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Hand and Wrist Cuffs are one of the most popular forms of bondage restraint and it's easy to see why this is the case. Coming in the form of leather, metal, neoprene, silk rope and vinyl cuffs, these hand and wrist restraints restrict the movement of the sub on one of the most vital areas of the body. What can they do if the movement of their hands is severely limited? All of our restraints come with adjustable fastenings including ratchet and jaw systems, press studs, metal buckle fastenings, Velcro closures and tie up knots. Hand and wrist cuffs can also be used by the inexperienced, the occasional user or the connoisseur. All you have to do is to decide whether you want soft or harsher forms of restraint.

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Fifty Shades of Grey Soft Limits Deluxe Wrist Tie
This luxurious satin wrist tie feels delicately soft against your skin but at the same time it's incredibly strong assuring that your partner won't be able to wriggle free. Generous in length (measuring a total of 53 inches), these soft restraints can be used on wrists as well as ankles and can also be used to tie wrists or ankles to furniture for stimulating bedroom games. To use, place a wrist or ankle either side of the central loop and tie the satin restraint into a bow.

Part of the Fifty Shades of Grey Official Pleasure Collection approved by author E L James.
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Quickie Cuffs
Be ready for anything with the completely transportable, sensuous, easy to use Quickie Cuffs. Quiet - no noisy chains, Universal - Flexible silicone to fit anyone's wrists , Instant - no fiddly keys or ill fitting cuffs, Comfortable Control - soft but strong and secure silicone, Innovative - first flexible cuffs on the market, Easy - Anytime, Anyplace
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SXY Cuffs
These never-before-seen cuffs have a unique cross design, which are not only satisfyingly secure, but beautifully comfortable. Made from sensually smooth neoprene and robust Velcro and webbing, you will be amazed by the confident hold SXY cuffs give with such a clear and simplistic design. Perfect for keeping your hands crossed in that perfect “torture me now” position whether your hands are tied above your head or behind your back depending on whether nipple tweaking or butt whipping is your thing. A naughty extra is the strong metal D-ring placed perfectly in the centre of the cuffs enabling users to attach tethers to create endless possibilities. These unique pivoting cuffs give total comfort however much you resist, creating a new and exciting side for your restraint play.
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Sex and Mischief THE Grey Tie
This soft satin-feel tie can either be used as a soft bondage restraint or worn as a tie. Perfect for tie 'n' tease games, it can be used to secure the wrists behind the back or round the front, to tie up the ankles or to bind the wrists and the ankles together. Alternatively, use this tie as a blindfold. The beauty of this soft restraint is that is can be tied as tightly or as loosely as desired. Available in Grey as pictured.
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Bijoux Plaisir Nacre Pearl Handcuffs
These Pearl Bead Handcuffs are playful, stylish and absolutely gorgeous: a jewel to surround every game of seduction with mystery. With easy to use clip hook black fastenings and encased in an attractive black box, add some mystique to your romantic night in with these Plaisir Nacre Pearl Handcuffs.
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Bound to Tease Wrist Restraints
Enjoy the feeling of being restrained with these couple friendly leather wrist cuffs with an adjustable metal buckle fastening that provides a firm yet comfortable grip. Each cuff has a metal D-ring which can be attached to the 9 inch long sturdy metal chain with trigger hook attachments. The cuffs can be adjusted up to a 9.5 inch circumference. Available in Pink or Purple.
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Saucy Slave Kit
The Saucy Slave Kit is bling enough to wear out clubbing but strong enough to subdue! The soft fur lined cuffs are adjustable up to a 10 inch circumference with metal buckle fastenings and has the word SLAVE in sparkly diamonte brandished on them. They are linked by trigger hooks and a 3 inch chain. There is also a fur lined SLAVE collar adjustable up to an 18 inch circumference, an elasticated felt blindfold and a suede hip whip.
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Sportsheets Sports Cuffs
These neoprene and Velcro cuffs fit both wrists and ankles as they are totally adjustable and can be used with or without tethers. Ideal for those starting out in bondage role play or for the more experienced who want to try something different. Let your body be held captive and set your fantasies free! Available in Purple, Red or Black.
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Rimba Womens Leather Neck, Arm, Ankle Cuff Combo
The studded leather neck collar is adjustable up to a 19 inch circumference neck with metal buckle fastenings. This is linked via a 15 inch solid metal chain to the wrists restraints (adjustable up to 10 inches). These are then connected via the 38 inch long metal chain to the metal buckle fastening ankle restraints (adjustable up to 12.5 inches). Both the ankle and wrist cuffs are linked together via a 2 inch diameter metal ring which is connected to the cuffs with D-rings.
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Rimba Neck to Arm Cuffs Combo with Chain
Both the neck and the wrist restraints are completely adjustable with metal buckle fastenings. The wrist restraints are adjustable up to a 10 inch circumference while the neck restraint is adjustable up 18.5 inches. The wrist cuffs are connected via a 2 inch diameter metal ring with attaches to the cuffs via D-rings. The neck cuff links to the wrist restraints by the 15 inch long durable metal chain.
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Rimba Belt with Handcuffs and Carabine Hooks
This 100% genuine leather belt is adjustable up to a 40 inch waist with metal buckle fastenings. The leather wrists restraints have the same fastening method and are adjustable up to 10 inch circumference wrists. Simply attach the wrist restraints to the belt with the carabine hooks provided to keep the movement of the hands and arms to a minimum.
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Rimba Cushioned Wristcuffs with Carabine Hooks
For extra comfort when wearing, these Wristcuffs have a padded backing. They also have studded details on the outer and are adjustable up to a 12.5 inch circumference. They are linked via carabine hooks which will significantly constrain the movement of your sub.
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Rimba Wrist Cuffs With Fleece and Double Snap Hooks
When these wrist restraints are placed onto your sub there will be no fleeing. You are the only one that will be able to end their period of submission. These restraints have adjustable metal buckle fastenings (up to an 11.5 inch circumference) and a very sturdy double snap hook mechanism to keep the wrist cuffs together.
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Rimba Deluxe Leather Wristcuffs
The Deluxe Leather Wristcuffs have metal buckle closures making them adjustable to an 11.5 inch circumference and come complete with 2 carabine hooks. They are edged and backed with red leather and have metal studs on the outer. Each cuff has a D-Ring attachment to make it easy to attach your sub to wherever you want them.
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Rimba Police Leather Wristcuffs
These leather wrist cuffs are adjustable up to a circumference of up to 9 inches. They have black edging stitching and carabine hooks to secure your submissive in place so that you can do whatever you please to him/her.
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Rimba Handcuffs - Bracket and Carabine Hooks - Wide
At 4 inches wide these are one of the most elongated types of handcuffs that we sell. Extending beyond the wrist and down the arm, the adjustable restraints (adjustable up to a 9 inch circumference) have no metal buckle fastenings but instead have slits cut out of the leather for the hooks to go into. Render your sub's arm almost motionless whilst wearing these sturdy leather restraints.
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Rimba Handcuffs - Bracket and Carabine hooks
These Leather Handcuffs (adjustable up to a 9 inch circumference) do not fasten together with metal buckles or Velcro but instead the hooks insert into cut out slats in the leather. This does not mean that they are any less secure; your sub will still be bound together (when the cuffs are connected via the carabine hooks) and only you will be able to release them.
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Rimba Handcuffs with Carabine Hooks
Your sub will have no easy means of escape when wearing these Handcuffs with Carabine Hooks. These cuffs have metal buckle closures that are adjustable up to a 10.5 inch circumference. They come with metal press stud detailing on the outer of the restraints and D-rings.
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Rimba Handcuffs with Middle Ring
Be in total control of your sub when you shackle their wrists together. These leather wrist restraints are completely adjustable with metal buckle fastenings so that they can incorporate the majority of wrist sizes. Adjustable up to a 10.5 inch circumference, these cuffs link via D-rings and a circular middle ring.
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Wild Cat Bondage Kit
This set comes with furry hand and ankle restraints (with Velcro fastenings) and a soft collar belt that is completely adjustable via a buckle fastening that are attached via a connecting tether strap. The wrist and ankle restraints and the collar can be worn as tightly as desired but feature soft faux fur material that will not leave any marks on the skin. The tether strap measures 30 inches in total length. The collar is fully adjustable up to a circumference of 18 inches.
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