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Lock up your partner for some serious bondage play with Ankle Cuffs. Suitable for beginners and more experienced users alike, ankle restraints are made from leather, latex, silk rope, metal and neoprene. All coming with adjustable closures, the sub can be secured as tightly or as loosely as required. Newcomers may find that soft ankle cuffs made of neoprene with Velcro closures, adjustable ankle restraints made of soft silk rope and multi-purpose Spank Ties may be a good starting point. The connoisseurs of ankle restraints may find that metal ankle cuffs with a ratchet and jaw closure or non detachable leather restraints with metal buckle fastenings are better. With over 30 ankle restraints to choose from you won't be short on choice.

Add Hand and Wrist Cuffs for the complete bondage experience.

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Rimba Delux Leather Anklecuffs
Looking for distinctive ankle cuffs? The Deluxe Leather Anklecuffs differ from others around as they have red leather edging and backing. These ankle restraints are also fully adjustable up to a circumference of 11.5 inches, have studded detailing on the outer and carabine hooks.
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Sex and Mischief THE Grey Tie
This soft satin-feel tie can either be used as a soft bondage restraint or worn as a tie. Perfect for tie 'n' tease games, it can be used to secure the wrists behind the back or round the front, to tie up the ankles or to bind the wrists and the ankles together. Alternatively, use this tie as a blindfold. The beauty of this soft restraint is that is can be tied as tightly or as loosely as desired. Available in Grey as pictured.
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Bound to Tease Ankle Restraints
This pair of ankle restraints are adjustable up to a circumference of 13 inches and come with adjustable metal buckle fastenings and a double stitched layer of leather which makes them kind on the skin. Attach each cuff via the sturdy metal D-ring to the 9.5 inch long metal trigger hooks and chain and you can be bound up for as long as your partner deems necessary. Available in Purple or Pink.
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Fetish Fantasy Furry Leg Cuffs
The use of restraint has always been a sexual stimulant for many. With these fur-covered metal leg cuffs the fantasy becomes a reality. The soft fur keeps your partner comfortable and looking sexy. The confining mechanism is the same technology as professional guard constraints with two metal keys for an easy unlock. There is just enough chain to allow some movement and it is long enough to keep your slave tied to the bed posts (or other interesting places of desire!).
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Rimba Womens Leather Neck, Arm, Ankle Cuff Combo
The studded leather neck collar is adjustable up to a 19 inch circumference neck with metal buckle fastenings. This is linked via a 15 inch solid metal chain to the wrists restraints (adjustable up to 10 inches). These are then connected via the 38 inch long metal chain to the metal buckle fastening ankle restraints (adjustable up to 12.5 inches). Both the ankle and wrist cuffs are linked together via a 2 inch diameter metal ring which is connected to the cuffs with D-rings.
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Rimba Cushioned Ankle Cuffs with Carabine Hooks
Adjustable up to a circumference of 14 inches, these Leather Ankle Cuffs are kinder to the skin than other types of restraint because they have a padded backing. Each cuff has a carabine hook that is connected to it by a D-ring. Connect the carabine hooks together and you sub will find it virtually impossible to walk.
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Rimba Ankle Cuffs with Carabine Hooks
Fully adjustable to a circumference of up to 12.5 inches with metal buckle fastenings, these Ankle Cuffs constrict the movement of your sub when the carabine hooks are secured together ensuring that you are the master and the release of your captive depends on your say so.
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