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Texas Hold Em In A Tin
Vegas night themed 'Texas Hold 'Em' set. Supplied with: 200 chips and a chip rack, 2 decks of Vegas Night cards, poker felt, dealer button, big blind button and small blind button. All you need for the ultimate gambling night!
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Naughty Potty Word Finds
12 activities to liven up long potty breaks! Each page lists a potty time activity for keeping yourself entertained when things are not going so hot on the pot. Don't forget to wipe! Use the pen on the side of the book to do the activities. Use the pad on the cap to wipe off the ink when you're done.
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Because maths is more fun after youve had a few! Form a SudoDRINKu puzzle with the numbers 1-9, then flip over tiles two at a time. Follow the drinking rule that is revealed. You may perform a gesture for other players to imitate, assign two drinks to the other player of your choice, makeup your own rules and much more. Whoever does not make the winning play finishes their drink. SudoDRINKu include a standard Sudoku game board, 81 double-sided number/drink tiles and game rules for Sudoku and SudoDRINKu.
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Drinking Games from Around the World
It's a long way to tippleary. Drink your way Around the World in 80 days (or less!) with this great collection of 31 of the most popular drinking games from across the globe. Example drinking games include Relay Race in The Netherlands, Frisbee in Australia, Hockey in Canada, Fuzzy Duck in South Africa, Numbers in China and Hong Kong. The game includes 31 game rule cards, two dice, a deck of poker cards, a spinner, a plastic game chip and a dreidel, all attractively packaged in a durable game tin!
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How Well Do You Know The Bride
The hillarious party trivia game that will have everyone laughing out loud as they test their knowledge about the bride. The perfect game for both bachelorette and bridal showers! For 2 to 12 (or more) players: if more than 12 split into teams and use one scorecard. Answer questions from the six catergories and from questions like: Where was she born? Whats her favourite sports team? Has she ever been tied-up or blindfolded?
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Bullshit Drinking Game
The fast paced drinking game where players lay down sets of cards in numerical order while also calling out one of the four types of shit suit on their cards. When you do not have the cards you need, you bluff by playing other cards. If someone calls Bullshit on your bluff or if you call Bullshit on someone who wasn't bluffing, you drink.
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Husband Voodoo Doll
Keep him attentive after the honeymoon is over! Whenever you feel your new husband is taking you for granted, use one of the pins to put him back in line. Stick the pin into the activity that you want your husband to do and instantly he will return back into the same caring man who convinced you to marry him in the first place.
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Bachelorette Party Bar Challenge
Bachelorette Party Bar Challenge game is designed for a bachelorette party that is going to be at a bar. The bachelorette will have to perform several dares and probably be humiliated before the night is over. It is perfect for going to the inchmeat market inch type of bar with lots of dudes. The point of the game is to make the bachelorette do silly challenges to earn five special cards. Once she earns the cards, she can make the other members of the party drink shots. It is a fun game, especially if you are going to the bar to socialize.
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