Pocket Vaginas

Pocket vaginas satisfy your masturbation cravings whilst being small enough to carry around in a bag or take with you on a weekend away.

We have the perfect pocket pussy to suit all needs. Choose from those that come with multispeed vibrations, those that resemble a vagina, mouth or anus, or masturbation sleeves and tubes. Our pocket vaginas come with different inner surfaces from perfectly smooth to ribbed. You can even change the level of suction on certain models.

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Zolo Cup Deep Throat Male Masturbator
Zolo cups are the perfect partner when you want simulated sex that feels just like the real thing. The Zolo Cup puts you in the driver's seat, giving you all the control you need for life-like loving.

With Zolo Cup you control the sensation, the speed and the intensity of your orgasm. Our range of cups each have their own unique way of sending you into sensory overdrive.

The Deep Throat Cup promises you the best simulated oral sex you'll ever have.
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20.00 15.99
Funzone Vulcan Ripe Vagina Male Stroker
What could be better than a masturbator that looks like a real vagina? The Vulcan Ripe Vagina features a tempting vaginal passageway as its point of entry. You're then greeted by ribbing throughout the 6 inch long canal for unbelievable sensations! The real feel texture combined with the realistic styling make this a must-have masturbator. You can even alter the suction levels by placing your finger over the hole at the opposite end to the entrance. The sleeve is also removable for cleaning. Available in Flesh.
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Tenga Wavy Egg
A new kind of masturbator is born!

What came first the chicken or the egg? It'll be you when you get your hands on the Tenga Egg.

Crack open the egg to find a silicone masturbator and sachet of lubricant inside.

The masturbator sleeve will stretch to fit any size and has a wavy pattern inside so you can ride the waves of ecstasy.

The sleeve has a rounded end to completely cover the penis. Designed for single use, but re-use may be possible with condoms.
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12.99 9.99
Tenga Soft Tube
Tighten yours to suit.

With the new Soft Tube, you can have complete control over tightening sensations, as well as rubbing and stroking. Controlled by how tightly you grip the sleeve, you can achieve the feeling that perfectly suits you.

Designed for single use, but re-use may be possible with condoms.
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14.99 9.99
Tenga Ultra Deep Throat
Enlarged size, upgraded insert. Greater feeling.

The much demanded larger Tenga Deep Throat is now unveiled. The new super smooth pad insert creates a soft, wet feeling - insert slowly and you will feel like you're in heaven.

The enlarged size brings you the strongest sucking sensation ever!

Designed for single use, but re-use may be possible with condoms.
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