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Our Adult Games make any party go with a bang! Alternatively, select one of our Adult Board Games for 2 players and enjoy lots of different sexual scenarios.

Temptations Direct features some of the biggest adult games manufacturers around such as Nookii and Monogamy. Choose from over 120 different games including kinky adult party games, drinking games and gambling games which are available as card, dice and board games. How many players are involved is your decision to make. Free UK delivery available on all purchases.

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Sex Around The House
Spice up your sex life without leaving your home. Players move their pieces through the house illustrated on the game board. Once in a room, the player chooses a card from the pile. Read the card aloud to your partner, and then lead them away into the REAL corresponding room in your house to fulifill the sexual activity. Experience as many rooms in your house as possible! Contents: 130 Room Cards (13 per Room) 2 Game Pieces, 1 Die, and 1 Game Board.
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Page 3 Idol Game
The page 3 idol game puts you in front of the cameras and behind the scenes to experience the glitz, the graft and the giggles.

Move round the board and get caught up in the whirl of the glamour lifestyle revealing secrets, learning the tricks of the trade and facing social dilemmas. Discover your glamour personality and perfect those all important poses to reveal the glamour kitten within.

Contains 6 playing counters, 24 gold stars, 1 dice, 7 card packs (beauty parlour, circle of shame, life style, star factor, dilemmas, mare or magic and pose glamour girl), play money, portfolio pad, board and page 3 idol winners sash.
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IOU - The Game of Hidden Pleasures
The Game of Hidden Pleasures. Once, twice, or as often as you like, you and your lover each exchange a hidden I.O.U. Share your erotic suprise with one another and follow the instructions to fulfill the I.O.U. With I.O.U You'll learn new bedroom tricks, and variations on the old ones.
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Fetish I.O.U
A devilantly pleasurable game for lovers. Need some punishment? When was the last time you had a proper spanking? Do you like the feel of PVC and Leather? Do you miss being tied up? With Fetish I.O.U all of your hidden fetish pleasures will be fulfilled.
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The Bedroom Game
Explore your hidden desires and fantasies using each of the six Bedroom Categories. Choose from 90 unique activity cards ranging from foreplay to sexual positions. The category cards are comprised of 6 categories: Sex and Positions, Bondage and Fetish, Edibles and Body Toppings, Teasing, Tickling and Seduction, Role-Play and Fantasy and Foreplay and Romance. Which sexual activity will you be best at?
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Foreplay Connect
Foreplay Connect is played on a board with 7 columns and 6 rows. the players have 21 chips each, distinguished by colour, pink for her and blue for him. Each coloured chip has a foreplay activity printed on it. Blue chips represent activities that she would perform on him and pink chips represent activities that he would perform on her. The way to win is arrange four chips in a row in a verticle, horizontal or diagonal line. The players take it in turn dropping chips with the activity of their choice in one of the empty spaces. A player wins by placing four of their own chips consecutively in aline making a Foreplay Connection. The four chips that form a Foreplay Connection must be acted out by the losing player ( on the winning player).
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Advanced Sex Techniques
Become expertly skilled in the bedroom with this easy manual, designed like a sex tips advent calendar! Open the windows to reveal tonights steamy adventure. Advanced Sex Techniques includes a spinner, five game cards containing 10 techniques per card and easy-to-follow game rules.
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Fantasies Role Playing Game For Lovers
1000s of role playing scenarios for you and your lover.

Are you clueless about what you want to do with your lover tonight?

Fantasies is the answer. Become characters, select positions, props and a room to enjoy them in. It is time to indulge in role play! Flip over your character cards and use the sayings on the back to act out your fantasy. No two fantasies are alike, so there are 1000s of possibilites.
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I.O.U Hot Sex Card Game
The Game of Hidden Sexual Pleasure.

Once, twice, or as often as you like, you and your lover each exchange a hidden sexual I.O.U. Indulge yourselves with naughty desire, open pull the tab on the sexual I.O.U coupons and follow the instructions inside.
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Secret Romance - 100 Ways To Say I Love You
100 Ways to Say I Love You

Sweet, sexy, fun, loving and most of all-romantic. Show your lover how much you love them without saying a word! As often as you like, you and your lover can take turns by exchanging Secret Romance cards. These are secret so don't show your lover-just follow the instruction on the card.
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Bound By Love Bondage Kit and Card Game
To Love, Honor and Obey!

A playful bondage fantasy adventure. Are you dominant? Submissive? Perhaps a little of both? Blindfolded, tickled, whipped, paddled, tied-up or spanked. Bound by Love will give you the opportunity to act out all of your kinky fantasies and forbidden desires.
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Sexual Roleplay Adult Couples Game
The Game of Fetish and Fantasy!

Embrace your adventurous and playful side as you assume out of the ordinary personas and experiment with a wide range of mischievous sexual activities and scenarios. Sexually speaking, pretending to be something you are not can be extremely pleasurable and exciting for both you and your lover.

So get into character and act out some of your secret fantasies! Use imagination and improvisation to make your characters come to life. Remember to set the scene before game play by having useful props nearby such as your favorite sex toys, handcuffs, lubricants, and role-playing costumes.
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Don't neglect your favourite pet. Kitty-Play works better than catnip in bringing out the animal in you. Take turns rolling the dice and foreplay your way to kitty heaven! Guaranteed to make you and your kitty purr with ecsatsy!
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Big or small, soft or firm, real or fake, they all need attention! Take turns rolling the dice and foreplay your way to booby bliss. Choose to suck, tease, lick, squeeze your choice, his choice, both breasts, all over, around the breasts or the nipples. This one and only booby dice game has a multitude of possibilities which could lead to some interesting foreplay games!
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Mystery Sex Heart
Guarnateed to make your Heart Throb.....Every bed side table should have one! Romance, Sex, Passion and Fun! Everything you need in a game. You and your lover take turns shaking the Mystery Sex Heart and take advantage of the 20 activities. Activities include: Tongue Bath, Massage Breast, Give Oral, Lick Nipples, Kiss Lips, Their Choice, Spank Me, French Kiss, Massage, Strip Tease, Woman On Top, Self-Pleasure, Rear Entry, 69, Your Choice, Booby sex, Use Toy, Fondle, Role Play, and Recieve Oral.
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Booby Dares
Men spin the spinners and the hen or birthday girl is the winer.The Booby Dares spinners attach snugly to the party girls nipples and she profers them to any men that may take her fancy. The man then takes fortune quite literally in his hands as he spins to decide his fate.With 10 potential fates including Cop a Fell, Buy Me A Shot or Show Me Yours, its sure to get everyone in a spin.
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Partiers Guide to 51 Drinking Games by Brian L. Pellham
A complete guide to all the classics: Three-man, Asshole, Mexicali, Thumper, etc. This book als includes many original games, including Preposterous Proposals!A must have for all your wild parties.
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Outrageous Party Games Book by Brian L. Pellham
Are you throwing a party that you want to make memorable and fun? Do you need to add a little spice to a party that is quickly heading to Dullsville? Well this book was developed just for you. These games encourage you to strip, lie, scheme and outwit your competitors. Games include Liar Liar, TV Madness, Black Magic, Bonk and many more.
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Texas Hold Em In A Tin
Vegas night themed 'Texas Hold 'Em' set. Supplied with: 200 chips and a chip rack, 2 decks of Vegas Night cards, poker felt, dealer button, big blind button and small blind button. All you need for the ultimate gambling night!
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Naughty Potty Word Finds
12 activities to liven up long potty breaks! Each page lists a potty time activity for keeping yourself entertained when things are not going so hot on the pot. Don't forget to wipe! Use the pen on the side of the book to do the activities. Use the pad on the cap to wipe off the ink when you're done.
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