Condoms are essential for safe sex. They act as a barrier during intercourse which greatly reduces the chance of pregnancy and helps to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted infections (STI's) such as HIV and gonorrhoea. Placed onto the man's erect penis before intercourse, condoms can be used for both vaginal and anal sex. Relatively inexpensive to purchase, condoms are most commonly made from latex and have waterproof, elastic and durable properties. The nipple at the end of the condom collects the semen after ejaculation therefore preventing fluid from entering into the body of your sexual partner. Condoms are so effective at preventing pregnancy that when condoms are regularly used there is just a 2% pregnancy rate. Condoms also come in many different guises: ultra thin, flavoured, ribbed, dotted and many more. Non latex condoms are also available for those who are allergic to latex. Remember not to use torn or damaged condoms and only use condoms once. Browse our selection to find the perfect condom for you.

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