Halloween And Men: What We Want You To Wear

Halloween And Men: What We Want You To Wear
Pin Halloween And Men: What We Want You To Wear
Halloween is nigh upon us and girls everywhere are ordering their outfits online, sorting out their diaries, and getting ready for the big weekend. This year, Halloween falls on a Thursday which means that you’ve got a full weekend head of dress-up fun and parties to attend!

So why is it that men leave it until the last minute to find something to wear? And why are they ALWAYS dressed up like pirates, zombies or gasp, horror: Asda and Tesco’s faux pas mental patient?

Thanks to the last five years of horror films and the copious amount of fake blood available in party shops, the last few Halloweens have all gone a bit like this:

SO who do you fancy? This party is great!

That bloke there – the zombie.

Which one? There are about a million zombies. It’s the apocalypse in here.

Oh you know, the hot one: the one next to the DJ.

Uh, okay. The DJ is a zombie. About fifty blokes next to HIM are all zombies.

The one with the fake blood… oh. Yes, I see. Um. He has green shoes?

This kind of conversation will go on for hours, trying to find some sort of identifiable feature that distinguishes one hot zombie from another. So guys, if you’re single and you’re trying to meet someone on Halloween – do us a favour. Leave the meat cleaver and fake blood at home, and instead try out one of these outfits:
  1. The Pirate: a popular choice, but at least the pirate offers a whole lot of variation! You can draw on the legacy of Johnny Depp ala Captain Jack Sparrow, you can be the swashbuckling pirate of the seven seas with a long red coat and a deep hat that’s just begging to come off.
  2. The Fireman: women love a man in uniform, and there’s something really rugged and attractive about a man in fireman’s overall and hard hat. Go for it.
  3. The Policeman: we’re talking more Bruce Willis here than The Village People, so only go for this option if you can really pull it off! This is a great one to try on at home too if you’re feeling a bit frisky and up for a night of role-play … Officer.


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