Tenga vs Fleshlight - Which Is The Best?

Tenga vs Fleshlight - Which Is The Best?
Pin Tenga vs Fleshlight - Which Is The Best?
Mens sex toys come in many different guises, but lets be honest about this, they all do the same thing. Don't they? Well depending on what you read and who you believe, not all mens toys are created equal.

As with any product in any industry there are always the leading brands and it is these brands the newcomers are often judged against. In grocery shopping you have the likes of Tesco and Sainsbury, in shoes you have Jimmy Choo and Guglielmo Rotta. Well in the world of the male sex toy the leading brands are Tenga and Fleshlight. But which is the best and which is worthy of going in your toy collection?

The longstanding leader is the Fleshlight sex toy. As the name suggests the toy looks very much like a flashlight. The range houses a wide selection starting in price at around the 50 mark, so the price alone can put you off trying one (after all who wants to gamble 50 on a toy they might not enjoy). There are a variety of openings available and some are actually modelled on actors and actresses to give you that realistic feel. The sleeves themselves (the business part) are made of a patented Superskin material which feels unbelievably soft and offers a plethora of inner textures for your stimulation. Recently a vibrating Fleshlight has been introduced, however the designers have made a bit of a mistake here as the bullet vibrator is located at the base of the toy. This means it stimulates the base of the penis and if you ask any man this is not where he wants to be stimulated.

A relatively new entrant into the industry is the Tenga sex toy. There are three distinct ranges, the Egg, the Onacup and the Flip Hole. In total there are approximately 22 different toys starting for less than 10. These also have a variety of inners to stimulate you, but the openings are all pretty much the same. The inners though do range from having a softer feel right through to a harder feel, so regardless of how you want to the toy to feel you will probably find a Tenga to suit. They even have a toy (the Egg) designed to mainly stimulate the head of your penis. Tenga, however have been designed to be a onetime toy. The idea is that you buy one, use it and throw it away, so repeated use can get expensive. The simple answer to this is to use a condom so that you can use the same toy over and over again. Obviously Tenga have come up with this onetime usage idea to promote sales, but in the current economic climate re-use is probably the best policy.

So which is best? The truth is they both offer different qualities and it very much depends on your budget and experience. If you have never used a male toy before then your first purchase should definitely be a Tenga. It may sound stupid but not everyone enjoys playing with sex toys so test the water first. Fleshlights' are more suited to an experienced user that wants to go up to the next level and so should really be a second purchase. Over the long term Fleshlights offer the best value for money, they feel stronger and the fact you can remove the inner sleeve to wash it means it should last you a long time. However the Tenga are much more fun and offer a fantastic range for you to test out but probably won't last as long as the Fleshlight (but what can you expect for a product costing more than 80% less).

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I love the fleshlights, got my first one a couple of years ago and I''ve just bought my fourth (the stamina one). They are all working perfectly and I give them a good workout.

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