What's The Point Of Barely-There Revealing Lingerie?

What's The Point Of Barely-There Revealing Lingerie?
Pin What's The Point Of Barely-There Revealing Lingerie?
If you're a no-nonsense kind of woman who likes her clothes practical and her shoes flat, you might turn your nose up at lingerie. But, you'd be in the minority as even the most practical of women love the feeling of lace and love the idea of dressing up for a special night.

If, however, you do fall into the first camp - or even if you're thinking about saving your pennies - you might wonder what the point is of barely-there revealing lingerie.

What's in a name?
Revealing lingerie is also known as erotic sexy lingerie, or barely-there lingerie. It's a collection of strings and lacey-bits held together in evocative and eye-opening pieces of clothing that is enough to make any man - or woman - drool. It's somewhat more revealing than your average item of lingerie with the most popular items featuring glory holes like crotch-less panties and peephole bras.

The best thing about doughnuts? The Os in the middle.
Much like a doughnut, revealing lingerie is all about what's not there. It's a sexy, sensual expose that uses fabric and lace to perfectly frame the female genitalia and accentuate her curves. Crotchless panties aren't a crude attempt at creating an easy-access piece of cloth: they're a beautiful way to frame the best features for a sexy night.

If you're dressing to impress with lingerie but you want to up the ante and enjoy a sexy night, wearing revealing lingerie under your clothes will really heighten the expectation and enjoyment of potential playtime. And when your partner finally peels back the layers after dinner, or a night at the movies, imagine their surprise when they find you all gift-wrapped for their visual enjoyment!

It's all about me
At the end of the day, wearing revealing lingerie is not about making your partner feel special (which it does as a pleasant bonus): it's about boosting your sexuality and your self-confidence, and making you feel desirable. It's all about the wearer, and nothing says hello, I like my body like a shelf bra and matching mesh thong.


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