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Anal sex toys come in many different shapes and sizes. We have a wide variety in stock from anal vibrators to anal dildos, to male g-spot stimulators and anal douches to butt plugs.

If you're a beginner we recommend anal finger stimulators. For the more experienced we have a range of anal plugs or butt plugs available. They are normally a bulbous shaped anal sex toy with a flat base. The base is designed to be large so that the butt plug cannot be fully entered into the anal passage for safety reasons.

Our anal toys also come with the optional extras of lubricants and sex toy cleaners.

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Loving Joy Anal Love Beads
These Loving Joy Anal Love Beads are just the thing for delivering amazingly powerful orgasms. They are smooth to the touch and extremely flexible with a tapered tip for incredibly easy insertion. These anal beads measure 12.5 inches. Insert as many or as few beads as you feel comfortable with. If you're looking to take your orgasms to a new level simply pull out at the point of orgasm using the handy retrieval ring - these beads will leave you wanting more! Available in Pink and Purple.
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Jelly Pleasure Beads
The Jelly Pleasure Beads can be used to satisfy vaginal or anal cravings. The 15 inch long (total length) bead string comes with five 1 inch width balls that are spread out evenly along the length. The retrieval cord stretches to fit all sizes of finger for easy removal. The jelly is so soft that you should have no problem getting these beads into the erogenous zone of your choosing. Remove at the point of orgasm for a better climax. Available in Pink or Black.
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Secret Explorer Silicone G-Spot Vibe
Coming with a total of 7 different speed functions, the 8 inch long Secret Explorer is an expert when it comes to pleasuring your g-spot. Made from hypoallergenic, odour free silicone, this multispeed vibrator is incredibly smooth to the touch but is also very durable. Its waterproof qualities means that it can even be used in the wet! Activate the bullet style vibrator at the base and find your perfect speed. Available in Black as shown. Batteries included.
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Doc Johnson Wendy Williams Anal Trainer Kit
This anal plug set allows you to start off small and progress to larger butt plugs at a pace that you feel comfortable with. The soft but firm jelly anal trainers are available in 3 sizes (4.5 inch insertable length with a 0.75 inch diameter, 4.75 inch insertable length with a 1.25 inch diameter and 6 inch insertable length with a 1.5 diameter) and all feature tapered tips for easy entry. For hands free fun, use the suction cup base to attach any of the butt plugs to a smooth surface. These anal trainers are also easy to clean.
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29.99 5.00
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Heavy Metal Anal Beads
With four weighty 0.5 inch diameter beads on an 11.5 inch long bead string, these anal beads are the ultimate weapon against the hard to please! The solid weight gives you the confidence you need to go at it harder and for longer. The Heavy Metal Anal Beads also feature a sturdy metal pull cord so that you can easily release the beads when orgasm strikes creating an altogether more intense experience.
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9.99 5.00
Mens Pleasure Wand
The Men's Pleasure Wand is 9.5 inches in total length and 1 inch in diameter at the largest part. It creates ultimate sensations by massaging the scrotum and balls whilst stimulating the prostate with is vibrating anal/prostate arouser. The multispeed Pleasure Wand has an easy insert and removal handle, is waterproof and promises to hit the spot every time! Batteries included as standard.
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Medium Black Classic Butt Plug
The one size fits most Black Classic Butt Plug is a real winner with fans of anal penetration. Classic in its design and its coloration, this 4.5 inch long x 1.5 inch wide anal plug is a guaranteed pleasure provider for anal stimulation.
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Large Black Classic Butt Plug
Measuring 5 inches in insertable length and 2.5 inches at its widest point in diameter, the Classic Butt Plug is sure to provide you with an experience that you will not forget in a hurry! This odourless, latex free butt plug is definitely one for the more experienced due to its diameter. One size fits most.
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21.99 5.00
Medium Flesh Classic Butt Plug
Suitable for experienced users and those that are relatively new to anal sex, this Classic Butt Plug has a soft outer coating for easy penetration. This 4.5 inch x 1.5 inch anal plug is also odourless, latex free and has an anti-bacterial formula. One size fits the majority.
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Anal Rotator
A soft, 2 direction rotating penis headed shaft is coupled with a 7 mode beaded anal stimulator. This Anal Rotator has a soft touch control panelled base with bright red indicator lights for night control. With a 6 inch long shaft with pleasure beads and a 5.5 inch long anal beaded stimulator, this toy is sure to be top of the ass! 3 x AAA batteries are provided.
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Liquorice Dip Butt Plug Set
This collection of three differently sized butt plugs with insertable lengths of 3.5, 4.25 and 5 inches (with suction pads) is perfect for the anal beginner right through to those that love big butt plug sex. The specially shaped jelly material base gives an enormous amount of suction power. This allows your liquorice dip butt plug to stick on its own on any smooth surface. This leaves your hands free to be more creative with your partner whilst being fulfilled yourself. This set is ideal for those that love butt plug sex.
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Pure Anal G Butt Plug
This unisex anal plug comes with a specially shaped, angled g-spot tip to target your special spot with consummate ease. It also has a smooth, super soft coating for more comfortable penetration and a flared suction cup that will stick to the majority of flat surfaces. This bulbous butt plug has an insertable length of 4 inches with a maximum diameter of 1.5 inches. The special g-spot tip measures an inch across. Available in Purple as shown.
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California Exotics Pink Jelly Teaser
The unisex Pink Jelly Teaser is perfect for either anal or vaginal stimulation. Measuring 5 inches long and 1.25 inches wide, this jelly dildo is curved for g-spot stimulation and comes with two pleasure ridges along its length for increased sexual fulfilment with each thrust. The flanged suction cup base allows you to stick it to almost any flat surface for hands free action. The soft but firm jelly material also allows for easier, more comfortable entry. Available in Pink as shown.
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Ideal for Beginners
Colt Anal Trainer Kit
From beginner to professional the Colt Anal Trainer Kit contains three sizes of butt plug (4.25, 5 and 6 inches in length) so you can work your way to anal bliss. Made from non-toxic and hygienically superior material with an extra wide base to prevent accidents, these anal sex toys are firm and pliable and provide a superior orgasmic experience.
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Anal Invader with Cock Cage
This is the cock and ball toy for men who know what they want! The Anal Invader with Cock Cage is made of soft stretchy latex and worn around the penis to aid and sustain an erection. Use the attached, anatomically correct 4.5 inch butt plug to add to the experience. This cock and ball torture device also comes complete with multi-speed vibrator for insertion into the butt plug.
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Rocks Off Rude Boy
From the people who brought you the Rock Chick comes the 11 inch (total length) Rude Boy! Designed for every man out there to experience the orgasmic delights of a P spot orgasm, the dual action prostate and perineum stimulator has been designed and made in the UK from the finest grade medical grade silicone. Comes with a waterproof RO-80mm bullet. Batteries included.
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Booty Beads 2
These unisex anal beads are so flexible that they can be bent into any and every direction. The multispeed vibrations can be felt from tip to tip meaning that there is no loss in sensation anywhere along the beads. Each bead measures 0.5 inches in diameter but don't let the size fool you because they are just as effective and powerful as larger diameter anal beads. They also come with a silky smooth coating that makes insertion a breeze. 2 x sets of batteries included. Total length: 10 inches, bead length: 6.5 inches.
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Rocks Off Cheeky Boy Massager - **packaging slightly damaged**
Experience the 3 unique pleasures of Cheeky Boy! Now you can enjoy the simultaneous sensations of vibrating prostate and perineum massage with a rippled shaft. Prostate massage is not only mind blowing, it has fantastic health benefits. Made from soft silicone, Cheeky Boy is flexible and body safe. The RO 80mm Ammunition For Love bullet provides the strong vibrations and can be removed if preferred. It's also fully waterproof so you can use in the bath or shower and clean with ease. Enjoy hands free prostate orgasms with this 9 inch long anal vibrator. Batteries included.
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Rocks Off Slinky Pinky
Slinky Pinky is a small, smooth vibrator which is perfect for vibrator virgins or to use as an anal probe. It is powered by the amazing RO 80mm Ammunition For Love Bullet (included) so it really packs a punch. The 4 inch long shaft is made from IntraMed material which is super smooth and contains anti-bacterial properties to keep your toy clean. Remove the one touch RO 80mm Bullet and use alone for targeted pleasure. 100% waterproof for use in the water! Free batteries included.
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Rocks Off Ass Berry
The Ass Berry provides fruity fun for your bum, is perfect for beginners to anal play and is 100% waterproof.

This perfectly formed 3 inch long berry shaped vibrator delivers earth shattering stimulation and vibration to your behind. It includes the legendary RO-80mm Ammunition For Love bullet so you get two toys in one! Made from IntraMed material for hypo-allergenic, safe play. Available in Pink or Black. Batteries included.
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Helpful Information

Why You Should Use Lubricant with Anal Toys
If you're thinking of adding an anal sex toy to your collection, you should also consider using an anal lubricant alongside it. This is because the anus does not produce any of its own lubrication naturally therefore using anal toys without it could prove to be a painful experience.

Whether you're using anal toys in their smallest format of fingertip massagers/stimulators or larger toys such as butt plugs or anal vibrators, anal lubricant can make penetration a much easier process. Its special formula (which is thicker than regular lubes) helps to make penetration a lot more comfortable

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