Looking For A Fun Gift For Him? Buy Boxers.

Looking For A Fun Gift For Him? Buy Boxers.
Pin Looking For A Fun Gift For Him? Buy Boxers.
If you're looking for a fun gift for your guy or a potential love interest then boxers may be your best bet. They're a sexier gift than a tie, and a more interesting present than a coffee mug. Plus, if you choose the right pair they can be fun yet thoughtful, sexy yet playful - and above all, they're making a subtle gesture that says 'I want to see you in these.

Here are our top five favourite boxer shorts, ideal for pick-me-up presents that will get you noticed!
  1. Love Doctor Boxers - If you've ever wanted to be examined and inspected by a hunky doctor while you're strapped into a gynae chair, this might be just the way to suggest it. Give him the love doctor boxers for a trip down role-play lane with a flirtatious yet fun gift that says 'hello doctor.

  2. Elephant Boxers
  3. - If he's a noticeably big boy then you might want to flatter his ego with this pair of cheeky elephant boxers. They're cute and playful, and can introduce a whole lot of fun to the bedroom with euphemistic trunk comments. Give these to him if he's got plenty of confidence and isn't afraid to have a bit of fun.

  4. Skip Intro Boxers - Fancy skipping the foreplay and getting straight to the point? These Skip Intro boxers leave nothing to the imagination and are ideal for when you want to take your subtle hints and suggestions to the next level. Plus, they're comfy and elasticated which means he can wear them any day he wants to show you what he has in mind for later

  5. Hustler Fundies - Nothing says 'I want you like a full tuxedo printed on his boxer shorts. Get him to dress up as he strips down, revealing a sexy butler you wouldn't mind ending up with in the broom closet. These Hustler Fundies are a great way to have a bit of sexy grown-up fun with optional evening wear.

  6. Enter Password Boxers - Want to add some fun and games to your bedroom playtime? Give him the gift that truly keeps on giving as you invent new passwords each day to give you instant access to his pleasure zones. Everyone knows that there are no restrictions once you have the master password, so let your imagination run wild as you have some fun with these boxer shorts!


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