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Our Sex Toy Accessories section has everything you need to ensure you make the most of your sexual experiences with adult toys.

Whether it's sex toy cleaner (to inhibit the spread of hidden germs and bacteria), position masters (which enable you to comfortably tackle sex from a multitude of different angles), easy to clean vinyl bed sheets and pillow cases, special low temperature burning candles or douches (for cleansing both prior to and after sex), we can help.

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Rimba Basic Leather Cuff Case
Keep your handcuffs safe and secure in this Basic Leather Cuff Case. This will prevent your cuffs from sliding all over the place. However, please take note that this is only the case, not the cuffs as well.
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Magic Massager G-Spot Pleaser
Attach the 4 inch long, 1.5 inch wide G-Spot Pleaser onto the end of the Rechargeable Super Massager and enjoy maximum g-spot stimulation from its specially curved end. Made from soft jelly-like material, this attachment slots effortlessly onto your massaging wand to give you unbeatable pleasure! For variation, this attachment can be used as a dildo independently of the massager or attached to other compatible massaging devices.
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Magic Massager Phallic Fulfiller
The Phallic Fulfiller is intended to go with the Rechargeable Super Massager. This 4 inch long, 1.5 inch diameter penis shaped attachment delivers realistic sensations to your pleasure regions. Affix this soft jelly attachment onto your wand massager and enjoy intense vaginal or clitoral stimulation whenever you want it. Alternatively you can use the Phallic Fulfiller as a stand-alone dildo or with other massagers that can cater for additional attachments.
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Magic Massager Pleasure Beads
Designed to go with the Rechargeable Super Massager, this 4 inch long beaded attachment provides intense stimulation for the erogenous zones through its smooth surface which targets the vibrations right where you want them! This soft jelly feel attachment clips easily onto your massaging wand and securely stays in place whilst in use. It is also easy to clean and can be used independently of the massager or with other massagers with interchangeable ends.
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Black Vinyl Fitted Sheet Single Size
Black, smooth and shiny fitted bed sheet to realize your fetish dreams. All sides fringed with stretch for a secure grip on the mattress. 160x200cm
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Climax Kegel
Climax Kegel is the vaginal workout for enhanced intercourse that comprises of 2 durable yet flexible rods (one measuring 6 inches x 1.25 inches and one 5.5 inches x 1.5 inches) that attach to a pressure gauge. Insert either rod and squeeze the vaginal muscles to move the pressure gauge. The easy to read gauge lets you track your improvement with every squeeze. Easy to clean, these pliable rods easily fit the contours of a woman and are phthalate and latex free.
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Fetish Fantasy Sex Harness
The Fetish Fantasy Sex Harness will give you the perfect position for pleasure every time!

This full body support sling can instantly turn an ordinary erotic encounter into a night of excitement and experimentation. With the Sex Harness, there is no need for bulky ceiling swings, position pillows or any other sex furniture. Just slide the full body harness on, strap your partner in, and get ready for incredible positions and explosive adventures! Enjoy all the advantages of an anchored sex swing without having the actual swing!

The Sex Harness helps you effortlessly support and maneouver your partner, allowing you to get closer and more intimate than ever before! Difficult sexual positions are no longer limited to the gifted and sexually athletic! With this simple over-the-shoulder harness, you can control your lovers movement and indulge together in satisfying sex, without worrying about tiring or over-extending yourself. Enjoy weightless penetration, in any position you can imagine, thanks to the sturdy leather thigh straps and easy-grip chest handles. Simply slide your partners legs into the padded thigh straps, grab ahold of the rubber chest handles, and get ready for the wild ride! The padded neck cushion takes the strain off your neck and shoulders, while the straps easily adjust to fit most sizes.

Go ahead, explore your deepest and most difficult Fetish Fantasies. One size fits the majority.
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Fetish Fantasy Series Fantasy Door Swing
The Fetish Fantasy Range keeps growing, and with it hopefully the boundaries of your love play. The Fantasy Door Swing is the latest product from this very popular range and, as always, is made to the highest standards. The set includes 2 heavy duty adjustable harnesses and 2 acrylic tubes. It enables you to turn any door into a fully functioning love swing.

Just fit it to the door frame, close the door and open up to more positions than you ever thought possible. It comes with a free love mask and holds up to 300lbs (21st 6lbs). So get ready to open the door to all your fetish fantasies. 1. Drape acrylic tubes over the top of the open door. 2. Close and lock the door. 3. Lower leg straps so that your lover can slide their thighs through the lower loops. 4. Allow your lover to slide their arms through the upper loops, have them hold onto the handles for extra safety. Adjust the straps to a comfortable height. 5. Have fun!
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Sportsheets Penetration Station
The Penetration Station will revolutionize your bedroom play!

It will allow you to penetrate deeper in positions you never thought possible. The easy set up and discreet under the mattress storage allows you to hop on for the ride of your life whenever the mood strikes.
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Sportsheets Super Sex Sling
This sex sling has a deluxe comfort neck rest, plus extended straps and supports. Fully adjustable it lets you go wild for hours and hours.
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Toy Joy Sex Toy Cleaner
An immediate and effective spray to clean erotic toys, the Toy Joy Sex Toy Cleaner is biological, anti-bacterial and non-alcoholic. Simply spray onto the surface of the erotic toy which requires cleaning, wait one minute and rub it dry. Available as a 150ml spray bottle.
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