Bodystockings: Why We Love Them

Bodystockings: Why We Love Them
Pin Bodystockings: Why We Love Them
Bodystockings are provocative garments, designed to tease and tantalise when shown off on a petite female body. Skin-tight and decorative, they're all in one underwear items that have been specially adapted for aesthetic reasons to highlight the wearer's best assets. They typically cover the wearer from the neck down to provide an all-over support system, and the best ones feature open spaces where it matters most.

Traditionally the body stocking was (and is) worn by exotic dancers who need to contort their bodies into amazing poses without worrying about underwear creeping up or getting caught. Because you don't wear anything underneath a body stocking, it gives you the freedom to enjoy the movement of your body while still covering up.

Today, though, the body stocking has been adopted by fetishists and men around the world are sending up thanks to whoever blessed them with the black lace variants featuring an open bust and crotch. They're worn provocatively under little black dresses, which - when removed - reveal a sexy all-over lace ensemble that will send heart rates racing.

Fancy a sexy outfit for a big night in? Bodystockings are evocatively erotic and come in a range of different designs that will tease him as much or as little as you want. The sexy butterfly bodystocking is a cheeky nod to designer fishnet fashion featuring an open crotch with cut-outs around the breasts and torso. You could double dare him to keep his hands off and he'd have trouble hearing you!

Want to add a bit of sauciness to your dinner date outfit? Don a sophisticated-yet-sexy crotch-less bodystocking under your outfit and feel the tight caress of the body-hugging nylon/spandex blend throughout the meal. It's comfortable and it looks great - not to mention, your crotch-less secret is a great way to get your creative juices flowing as you prepare for a night of kama sutra that would make a contortionist proud.


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