Dildos are one of the classic sex toys around and Our dildo shop has plenty to choose from. Coming in many different sizes, they can look and feel like the real thing, and some even come with the balls attached to make your pleasurable experience more realistic.

If you prefer to buy dildos which don't represent the male manhood too closely, we have loads of those dildos for sale as well in a range of colours and styles such as silicone and glass.

For beginners we sell the jelly dildos which would be the perfect starting point. For the more experienced we have larger sizes for those that want extra length and girth.

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Pipedream Icicles No 10 Ribbed Glass Dildo
This 6.75 inch long glass dildo can be used either way round therefore generating twice the pleasure. One end is ribbed with a tapered tip while the other end is covered in pleasure nubs. Made of toughened glass, this smooth hand-blown dildo is designed to last a lifetime. It is fully waterproof and hypoallergenic, and can also be warmed up or cooled down to add to your sexual excitement! Comes boxed. Available in Clear as shown.
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50.00 39.99
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Pipedream Icicles No 24 Seahorse Glass Dildo
Shaped and textured like a seahorse, this unique 6 inch Glass Dildo has pleasure nodules on one side and ridges on the other for incredible levels of vaginal or anal stimulation. Its curved end means that it can be easily held onto to prevent it from going too far in the heat of passion. The toughed hand-crafted glass means that it is intended to last a lifetime and can be heated up or cooled down using running water, a microwave or a freezer. It is hypoallergenic and non-porous making it easy to keep clean. This dildo can also be cleaned in the dishwasher!
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90.00 56.99
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Pipedream Icicles No 16 Vibrating Glass Rabbit
The first ever vibrating glass rabbit has arrived! The 8.75 inch long hand crafted Icicles No 16 rabbit sex toy has an incredible 10 levels of pulsation, has a cleverly curved end for g-spot stimulation and rabbit ears for clitoral arousal. Use the 1.5 inch long mini bullet either with or without the Glass Rabbit for guaranteed pleasure. The toughened glass means that it is completely safe to use, is designed to last a lifetime and can even be warmed up under water or in the microwave or cooled down in the freezer or with water to create even more sexual sensations. It is also hypoallergenic, non-porous and dishwasher safe.
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80.00 59.99
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Pipedream Icicles No 21 G-Spot Glass Dildo
Designed to target the male or female g-spot with consummate ease because of its angled shaft and tip, the hand crafted 8.5 inch long No 21 G-Spot Glass Dildo also has raised floral details on the outside of the shaft in order to further increase internal sexual feelings. For more stimulation, you can heat up or cool down this dildo (under hot or cold running water, in the microwave or the freezer). Intended to last a lifetime, this toughened glass dildo is hypoallergenic and easy to keep clean. You can even wash it in the dishwasher!
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80.00 49.99
Pipedream Icicles No 06 Pleasure Glass Dildo
The Icicles No 06 Pleasure Glass Dildo is 8.5 inches tall, has a realistic shaped penis head, a bulbous bottom, ridging on the bottom half of the shaft and nodules on the top half. With all these added lumps and bumps this hand crafted dildo is a guaranteed pleasure provider! It is completely skin safe, designed to last a lifetime and can be chilled or warmed up (under running water, in the freezer or the microwave). Due to the fact that it is non-porous, it's easy to keep clean and can even be placed into the dishwasher.
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Pipedream Icicles No 22 Smooth Glass Dildo
Standing at 8.75 inches in length, the No 22 Smooth Glass Dildo has a straight shaft with a bulbous piece at the bottom and a rounded tip. Inside the hand-crafted clear glass stem there is an accent of red and blue glass. This dildo is perfect for anal or vaginal thrusting and is completely safe to use. It will not shatter and is designed to last a lifetime. For additional sensations, warm up in water or in the microwave or cool down in the freezer or under water. This non-porous dildo is also completely dishwasher safe.
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95.00 39.99

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