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    Deep Linking

    You can link to individual products and categories using our deep linking system.

    Deep linking to product
    http://www.temptationsdirect.co.uk/shopaff.asp?affid=N&id=Y where N is your affiliate id and Y is the product catalogid.

    Deep linking to category
    http://www.temptationsdirect.co.uk/shopaff.asp?affid=N&directurl=Z where N is your affiliate id and Z is the url you wish to link to.

    Affiliate Banners

    To link to our site using one of the banners save it to your website and link using the link http://www.temptationsdirect.co.uk/shopaff.asp?affid=n where n is your affiliate id number (sent to you after registration.

    You can also deep link to a page of your choice using the link http://www.temptationsdirect.co.uk/shopaff.asp?affid=n&directurl=URL where n is your affiliate id number and URL is the deep link you want to send your visitors to.

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