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Sex Toy Cleaners are probably the most important additional item you should purchase with your sex toys. No matter how clean you are you should always make sure your adult toys are clean. Using an adult toy cleaner straight after its use ensures your sex toy is clean and ready for the next use. So whenever the impulse takes you, you know that you can immediately use your toy. Sex toy cleaners are especially important when cleaning anal sex toys. By their very nature anal sex toys can become covered in bacteria, so using an anti-bacterial sex toy cleaner is essential. Cleaning your sex toys after each use should become part of your after sex or after masturbation routine and will help you sex toy last longer.

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Fleshlight Wash
Fleshlight Wash is a sanitising cleaner that has been formulated especially for cleaning any of your Fleshlight or Fleshjack toys. Using the antibacterial ingredient triclosan which cleanses and purifies the surface onto which is it applied, this cleaner is perfect for keeping your Fleshlight clean and hygienically safe to use. It is non-greasy, non-irritating to the skin, alcohol free and not tested on animals. To achieve the best results, wash your Fleshlight sleeve with warm water then apply the Fleshlight wash. NB. This anti-bacterial cleaner can also be used with other sex toys. Contents: 100ml bottle.
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Loving Joy Sex Toy Cleaner
Make your erotic toys sparkle with cleanliness with this anti bacterial sex toy cleaning spray from Loving Joy. Simply spray on, leave for two minutes and rinse off. Efficiently killing bacteria, it leaves sex toys clean and germ free. Available in a 100ml spray for simple and effective cleaning for erotic toys made easy.
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Toy Joy Sex Toy Cleaner
An immediate and effective spray to clean erotic toys, the Toy Joy Sex Toy Cleaner is biological, anti-bacterial and non-alcoholic. Simply spray onto the surface of the erotic toy which requires cleaning, wait one minute and rub it dry. Available as a 150ml spray bottle.
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