
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Jessica Rabbit Onyx Vibrator
Do you have a darker side? If so then the sleek and stylish Jessica Rabbit Onyx is the perfect rabbit sex toy for you. The bunny ears provide high/low speeds for orgasmic clitoral stimulation, the multispeed 6.5 inch shaft has an abundance of squirmy beads inside it and the push button control pad is easy to use. It is also waterproof and has a reversible rotating shaft. 4 AAA batteries included.
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Jessica Rabbit Ultimate Extra
TThe 6.5 inch long Jessica Rabbit Ultimate Extra is for those that like a little bit more from their vibe! The easy to use controls make changing speed and rotation a breeze. The bunny ears have 6 different functions for orgasmic clitoral stimulation. There are 3 rows of metallic beads within the shaft to massage you into submission. The shaft has a realistic penis head, nodules on the outer and rotates in both directions at 6 different speeds. What's more, Jessica is also waterproof for bath time fun! 4 AA batteries included.
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Injecta Jelly Vibe
This pearlised jelly multispeed vibe is 8 inches long and features the characteristic easy twist dial for simple speed adjustments. It also has a realistic looking penis shaped tip and veining to the shaft. With a 1.75 inch diameter at its widest point, this vibe is a must have. 2 x AA batteries included.
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Ultra 7 Eclipse Penquitronic Vibrator
This jelly vibrator comes with an oscillating tip with a realistic penis end, a rotating shaft with 6 rows of 6 metal beads that spin at 6 different speeds and a powerful soft jelly penguin clit vibe that has 3 speeds of vibration, 3 pulsation modes and 1 escalating mode. The shaft measures 7 inches in length and 1.5 inches in diameter. The control unit is easy to use and even glows in the dark! 4 AA batteries are included. Available in Pink.
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Limited Edition White Rabbit Vibrator
The Limited Edition White Rabbit has a 6 inch long (insertable length), 1.4 inch diameter white and translucent jelly shaft with a realistically shaped penis end. The shaft contains 20 metal internal dual direction/multispeed rotation beads. A multispeed vibrating rabbit clit vibe containing its own vibrator also awaits. This vibe also has a diamante studded collar and illuminated, easy to operate, soft touch multispeed controls. 3 AA batteries are included as standard. Available in White.
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Fetish Fantasy Vibrating Strap-On Set
The Vibrating Strap-On Set enables you to give and receive gratification at the same time! Hidden behind the 6.5 inch long, 1.5 inch diameter ribbed jelly dildo is a pocket in the harness for the multispeed bullet which targets your clitoris with amazing precision. The strong and durable 4 way nylon straps can be adjusted to fit the majority of sizes whilst the velvet lined harness remains comfortably in place throughout use. Also included are 3 O-rings that are interchangeable allowing different harness compatible dildos to be used, and a free eye mask. Both the dildo and the micro bullet can also be used separately. Free batteries provided.
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Ultra G-Spot Jelly Vibe Purple
Target your g-spot and your clit at the same time with this jelly vibrator with easy to operate push button controls. The three speed 6 inch long jelly vibe is waterproof, and for extra g-spot stimulation, has the bullet vibrator located in its tip. Its jelly consistency also allows for easier, more comfortable penetration. 2 AAA batteries are included.
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Jessica Rabbit G-Spot Slim Pink Vibrator
The Jessica Rabbit G-Spot Slim from Loving Joy is the perfect tool for G Spot stimulation.

If you haven't found your G Spot yet, this 5 inch insertable length x 1.25 inch diameter vibe is the perfect vibe to go exploring with! Slim with a curved tip it's specially designed to find the destination with ease. Three rows of beads in the multi speed rotating shaft gives great vaginal stimulation. Make your way through the six speeds to see which you like best.

As well as G Spot and vaginal stimulation it has bunny ears to simultaneously stimulate your clitoris - WOW! The bunny ears also have 6 speeds so you decide how intense you want it.

A great toy that's easy to use and sure to satisfy. Customise your orgasms today. Waterproof too for those that like to use their toys in the bath or shower.
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Jessica Rabbit Slim Vibrator
The 6 inch long, 1.25 inch diameter Jessica Rabbit Slim from Loving Joy is the perfect toy for sex toy virgins!

Discover the pleasure of the rabbit's simultaneous vaginal and clitoral sensations in a way that's comfortably customised to you. Being a slimmer shaft, penetration is super easy. Let the bunny ears nuzzle your clitoris while the 4 rows of squirmy balls rotate and massage you. The push button control pad makes activation easy. Make your way through the 6 functions and vibration of the bunny ears and 6 reversible rotation speeds of the squirmy balls. Jessica Rabbit Slim is also waterproof for those that like to take their toys to the water. A great first toy or for those that like their vibrators a little slimmer.

Phthalate and latex FREE.
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