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Married Men Who Help With The Housework Get Less SexMarried Men Who Help With The Housework Get Less Sex
Guys, if you're looking for a way out of doing the dishes or getting the vacuum cleaner out: here it is. A recent study conducted in Mi.....
5 Things You Didn't Know You Could Use Sperm For5 Things You Didn't Know You Could Use Sperm For
Sperm isn't usually considered to be the most versatile bodily fluid by any means it's smelly, it's often seen as messy, and most peopl.....
1 in 16 Brits addicted to sex1 in 16 Brits addicted to sex
It's official: 3 million Britons are addicted to sex. We're not talking about getting your kicks on 3 times a week, either. These Brits.....
Self-Published Erotica Pulled From Major e-BookstoresSelf-Published Erotica Pulled From Major e-Bookstores
Fancy yourself a writer? Until recently, publishing a book meant a lot of hard work pitching to major publishing houses and not a lot o.....
Otherworldly Romances: Non-Human Erotic FictionOtherworldly Romances: Non-Human Erotic Fiction
Things have been heating up in otherworldly realms since Twilight hit the big screens: Vampires and Werewolves went from being mythical.....
Truth or Dare? App spices up your sex lifeTruth or Dare? App spices up your sex life
If your relationship is taking a bit of a dip and your sex life is more frigid than fun, perhaps it's time to heat things up with a bit.....
Saucy Granny Writes Erotica at 77Saucy Granny Writes Erotica at 77
Desiree Holt is writing some of the most popular, sauciest erotica stories out there – and she's a 77-year old widowed Granny living on.....
Just when you thought you'd seen it all: Dinosaur Beast EroticaJust when you thought you'd seen it all: Dinosaur Beast Erotica
Just when you thought it couldn't get weirder than sex with a werewolf and a hint of bestiality, Christie Sims started writing Dinosaur.....
Are you ready to Spreadsheets? Sex app for data-savvy loversAre you ready to Spreadsheets? Sex app for data-savvy lovers
Want to know how you perform between the sheets? There’s an app for that. Spreadsheets is a rather cheeky quantifying app that measures.....
iJiggles Your Mom: a boob-jiggling iPhone app that will catch your attentioniJiggles Your Mom: a boob-jiggling iPhone app that will catch your attention
If you fancy yourself a 'tits and ass' kind of man then the iJiggles Your Mom app might be your new best friend. It's a cheeky app th.....
Kindu App: Making your Fantasies Come TrueKindu App: Making your Fantasies Come True
Most couples fall into a 'same old' sex routine with little variation or change. For some, sex happens at night under covers and with t.....
Day Hotels Offer Romance By The HourDay Hotels Offer Romance By The Hour
Hotels by the hour don't have the best reputation. Just think about it – how many people are actually going in there to catch up on som.....
The Man Who Made Viagra Is Back With Something NewThe Man Who Made Viagra Is Back With Something New
Everyone knows about Viagra: the miracle drug that was discovered almost by accident. It was in development for treating something else.....
Fetishes, A Documentary By Nick BroomfieldFetishes, A Documentary By Nick Broomfield
The dictionary defines the word 'fetish' as: An inanimate object worshiped for its supposed magical powers or because it is considered.....
Israel Censors Sex Education in TextbooksIsrael Censors Sex Education in Textbooks
With teenage pregnancy common in many countries, it is understandable why many governments (including England’s) are trying to ja.....
Erotic Holidays: The Venus GardenErotic Holidays: The Venus Garden
If you’re planning a weekend away filled with romance and roses, it doesn’t get better than Sweden’s Venus Garden. Tu.....
Should It Be Illegal For Women To Go Topless? US Says YesShould It Be Illegal For Women To Go Topless? US Says Yes
It is illegal for women in the US to go topless in the states of Indiana, Utah and Tennessee. In other states, you could risk getting a.....
Life after porn: is it possible?Life after porn: is it possible?
We might think that we have a liberal view of pornography, but some adult actresses find it incredibly difficult to work in a 'normal' .....
I just don't get Ron JeremyI just don't get Ron Jeremy
Ron Jeremy. He's supposedly one of the greatest porn stars of all time. AVN Magazine named him THE greatest porn star of the century......
Thief Stealing Secret Fantasies Gets Jail TimeThief Stealing Secret Fantasies Gets Jail Time
This past fortnight, adult literature and paraphernalia have all been clouded by the recent Amazon-Kernel debacle. While many members o.....

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Is Fifty Shades of Grey Next To Go? Erotica e-Book Lovers Protest
Coffee is better than sex, says hotel study
Woman with Erotic Obsession with Food eats Bakery Treats during Sex
Naughty pic accidentally makes the news
California Gives Go-Ahead For Prisoners' Protection
High Speed Lovers Busted
Ugly Mugs App Helps Sex Workers Have Safer Sex
Are your sex toys safe? New Swedish study investigates
Fifty Shades of RED: man with penis in toaster is rescued by Fire Department
Not Quite Lovebirds - Twitter Wars And Sex
Sex In A Bottle: New Perfume Claims To Attract Men
China's Secret Sex Ed Classes
Chinese Sex Park Demolished Due To Evil Influence
Darcy And Bingley Get Kinky: A Pride And Prejudice Retelling
New Show Promises To Raise The Bar On Risque Entertainment
Nymphomaniac Pole wants 100 000 Lovers
Danish Football Lovers Get Frisky On The Field
Healthcare Robots Become Sex Dolls
Miley Cyrus Stuns VMA Viewers with Raunchy Routine
Sex To Go - Drive-Thru Sex Introduced In Switzerland
Dr Phil Polls Twitter on Sex with Drunk Girls
New iPhone App For Heterosexuals Wanting No-Strings Sex
Study Claims Link between Frequent Sex and Higher Earnings
Study finds Insects have Gay Sex by Mistake
Swindon Academy Raises Eyebrows Over Outdated Sex Ed Policy
Beards: Why Some Girls Love Them
Candida Royalle Is Directing Porn For Women
Does Porn Make Us More Adventurous, Or Completely Bad In Bed?
Women Like Porn: Deal With It
America's Porn Professor Takes a Break from Steamy Classes
Aussie Constable uses Clock to Film Sexcapades
The French Get Eco-Conscious about Sex Accessories
French Woman Offers Breast-feeding Services to Gay Parents
Most Cheaters Drive Audis, Study Shows
Jennifer Aniston on Installing a Stripper Pole at Home
Recent Study Finds Regular Sex Gives Youthful Appearance
Cock au Vin - Sexting Australian MP is into his Wine
Newcastle Public Sex Couple goes Viral on Twitter
New Durex Ad Cautions against Unprotected Sex
50 Shades of Grey Film Finally Gets a Release (date)
One Direction Singer Harry Styles Dismisses Bisexuality Rumours
New Study Links Homophobia to Fear of Unwanted Advances
The Naughty Nineties: An Adult Pop Up Book
Women Want Younger Men, Study Says
Four Performance Artists Who Have Shocked Audiences With Sexual Acts
Cricket Star's Brother in Law Charged for Sex Crimes
Girl on the Net: My Not So Shameful Sex Secrets
Reddit Sex Expert and A Guide to Rape? Ken Hoinsky explains
Durex's Love Academy in Venice Promises Couples Better Sex
Kinsey Institute Pulls Project for Crowd sourcing Sex Data
South African Woman Arrested for Alleged Sex with Dogs
The Evolution of the Bra: A Spurst Infographic
Canadian Ballet Dancer Fired for Dabbling in Porn
Breasts That Pop: Henry Hargreaves and 3D Photography
If Barbie Had Normal Measurements: What She'd Look Like
X-rated X-rays: Wim Delvoye's Sex Rays
Survival Game the Last of Us gets Patch to Address Sex Chat Gaff
Martha Stewart Admits to Sexting
Transgendered Girl Wins The Right To Use Girl's Toilets At School
Major US 'Gay Conversion' Group Closes, Issues Apology
Swedish Teens Charged for Using Instagram to 'Shame' Supposed 'Sluts'
Performer Wins Air Sex Championship by Miming Toothless Fellatio
Sex Workers in Australia Face Opposition despite being Legalized
Does Frequent Casual Sex Increase The Chance Of Depression?
China Makes Headlines with Embarrassing Sex Stories
Japanese Sleeping Cafe Charges For Snuggles - Only in America!
Holly Willoughby's Boobs, and the BBC
World Naked Bike Ride Day
Stricter Licensing Policies Threaten Leighton Strip Clubs
Adult Gaming Gets Naughty With Wicked Paradise
Red Is The Colour Of Sex, Says Sotheby's Art Expert
Safe Exhibitionism With Modern Technology
Head of Posh Cambridge School Suggests Porn Star Teaches Sex-Ed
Gays Beat Up Straights, Says Pastor
Kim Cattrall Talks Ageing and Her Latest Sexed Up Role
Real Sex Toys Designed By Real Women, Says Ann Summers
Nike and Tiger Woods Sex Toy Hoax
Dirty Britons Don't Wash Sex Toys After Use
The Rise of the Sexpo
The Lonely Island Stick with Risque Humour in Latest Music Video
Chinese Communist Party Official in Sex-tape Disgrace
Saucy Sex Toy Granny Turns Heads
New Showtime Series to Star Michael Sheen as Sex Scientist
Football Referees Caught in Match Fixing Sex Scandal
Daughters, Dads And The "Talking Sex" Taboo
Survey Finds Office Workers Keen to Shack Up
The Strangest Sexual Customs in the World
No Sex! Let's Listen to ABBA Instead
Italians Are Top Sex Tourists, says ECPAT
Birmingham Had Better Get Tested, Says Experts
Marilyn Monroe and JFK Sex Tape
Teacher Who Had Sex With Pupil Is Set Free
Cambridge Shocks Students with Graphic Sex Questions
New Libido Drug for Women Raises Questions about Psychiatry
Michael Douglas Says Oral Sex Caused his Cancer Retracts
Sign Here for Sex - Celebrity Prenuptials and the Lifestyle Clause
Google's Specs Make Porn Industry See Gold
Japanese Politician Retracts Sex Comments
Berlusconi Could Get Six Years For Sex Scandal
Dubai Sentences UK Couple to Jail for Alleged Taxi Quickie
Linkedin: No Prostitutes or Adult Services, please
Michael Douglas Dishes on Gay Sex Scenes in Liberace Biopic
Cicada Invasion Gives New Meaning to the Term 'Sex Pest'
The Four Most Irrational Arguments against Same-Sex Marriage
They Eat Da Poo Poo - Martin Ssempa and his Bizarre Anti-Gay Escapades
French Connections: Swinging Holidays
Britain's Got Talent Contestant is a Gay Porn Star
I'd Like Mine Vanilla Please
Get Cosy In The Cotswolds With A FunSwings Break
Scottish Nightclub Installs Two-Way Mirrors in Ladies' Room
Florida Teen Arrested for Lesbian Romance with Younger Schoolmate
PETA Uses UK Creative Agency for Latest Risque Ad
From 'Chatroulette' to Sex Roulette - Colombia's Teens' Risky Games
Sex and the 2013 Cannes Film Festival
Cambridge and Oxford University Students Are The Sexiest Of All
Stars to Have Porn Star Body Doubles in von Trier's Latest Film
2013 Erotic Awards: Disabled Sex Is Not Taboo
Donors with Benefits - the Trade in ‘Natural Insemination'
Sex Toy Site for Orthodox Jews Objects to Objectification
The Less-than-Incredible Hulk's Ongoing Sex Tape Battle
Shortcomings in England's Sex Ed Cause Concern
Lady Clankington: Steampunk Sex Toys
Sexy Star Wars: Ehen Han Solo met Stormtrooper X
Michael Bay Spends £47,000 On Sex Toys For New Film
Hollywood and the Decrease in Onscreen Sex
Appetite for Destruction
Why is NBA Player Jason Collins' Coming Out Newsworthy?
Married Couples Have 5x More Sex Than Singletons
Let Your Fingers Do The Walking With This Futuristic Vibe
Curvaceous Dee: A BBW Exhibitionist Who Blogs
Facebook Commandments: What NOT To Post
Pimp My Vibe: What Happens When Your Vibrator Gets Bling?
Farrah Abrahams Goes From Teen Mom To Porn Star
Cuff Me: The Fifty Shades of Grey Musical Parody
New Study Suggests that People can Predict Gay Couples' Sex Roles
How Gay TV Characters are Changing
Make Your Meat LOOK Like Meat With Bacon Condoms
Mumsnet Spoof: Vajazzling: Theory and Practice
Should Adult Toys Stay Online? Superdrug Doesn't Think So
Study Finds Women Prefer Taller Men with Bigger Penises
What's your Orgasm Fingerprint? Tracey Cox Explains
Bill Gates' Bid for a Newer, Sexier Condom
Huge demand for Jennifer Lawrence Sex Tape
Crave Launches Saucy Foreplay Jewellery
The Dishwasher: Unusual Sex Toy Cleaner For When Things Get Really Dirty
The World's First Flat-Pack Vibrator
Khloe Gets Kinky With Fifty Shades Effect
Singing Coach Uses Sex Toy On Students To Increase Their Vocal Range
The Steamiest Gay Sex Scenes in Film and Television
Temptations Direct Introduces Left Handed Male Masturbators
New Study Suggests Regular Yoga Boosts Women's Sex Drives
Exploding the Myth of Asexual Oldies
Japanese Women Are Sexually Frustrated, Survey Says
It's Not All Huge Dongs, Says Sex Toy Designer Ti Chang
The NY Times: Hide Your Sex Toys
Movies with Silly Sex Scenes for Raucous Girls' Nights
Harvard University Admin Makes It Big - Thanks To Sex Toys
The Art of Saying Something Nice
Nicki Minaj Nipslip In Latest Music Video
Could Facebook Come Between You? Take Our Test and Find Out.
Sex Cereal - The New Continental Breakfast?
34B-Cup Brunette Named Nikki: The Average Porn Star
Childbirth Put Me Off Sex, Says New Mum
Deep Throat star Harry Reems Dies at 65
USB Vibrator Has Built-In Storage For Your Intimate Bits And Bytes
Gay Sex Scandals - Closeted Politicians Caught Out
Gay Romance and Broadcast TV - Changing Trends
Hack My Vagina: Re-Engineering The LELO Vibrator To work With Sonar
Famous Sex Tape Scandals - Whose Was the Most Controversial?
Kezia Noble: She'll Show You How To Bed A Woman TONIGHT
Through The Keyhole Gets Kinky With Keith Lemon
Too Big For Carry-On: TSA Bans Large Dildos
Valentine's Day Was All About Saucy Sex Toys, Says Survey
Happy Steak and BJ Day
Earn Money From Your Sexy Home Videos With DareDorm
More Travel Means Better Sex
Sperm Donors For Same-Sex Couples: What Are Your Rights?
Married Sex Survey: Some Surprising Results
How You Can Be Abused Without Even Realising It
Amanda Seyfried Bares All As She Takes On New Role As Linda Lovelace
The Couple Who Met On Instagram
Toni & Guy Salon Boss Pays Worker £20,500 To NOT Have Sex
This Is Abuse
Vaguely Rude Place Names of The World
Tesco Should Sell Sex Toys, Says Sexpert Tracey Cox
Swedish Love Doctor Dishes Out Sex Toys
Marriage And Infidelity: There Are No Rules
Divorce Ceremonies: Just Another Reason To Celebrate?
Louder Sex = More Fun, Researchers Say
International Flirting Week! Here Are A Few Tips
Madonna Strips Down And Arnie Engages In A Sex Act: Penthouse Aladdin's Cave
Bang With Friends: New Facebook App
Are you Sex Anorexic?
Sex Surrogates Called Into Satisfy Disabled Patients At British Care Home
Sex Toy Sales Go Up And Snow Falls Down
London's Shard Becomes The Almost Mile High Club
The Kardashian Cover Ups: More Sex Tapes?
When Office Flirtations Go Public: UK Couple Accidentally Emailed Sex Talk To Entire Company
A Silver Lining from Saville Scandal Shifts our Focus to the Internet
Porn Actress Asks For Sperm Donations And Gets 100 Bottles
Playa iPhone Condom Holder
You Got Arrested For What?
Origami Condoms Let You Have Better Sex
The Dollar Rubber Club: A Monthly Mail Service That Gives You More Bang For Your Buck
More Scary Than Sexy
Sex In The News: 5 Sex-Fuelled Arguments That Made The Front Page
A Spot of Scientific Sexism
Howard Stern's Radio Station Gets Even Sexier
An Instruction Manual For Sex: The Lover's Guide
Death By Boobs
Academic Porn: When Two People Get It On In An MRI Machine
17th Century Sex and Fertility Manual Goes Up For Auction
Does Size Matter?
Horse Petting Can Cure Homosexuality
Girls Gone Very Wild
Fifty Shades of Grey Causes Baby Boom?
Illicit Encounters: Dating For Married People - The World's No.1 Sugar Daddy Site
Kim Kardashian's Saucy Sex Tape Has Record Sales Now That She's A Yummy Mummy
Athletes and Sex: Can You Improve Your Race With An Exciting Build-Up?
Star Wars Promises Same-Sex Relationship Upgrade To Game
Most Adulterous Day Of The Year? 7th January - Apparently
An iPhone App For Lovers
Boyfriends So Bad They Made The News
Brazil's Tallest Teen Finds Love With Short Man
Fifty Sheds of Grey: Parody Outsells Bestseller
Miley Cyrus Gets A Sex Doll For Christmas
Virtu-Boyfriend Gone Bad
Charity Shop Says No Thanks To Sex Toys
Lust Cinema: Erotica For Women
Man Is Arrested For Carrying A Sex Toy
Is Modern Technology Ruining Your Sex Life
5 Beautiful Women Who Were Born Men
5 Gorgeous Men Who Were Born Women
Record Breaking Olympic Facts about Sex
Would you Believe?
Buck Angel: Pioneer, Entertainer, FTM Superstar
Erotica Gone A Touch Too Weird
How a Man's Face Shape Can Show Infidelity
The Slut Drop
A Novel Way To Date:
Getting To Know Michael Manning: Erotic Artist
A Strange Way To Celebrate: The Chinese Wankfest
Female Porn Stars Are Happier Than Their Non-Porn Counterparts
I'm Not A Slut; I'm Just Not Having Your Nonsense
Relationship Revenge Stories That Will Make You Cringe
Sex Makes You Smarter And Happier
Drive-in Sex Booths To Launch In Zurich
Kate Middleton's Sex Party Planning Friend Accidentally Leaks Client Details
New ITV Logo Said To Look Like Sex Toy
Relationship Revenge Hoax Gone Bad: In The News
No Such Thing As The Perfect Woman?
I Can't Talk About Sex: Getting Acquainted With The Sextionary
The Downside To The Fifty Shades Craze
Supernatural Sex
What Puts Women Off A Man?
Train Delayed By Raunchy Couple In Car
Durex: The Kings Of Condoms And Advertising
Sexy Sayings You Can Only Get Away With At Christmas
Another Fifty Shades Row
High School Musical Hottie Has A Once-Off Threesome
Sexy Siri Can Find You A Late-Night Hook-Up
Topless Nuns and Jesus Sperm
Sinful Sunday Blog Hop
The Quest Continues to Uncover Uncouths in the Public Eye
New York Woman Becomes A Professional Snuggler
The Rose Petal Beach Makes Women Question their Marriage
Lily's 50 Reasons to Have Sex
Too Many People are Having Unprotected Sex - The Baby Boom
Eco-Friendly Sex Tips From Greenpeace
Rob and Kristen - Reunited!
Cheeky Reality TV Is All About Sex, Snogging and South Wales: The Valleys
Creepy Sex in the Media
Competitions For Your Genitals
High School Fantasy Sex League, Not Your Average Sporting Tournament
Virginity Auction: Would You Sell Yours?
Couple Have Sex On Table At Restaurant
Strange Tokyo Bars
Japanese Adult Diapers: On Trend!
Britain's Rudest Place Names
Sex Shop Workers Make Off With More Than Their Paycheck
How to Spot a Paedophile and What To Do When You Do?
Rockbitch: Pussy Riot's English Cousins - A Girls Guide To His Texts
The Staggering Statistics That Will Make Every Parent Sick
Pot Noodle Gets Racy With New Advert
Japanese Man Cooks And Serves Up His Genitals
Chinese Celeb Couple with a Major Age Difference
Jimmy Saville's Fall from Heaven - Could you Spot a Predator?
Hulk Hogan's Sex Tape: Do We Want To Know?
Sarah Mirk: Let's Be Sex Positive
CoppaFeel: Clever Shock Tactics or Totally Inappropriate?
Recent Survey Says We're Too British To Talk About Sex
Justin Lee Collins in Court Over Ex
Pricasso: Erotic Art With A Difference
50 Shades Turns To Flaming Row
DNA Infidelity Tests: Crazy!
Erotic Holidays: Castle Milkersdorf
Erotic Holidays: Carefree Cruises
Fifty Shades of Blame: Blackpool Dungeons
The Matrix Director Goes From Larry to Lana With A Sex Change
Tulisa - Back and Single!
Mary Roach: 10 Things You Didn't Know About Orgasm
Pussy Riot - CONVICTED!
Pussy Riot
US Teens Are Less Sexy Than Before: What The Figures Tell Us
Rihanna: Too Sexy For Nivea
The Sexy Side Effects of the London Olympics
Stories Hollywood Loves To Tell About The Ds Lifestyle
Human Trafficking - Close to Home
Lindsay Lohan's Sexy Request Leaves Film Crew Hot Under The Collar
Popular Cardiff Nightclub Applies For A Sex License
Piratemania Strikes and We LOVE Pirates
Same Sex Marriage Boosts New York Economy
Chinese Officials Rescue Drowning Sex Doll
Madonna Lets It Slip In Her 2012 World Tour
Sex Workers International Conference
Rob and Kristen - Distraught Fans
The Internet Just Got Sexier With .sex Domains
Jodie's Lips
The Vampire As A Sex Symbol (And Why We Like Twilight)
Sex Sells: But Not Videogames
Olympic Athletes Expect A Raunchy Party
Why Mummy Porn Is Hitting The Spot
I Just Want My Pants Back: Sex Trophies And You
Do You Scream On A Rollercoaster Ride? 94% Of Women Say Yes
New York: The City That Never Sleeps
Black Swan Film Gets Critics Chirping Over Sex Scenes
Female Online Gamers Have More Sex
3D Porn Movie Got Me Pregnant
Less Sex For Busy Women Says Jilly Cooper
Hollywood Splits - TomKat and Johnny and Vanessa
50 Shades To Hit The Big Screen: Can You Wait?
Martin Amis Says Women Write Better Sex Scenes
The Best Three Films Featuring Real Sex Scenes
The Top Three Modern Femme Fatales
The Top Three Hilariously Unsexy Film Moments
Feeling The Heat? Try An Ice Bra
Hysteria: The Story Of The Vibrator Has Never Been So Funny
Spanish Vending Machines Sell More Than Snacks
£2.5k Gold Vibrator Stolen In Sexy Heist
London 2012 Competitors Get Naked For Charity
London Sightseeing With A Difference
We Love The We Vibe: Powerful Stimulations Just Got Better
Fleet: Britain's Raunchiest Town
Tulisa, Sexiest Woman? Interesting Timing
Jennifer Aniston to Wed?
How Pornography Affects Young People: Part 2
John Travolta - Is It Our Business?
How Pornography Affects Young People: Part 1
Big Brother Gets Sexy
Airsex Competitions: Not Your Average Friday Night
In the News: How Working Long Hours can affect your Sex Drive
Keep It Clean, Baby
The Great Wall of Vagina hits London on May the 8th
Simon Cowell: dipping into Dannii
Cheryl Cole: I'm a woman and I like sex
In The News: Fatty Diets Are Linked To Low Sperm Count
Cheeky Charlize Theron Tries Bondage In Kinky Sex Tape

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What Are The Best Cheap Dildos?What Are The Best Cheap Dildos?
If you're new to dildos and don't wish to spend a lot of money on your first purchase, or if you have a limited budget at your disposal.....
How To Use A Butt Plug and Why Are Butt Plugs So PopularHow To Use A Butt Plug and Why Are Butt Plugs So Popular
The anus is a very powerful erogenous zone for men and women alike. The anus is filled with sensitive nerve endings and butt plugs ar.....
Tenga vs Fleshlight - Which Is The Best?Tenga vs Fleshlight - Which Is The Best?
Mens sex toys come in many different guises, but lets be honest about this, they all do the same thing. Don't they? Well depending on w.....
The Full Dungeon - Some Tips For Building Your BDSM Play Room Part 4The Full Dungeon - Some Tips For Building Your BDSM Play Room Part 4
This is something of a rarity, especially nowadays, but it does still bear mentioning. If you're building your play room in your baseme.....
Amanda Seyfried Bares All As She Takes On New Role As Linda LovelaceAmanda Seyfried Bares All As She Takes On New Role As Linda Lovelace
Amanda Seyfried has always been very much the girl next door. She played a tantrum-throwing teenager alongside Lindsay Lohan in the 2.....
How You Can Be Abused Without Even Realising ItHow You Can Be Abused Without Even Realising It
The videos on the Is This Abuse website and the ones circulating on the TV are great for raising awareness and pointing out what is ab.....
When Office Flirtations Go Public: UK Couple Accidentally Emailed Sex Talk To Entire CompanyWhen Office Flirtations Go Public: UK Couple Accidentally Emailed Sex Talk To Entire Company
A UK couple have been left shamefaced as their office flirtations go public this week. Melanie Anderson, the receptionist at an oil ser.....
Cheeky Charlize Theron Tries Bondage In Kinky Sex TapeCheeky Charlize Theron Tries Bondage In Kinky Sex Tape
Charlize Theron may be the face of Dior and the 'sexiest woman alive' but she sure knows how to have fun. Funny Or Die have released ex.....
Porn Actress Asks For Sperm Donations And Gets 100 BottlesPorn Actress Asks For Sperm Donations And Gets 100 Bottles
Twitter is a popular social media network that boasts 100 million active social users. It's the preferred communication channel for soc.....
Are There any Men that Don't Like Porn? Part 1Are There any Men that Don't Like Porn? Part 1
As porn in relationships is a big issue in the news this month as boffins declare that is damaging and unhealthy, I thought I'd share a.....
What is the Difference between a Dildo and a Vibrator?What is the Difference between a Dildo and a Vibrator?
Vibrators and dildos have been around for a very long time and there is no sign of their popularity decreasing anytime soon. Studies .....
World Naked Bike Ride DayWorld Naked Bike Ride Day
Earlier this month, hundreds of naked cyclists took the streets of London in World Naked Bike Ride Day. They gathered together to celeb.....
How to Use Jiggle BallsHow to Use Jiggle Balls
Jiggle balls, which are also known as sex balls, Ben Wa balls, kegel balls, orgasm balls and love balls, have become increasingly popul.....
The Play Room You Can Hide - Some Tips For Building Your BDSM Play Room Part 2The Play Room You Can Hide - Some Tips For Building Your BDSM Play Room Part 2
The next option is for people who have a room that's not often used but isn't totally ignored. If you often have guests over, you may w.....
BDSM Basics: The Gimp SuitBDSM Basics: The Gimp Suit
Most of us are familiar with catsuits, accentuating the body's curves with tight latex or leather to create a wonderfully erotic effect.....
34B-Cup Brunette Named Nikki: The Average Porn Star34B-Cup Brunette Named Nikki: The Average Porn Star
You might think that the average porn star is a busty Pamela Anderson lookalike, but like so many others, you'd be wrong. Now, thanks t.....
Origami Condoms Let You Have Better SexOrigami Condoms Let You Have Better Sex
Origami condoms aren't quite what you'd imagine from their name. You don't construct them out of paper, and they don't come with a comp.....
Bondage and BDSM ChecklistBondage and BDSM Checklist
Download the BDSM Checklist Ever fancied entering the world of bondage, domination and BDSM but were afraid to because - well - wher.....
The Kardashian Cover Ups: More Sex Tapes?The Kardashian Cover Ups: More Sex Tapes?
The news and reality TV shows have been all a-blaze with the excitement of Kim Kardashian's pregnancy, with the resurgence of Kim Karda.....
Guide to Prostate Stimulation - the Male G-SpotGuide to Prostate Stimulation - the Male G-Spot
Homosexual and Bisexual men have known the secrets of Prostate Massage since time began and now as the subject of sex and sexual enjoym.....

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