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Fifty Shades of Grey Silky Caress Lubricant 100ml
This water-based personal lubricant is designed to enhance sensual massage, foreplay or sex with your partner. It has a luxuriously silky and moisturising formula which conditions the skin and is touch sensitive. Paraben and glycerine free. Safe to use with latex condoms and sex toys. Your pleasure will be heightened by using only a small amount. Contents: 100ml bottle.

Part of the Fifty Shades of Grey Official Pleasure Collection approved by author E L James.
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ID Backslide Lubricant 130ml
ID Backslide is an extra thick anal lubricant that is designed to give an increased level of sexual comfort and pleasure. This long lasting silicone lubricant is kind on the skin and washes off easily after use with soap and water. It's also latex condom compatible and can be used with adult toys (providing that they aren't made from silicone). Contents: 130ml bottle.
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Waterglide Anal Lubricant - 150ml
This premium water-based lubricant is designed for anal sex and anal play. It has been dermatologically and clinically tested to ensure that its skin friendly. Its formula is also designed to be water soluble. Thicker than standard water based lubricants (which makes it ideal for anal sex), it can also be used in conjunction with latex condoms and adult toys. Contents: 150ml bottle.
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Fleshlight Fleshlube Water
At last, there's a water-based lubricant that is designed specifically for your Fleshlight and Fleshjack toys. It provides a pleasant feeling of moisture when you need to slip and slide the most. Hypoallergenic and natural. Dermatologically tested. Paraben free. This gentle lube is suitable for use on even the most sensitive of skin. Contents: 100ml bottle.
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ID Hero Cool Blast Lubricant 130ml
Increase your levels of stimulation with this cooling lubricant which gives you a cool tingling sensation in all the right places! This water-based lubricant is long lasting, water soluble, glycerine and paraben free, latex condom compatible and non-staining. Its hypoallergenic formula means that it's kind to skin. It can also be used with sex toys and goes well with ID Hero Heat Ray Lubricant. Contents: 130ml bottle.
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ID Hero Heat Ray Lubricant 130ml
Intensify stimulation levels with ID Hero Heat Ray. Unlike other water based lubes, this specially formulated lubricant gives you a warm glow on contact. It's also water soluble, glycerine and paraben free, and latex condom compatible. This hypoallergenic non-staining lube can be used with others lubricants and goes especially well with ID Hero Cool Blast. It can also be used with sex toys. Contents: 130ml bottle.
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ID Hero Super Slick Lubricant 130ml
This silicone based lubricant is slippery and ultra thick which enables it to be used underwater. Its hypoallergenic formula means that it's gentle on the skin whilst being strong enough to withstand the most vigorous sexual pleasures. It's also free from glycerines and parabens, latex and rubber compatible and can be used with sex toys (with the exception of silicone toys). Designed to increase comfort and pleasure, a little goes a very long way. Contents: 130ml bottle.
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EXS Clear Lubricant 50ml
This water based lubricant is paraben free, and promises to be long lasting, non-tacky and non-staining. It can be used with or without condoms and also with adult toys. A little bit is proven to go a very long way. Just add a few drops for more slippery and comfortable sexual intimacies. It contains carageenan which has been illustrated to be useful against the HPV Virus which is linked to cervical and anal cancer. Contents: 50ml spray bottle.
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Slide Lubricant 50ml
Enjoy super, slippery, slidey play with this non-staining, paraben free, water based lubricant. Perfect for when natural lubrication just isn't enough, only a small amount is needed for a more enhanced sexually intimate experience. Safe for use with condoms. Contents: 50ml tube.
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Give Lube Silicone Premium Lubricant (100ml)
This unisex lubricant is designed to be long lasting and to not dry out whilst enabling you to glide smoother, better and longer. Suitable for vaginal, anal and oral sex as well as massage and masturbation, this silicone lubricant can even be used under water or with rubber or latex clothing. It is latex condom safe, free from preservatives, unscented, oil free, colourless, odourless, flavourless and dermatologically tested. Simply apply a small amount of this lubricant to the desired area for additional moistness. Contents: 100ml bottle.
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Give Lube Premium Aqua Gel Mini - 30ml
This premium water-based lubricant is long lasting and suitable to use with latex condoms and silicone sex toys. Apply a spot of this sexual lube when extra moistness is needed for foreplay games or lovemaking. It also comes with skin kind aloe vera and is odourless, colourless, flavourless and also free from parabens and glycerine. Suitable for use by him or her, this 30ml bottle is also the perfect travel sized lube. This lube is suitable for anal, vaginal or oral sex, massage and masturbation.
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ID Velvet Lubricant 200ml
ID Velvet can be used either for massage or as a personal lubricant. Never sticky or tacky, this silicone based lubricant has a velvety smooth, fragrance free formula that will not dry out making it perfect for intimate pleasures. Latex and rubber compatible, it has not been tested on animals or animal bi-products. Simply apply a few drops when extra lubrication is needed. Contents: 200ml.
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ID Frutopia Lubricant - 100ml
The water-based ID Fruitopia lubricant collection contains 100% natural fruit flavours for 100% fun! Sweetened naturally, these lubricants are sugar free and vegan and latex friendly. These non sticky lubes are perfect for use in oral sex or for massage. Available in a choice of Banana, Cherry, Mango, Raspberry, Strawberry or Watermelon. Contents: 100ml.
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ID Velvet Lubricant 125ml
ID Velvet is a silicone based lubricant that has a unique velvety smooth, fragrance free formula. Never sticky or tacky, this lubricant is designed to boost your personal pleasures and will never dry out. It is also latex and rubber compatible and has not been tested on animals. ID Velvet can also be used in massage. Contents: 125ml.
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California Exotics Lube Tube
The Lube Tube is the perfect device to avoid all the mess that can occur when applying lubricant by hand. Easy to use, you simply draw the exact amount of lube that you want to use into the tube and administer it into either the vagina or the anus. The Lube Tube is easy to fill, dispense and clean and is particularly useful when it comes to anal sex with the anus not producing any of its own lubrication. Pack contents: 2 x 5 inch long Lube Tubes.
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Relaxxx Anal Spray for Women
Just as Relaxxx Anal Spray but with a sexy scent.

Lots of women want to experiment with anal sex, but without the right anal lubrication it's just not much fun! Relaxxx Woman Anal Spray has been specially developed using 100% natural oils and has about 30 uses per can. Because it's a spray rather than a cream, it's easier to apply and even has a great feminine scent. Its fast acting thanks to energy activated power beads and also condom compatible. Anal penetration will be comfortable and easier, without losing any sensitivity. This great anal spray is perfect when accompanied with an anal lubricant.
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Relaxxx Anal Spray for Men
Relaxxxx Anal Spray relaxes the anal muscles without loss of sensitivity. Made with 100% natural ingredients, it lubricates with ethercal oils. Recommended for use with anal lubricants, this fantastic anal spray opens the delights of anal intercourse to all and is suitable for use with condoms.

Relaxxxx Anal Spray also compliments all anal sex toys perfectly.
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Stimul8 Pure Lube Silky Silicone - 100ml
Safe to use with latex condoms, the Silky Silicone Pure Lube can be used by either men or women and provides additional lubrication where natural lubrication is not enough. It is super slippery which could make sex easier and is kind on the skin leaving it feeling silky soft and moist. Lasting as long as you need it to, this lubricant is also fragrance free, non-sticky and washes off easily after use. Contents: 100ml bottle.
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Sexsentials Bundle
Great value Sexsentials bundle. Comprises our best selling lubricant - Super Slik - which has earned itself a well-deserved reputation as one of the best lubricants around.Water based and hypo-allergenic, non-sticky, won't stain your sheets and is 100% condom safe.Loving Joy Toy Cleaner - Simply spray on, leave for two minutes and rinse off. Efficiently killing bacteria, it leaves sex toys clean and germ free. Ten soothing, moisturising towelette wipes. Perfect for use after intimate moments. It can be used by men or women and leaves you feeling clean and fresh when you need it the most. It's also small enough to carry around in your bag so that you can freshen up during the day if you need to.
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3 x Super Slik Lube 100ml
Supplied in a handy 100ml tube, Super Slik has earned itself a well-deserved reputation as one of the best lubricants around.

Water based and hypo-allergenic, this light non-sticky gel is close in consistency and formulation to your own natural lubricants. It won't stain your sheets - it just disappears, and is 100% condom safe. As a little goes a long way, this is an extremely good value product. Only a small amount is needed. Feels the same as nature's own lubricant and is 100% condom safe.
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