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Loving Joy Anal Love Beads
These Loving Joy Anal Love Beads are just the thing for delivering amazingly powerful orgasms. They are smooth to the touch and extremely flexible with a tapered tip for incredibly easy insertion. These anal beads measure 12.5 inches. Insert as many or as few beads as you feel comfortable with. If you're looking to take your orgasms to a new level simply pull out at the point of orgasm using the handy retrieval ring - these beads will leave you wanting more! Available in Pink and Purple.
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Blissmate Vibrating Cock Ring
This vibrating penis ring is the perfect his and hers pleasure provider. The incredibly stretchy jelly cock ring is designed to fit any erect penis. Simply switch the vibrations on to enhance his erection and to satisfy her with the strategically placed pleasure nubs. This discreet sex toy is designed to deliver 40 minutes of pleasure packed vibrations! This cock ring can also make him harder for longer. Available in Purple. Batteries included.
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California Exotics His and Hers Power Ring
This stretchy vibrating cock ring provides his and hers pleasure. For him, it offers sturdy support that could lead to longer lasting, harder and more fulfilling erections. For her, it delivers intense vibrations from the soft silicone ticklers on the surface of the cock ring and the vibrating bullet. The vibrations are guaranteed to last for 20+ minutes. Slide the on/off controller to start and stop the vibrations. Available in Clear.
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Put these two pimply sleeves on and drive that clit to high speed ecstasy. The 3 inch long Lustfingers are designed for use in foreplay by your partner or for those moments of private self pleasure. Lustfingers are suitable for any size finger. Available in Purple.
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Pubis Ring
Designed to attach to the base of the penis, the Pubis Ring is a fully adjustable stretchy cock ring that will enable prolonged staying power when it is tightened after an erection is achieved. This cockring is ideal for a beginner to cock rings and cock toys due to its variable tightness properties.
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Classic LadyFinger
The 5 inch long (insertable length: 4.25 inches) Classic Ladyfinger may only be less than 1 inch in diameter but it has a ribbed shaft which will make your innermost regions tingle with delight! This multispeed vibrator has a slightly curved head to hit your pleasure spot instantly and is ideal when discretion is required. Requires 1 x AA battery (supplied). Available in Ivory, Gold or Silver.
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Our customer rating is 4 stars
Nipple Chain with Soft Coated Adjustable Clamps
These unisex nipple clamps are linked by a lightweight 15 inch long aluminium chain. 100% adjustable, change the tightness of grip on your nipples by using the threaded screw on each clamp. The clamps also have soft powder coated ends so they will not be harmful on the nipples or skin. This is an example of erotic jewellery that actually enhances your sexual pleasure!
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California Exotics Ultimate Stroker Beads
Experience better sex for you and your partner with the Ultimate Stroker Beads. The 5 rows of linked beads give added support for him leading to a stronger and longer lasting erection. They also provide an embellished feeling of stroking sensations from the beads for both partners when penetration takes place. These beads are also stretchy and smooth. Available in Silver as pictured. One size fits all.
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Toy Joy Super Jelly Teasing Tickler
This is a super stretchy cock toy that is designed not only to enhance the quality and longevity of his erection but also to satisfy her at the same time with its eternal pleasure nodules. This jelly cock ring also has internal ribbing to give him more intense sensations. It is also soft and strong. Random colour sent. NB. The style of toy may vary slightly to the image pictured.
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All Time Top Ten
Screaming O RingO Super-Stretchy Gel Erection Cock Ring
The new RingO Super-Stretchy Gel Erection Cock Rings are made of a hygienically superior silicone material and are designed to produce fuller, firmer erections and help control premature ejaculations. This in turn leads to a very intense orgasm for him and a more overall satisfying sexual experience for both partners. The RingO's are available in three different colours: red, grey and blue.
  • Fuller, FIRMER Erections
  • More INTENSE Orgasms
  • Helps Control Premature Ejaculation
  • Hygienically Superior Silicone Material
  • Snug, Yet Comfortable Fit
  • Available in 3 Colors
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Screaming O Disposable Vibrating Cock Ring
The Screaming O Disposable Vibrating Cock Ring is the key to having an intense sexual experience! Both partners will no doubt be screaming and amazed when this little toy brings BIG, intense, and powerful orgasms to the bedroom. Simply position the soft, stretchy cock ring at the base of the penis and let the erotic vibrations take over from there.

The Screaming O Vibrating Cock Ring is the only vibrating ring with unique pleasure knobs to vibrate the penis as well as provide direct, dynamic stimulation to the woman that will make her toes curl while having the best orgasms of her life! Don't worry about the battery dying during climax, with The Screaming O Vibrating Cock Ring's extra long battery life, your encounters are sure to last, and last..and last for over 30 minutes.

Once you are finished, simply dispose of the ring and make sure to always have extra on hand because trust us, she'll be begging you to go again.
  • Longest Vibrations - 30+ minutes
  • Strongest Vibrations with Enhanced Motor
  • Pleasure Ticklers For Her
  • Pleasure Knobs for Him
  • Safe Easy On/Off Switch
  • Comfortable Gel Ring
  • Disposable Fun!
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Anal Finger Fun
Finger Fun from Loving Joy is the perfect anal toy for those new to anal play or those simply wanting to warm up. Small, smooth and sleek, this 2 inch long jelly plug also has a ring at the end in which to insert your finger which gives you optimum control when you want it most. Combine this toy with anal lube for exciting sensations!
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Our customer rating is 5 stars
Little Lady Finger Vibrator
The 4.25 inch long, 1 inch wide Little Lady Finger from Loving Joy is a petite yet powerful vibe, perfect for internal or external stimulation.

It's super soft velvet finish with slightly ribbed shaft and smooth angled head makes it the perfect bedside companion. Small and compact it hides discreetly in your bedside drawer ready for action when you need it! Use to titillate your erogenous zones or venture further for mind blowing stimulation. The simple on/off switch at the base makes activation easy.
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Love Cock Ring
Pleasure is always easy to come by when The Love Cock Ring is employed. Simply place the stretchy cockring at the base of the penis and the constricting movement achieved when he is hard will delight both sexes. The cock ring allows him to maintain a longer, more durable erection.
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Heavy Duty Cock Ring
Available in 3 sizes - 50mm, 45mm and 40mm, depending on the size of your girth, the Heavy Duty Cock Ring has a real leather feeling and promises to deliver strong pleasure when you need it the most. A fantastic cock toy for the boys!
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Thai Beads
Enhance your sexual experience with these 6 inch long oriental anal beads which are designed for use by men and women. The perfect sexual aid for anal stimulation, these Thai Beads are simple to use, and extremely effective - remove quickly at the point of climax for a stronger, more satisfying orgasm.
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