Our Top Sexy Stocking Filler Ideas

Our Top Sexy Stocking Filler Ideas
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Stocking fillers are an annual tradition that certainly do not only apply to children – there are plenty of adults with their own stockings. Whether you hang them by the fire, prop them up under the Christmas tree or put them at the bottom of your bed so that you can wake up on Christmas morning and start opening them, they have a deserved place in our Christmas routines.

So, once you have got the beauty products, chocolates and gadgets in there what else can you wrap to pleasantly surprise your partner? We have a few ideas that will give you brownie points for thinking outside of that traditional box. The chocolate will be eaten, the beauty products lined up with all the others you use as part of your routine, and the gadgets will be great fun for all of five minutes and then the gloss will fade.

What you need it something a little spicy, sexy, and perhaps a little naughty that will thrill your partner and be used time and time again. A great investment and at the same time you are making those stockings all the more enticing.
Here are some of our top stocking fillers to help sex up those stockings:

  1. How about a sexy Santa costume? We have a great range of sexy Santa outfits to choose from. Buy one for her so she knows her man wants to see her beautiful body in something sexy or buy for him as a treat that night (or right there and then depending on your preference for morning, afternoon or evening sex).

  2. The beautifully packaged Happy Lola range gives you everything you really need from a stocking filler. These perfect parcels deliver an exciting idea to your partner along with a high quality product to begin your journey into Fifty Shades territory. Most sexual partners admit to thinking about or dabbling with restraints/bondage and here Happy Lola offer a discreet and quite delicate means to pursue your curious side. These products are well worth a browse.

  3. The Monogamy Adult Board game will give you plenty to do, and if you have a little time off work, then all the better to get some one-to-one time with your partner. It is an intimate board game for couples full of intimate questions and sexy challenges. You will be lusting after each other and laughing together at times making it a stocking filler of fun and frolicking. The climax to the board game has the winner undertaking one of 50 breath-taking fantasies so you have it all to play for!

  4. A little winner for any stocking would surely be the bullet vibrator. Add a little spice to your bedroom antics by stimulating multiple areas at once. A nice, discreet and smooth number, our range of bullet vibrators will put a little buzz into the bedroom and make those orgasms a fraction more intense and pleasurable. We have all sorts to choose from depending on what you fancy or what you think your partner might.

  5. And finally on our list we couldn’t go without mentioning lubes. It is not something partners often think about but a little lubrication can really help spice up your love life and make different positions possible when you are attempting them for the first time. Whether you are looking for simple lubricant, flavoured, warming, cooling or unscented, we have a complete range. Make lube a sex draw staple by popping it into your partners stocking and promising them a little adventure in the bedroom to go with it!

Whatever fills your stocking this Christmas we hope you thoroughly enjoy its contents. Hopefully you have given your traditional stocking fillers a sexy twist this year and will enjoy their contents for weeks to come. Have fun!


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