Bellydancers, Genies And Harem Girls: The Perfect Halloween Outfit

Bellydancers, Genies And Harem Girls: The Perfect Halloween Outfit
Pin Bellydancers, Genies And Harem Girls: The Perfect Halloween Outfit
Halloween is nearly upon us and it’s time to find the ideal outfit that is the perfect combination of sensual, sexy and stylish. Whether you’re single and heading out for a night with the girls, or you’re staying at home with your partner for some role-playing fun on All Hallow’s Eve, this is the one night in the year that you can dress to impress in something a little more imagination.

Forget about your usual Friday night attire: Halloween is about dressing up (or dressing down) and becoming something you’re not for one whole night. You can be a vampire, a witch, a nurse or a librarian. Or even better, you can be a bellydancer.

Bellydancers are famed for their seductive hip-swaying dances that send even the most tight-lipped of men into a frenzy. Whether they’re shimmying on the stage, or sashaying through the crowds in their organza outfits, bellydancers seem almost other-wordly. Don your very own Bellydancing attire and you could just as easily be a genie in a bottle, or a harem girl out from the Far East.

The basic attire is simple: you need something sheer and transparent that perfectly frames your curves (the curvier the better!). Preferably made from organza, mesh or fine silk, these fabric masterpieces have movement and body, and will swish as you walk around the room. You can opt for a cover-up skirt that has a thigh-high slit, or trousers that split at the sides to reveal a glimpse of flesh as you walk. Add a few coin belts for a jingle or two, and your outfit will do all the hard work for you.

Fancy staying home this year and still want to dress up? Then mesmerise your man with an erotic outfit that will take his breath away. A bellydancing outfit that covers just enough to be decent is on the cards for a night of passion. A matching sequinned thong and bra set is paired with floaty trousers that might easily be worn under a bellydancer’s skirt – and is definitely going to be your man’s number one wish when he discovers that he has a genie at his fingertips!


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