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Penis Vibrators are one of the best types of vibrator on the market today. Penis shaped vibrators illustrate the male member in all of its full glory. Every bulge, bump and blood filled vein is included to make these lifelike penis vibrators the closest thing to a real life penis.

The most popular colour for Penis shaped Vibrators is a flesh tone but our penis vibrators also come in many different colours and sizes. Some of our penis shaped vibrators are made from a real feel skin to give a more true to life feeling and make for an even more satisfying climax.

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Tricky Dicky
A nicely veined and sculptured penis, Tricky Dicky is 6 inches (15cm) long but be assured there is nothing tricky about this vibrator. Turn this bulging veined dick up and buzz away to your hearts content. This vibe comes in an easy to store circular plastic box. 2 x AA batteries are provided.
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Bully Boy Multispeed Vibrator
The Bully Boy is a 7 inch long, 1.5 inch diameter realistic vibrator with vein details on the shaft and a lifelike penis end. It also comes with a bulbous base that contains an abundance or nodules to tease and tantalise your clitoris with! Twist the dial at the base of the vibrator for instantaneous multispeed vibrations. 2 AA batteries are included. Available in Black and Flesh.
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Rambo 8 Inch Flesh Vibrator
This 8 inch long realistic vibrator is 2 inches in diameter at its widest point. The shaft is covered in protruding, pulsating veins and bulges just like you'd expect to find on a real erect penis. It is also slightly curved with a lifelike glans at the tip. Twist the multispeed dial at the bottom to ride Rambo fast, slow or anything in-between! 2 AA batteries are included. Available in the colour shown.
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California Exotics The Emperor 8 Inch Vibrating Brown Dildo
The Emperor is an 8 inch long realistic vibrator. Hand sculpted, this is one of the most life-like vibrating dildos that you will ever come across. It not only features pulsating veins, squirmy balls and penis head but it also manages to capture the complete texture of the penis and balls. Anti-bacterial, it delivers multispeed vibrations and also comes with a suction cup for hands free fun. The look and feel of the real thing, only much better! With free batteries.
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The Magnificent 5 Vibrator Set
Each night provides you with a new sensual experience with the unique Magnificent 5 Vibrator Set! This box features five of the best artificial penises, each of which are suited for vaginal use but also for stimulating the clitoris or for penetrating the anus. These soft vinyl multispeed vibes are all 7 inches long but feature different penis heads and levels of veining. Batteries included.
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Red Top Vibe
This 8 x 1.5 inch (20x4cm) realistic dick features a powerful multi-speed vibrating motor and a very unique red top - from all that sex! This tapered jelly vibe is suitable for vaginal or anal play, has vein detailing on the shaft and a realistic penis head. 2 x AA batteries are included.
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Perfect Pleasures Mighty Thor 11 Realistic Vibrator
The Mighty Thor is just the thing for lovers of all things big. Measuring a whopping 11 inches in length and a sizeable 2 inches in diameter, Thor will make you buzz with delight! This realistic vibrator also has pronounced veins covering the entire shaft and a lifelike penis end. Twist the dial on its base for continuous speed changes in an instant. 2 AA batteries included. Available in Flesh as shown.
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