Temptations Direct are huge advocates of safe sex so we have a suitable range of condoms available. Our sex essentials pages do not stop there though as there is much more that can enhance sexual pleasure and increase the fun to be had with toys, partners and stimulating those sensitive areas. Our impressive range of lubricants underlines what an important role they play in the sex essentials kit.

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We also have the tender side of the sex essentials range available such as massage oils and creams to help nurture the romantic and intimate bond between two people. The bedroom is not just about sexual exploration and dabbling in new breathtaking fetishes, though that is fun! It is also about establishing intimate connections, nurturing your romantic bond and escaping the world around you with someone who turns you on and satisfies your needs in everyway.

Browse our sex essentials pages for that perfect gift for the one you love to demonstrate how well you know them. Do you want to treat them to a foot massage, enhance their confidence and their dominance in the bedroom with an enlarger, increase their sexual pleasure with a gel or spray or try something new and thrilling with the application of a little lube? Whatever you decide we have the sex essentials to make your ambitions come true.

Helpful Information:

All of the products in our sex essentials range have been tested to ensure that their ingredients are safe to use. If we cannot get written confirmation from our suppliers that they are safe we will not sell them.

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