Accessorise Santa Costumes with Sexy Christmas Stockings

Accessorise Santa Costumes with Sexy Christmas Stockings
Pin Accessorise Santa Costumes with Sexy Christmas Stockings
If you're planning on purchasing a Christmas costume such as a sexy Santa dress and find that it needs accessorising then why not choose a pair of festive stockings to complete your Christmassy look. A pair of festive stockings can really enhance the appearance of any sexy Santa outfit with very little effort causing you to stand out from the crowd at any Christmas party. Here are some ideas to help you decide on the perfect pair of sexy Christmas stockings or tights:
  1. Leg Avenue North Pole Stockings
    The one size North Pole Stockings, in Christmassy red, are thigh high fishnets that are trimmed with a jagged edge velvet top with bells perfect for jingling every time that you move! Priced at 8.55.

  2. Leg Avenue Lycra Striped Stockings
    This pair of white opaque thigh high stockings comes with red stripes at the front and back which lead to a festive red bow. Available in one size, priced at 6.75.

  3. Leg Avenue Lycra Sheer Tights with Woven Criss Cross Bow
    Stockings are not the only examples of hosiery that can enhance the look of a Christmas dress or outfit. This pair of sheer tights comes with a red bow and spiral wrap around ribbon prints. Available in one size, priced at 7.20.

  4. Leg Avenue Spiral Striped Stockings
    Similar to the Lycra Striped Stockings, this pair of thigh highs has a woven red bow at the top. They also come with a red spiral ribbon design which emanates from the bow down to the feet on each leg. Available in one size, priced at 6.75.

  5. Leg Avenue Mini Satin Bow Backseam Stockings
    This pair of white stockings goes perfectly with any red sexy Santa outfit. They feature a series of red satin bows down the back and are topped with a red lace top. Available in one size and plus size, priced at 5.85.

Leg Avenue Sizing: Stockings
Our one size Leg Avenue stockings are suitable for weights of between 6st 6lbs and 11st 6lbs and our plus size stockings are designed to fit weights of between 11st 6lbs and 13st.

Can We Help?
If you have any questions relating to Christmas costumes or stockings, please feel free to contact our experienced costumer service team who will be happy to help.


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