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Male sex toys come in many shapes and sizes. Whether it's to increase your pleasure on your own or with a partner, you'll find a toy to satisfy you in our range of sex toys for men .

Our range of male sex toys also include blow up sex dolls with up to three succulent love holes for you to shoot your load into, the standard male masturbator sleeves which are non powered and rely on you providing all the action, and the old favourite penis pumps which normally consist of a plastic tube and a hand pump.

One of our most popular kinds of male masturbators are Fleshlights which have a realistic skin feeling offer the real feel of stars such as Jenna Haze and Tera Patrick.

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Zolo Cup Deep Throat Male Masturbator
Zolo cups are the perfect partner when you want simulated sex that feels just like the real thing. The Zolo Cup puts you in the driver's seat, giving you all the control you need for life-like loving.

With Zolo Cup you control the sensation, the speed and the intensity of your orgasm. Our range of cups each have their own unique way of sending you into sensory overdrive.

The Deep Throat Cup promises you the best simulated oral sex you'll ever have.
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VerSpanken Waterweiners Wavy
Vary the insides of your VerSpanken masturbator with these wavy inserts. The wavy texture adds a different dimension to masturbating. These inserts can also be cooled down in the fridge or heated up in the microwave for additional penis thrills. Simply add them to your VerSpanken and adjust the pressure gauge according to your preferred level of tightness. NB. The VerSpanken is sold separately.
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VerSpanken Waterweiners Smooth
Change the insides of your VerSpanken with these smooth inserts that can be warmed up in the microwave or chilled in the fridge to provide your penis with more thrills and spills. Place these smooth inserts into your VerSpanken and adjust the pressure accordingly for a sensational masturbation experience. NB. The VerSpanken is sold separately.
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Shirleys Seductive Vagina
Shirley's Seductive Vagina is an incredible fake vagina toy for men.

The soft jelly latex offers a real feel sensation which enhances and maximises your pleasure. This fake vagina toy is a must for the discerning connoisseur of the male sex toy.
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Tenga Air Cushion
Amazing sensations made possible by the unique air-cushion mechanism.

The worlds first masturbation sleeve to adopt an air-cushion mechanism without relying on the elasticity of sponge or urethane materials.

This ultimate, never-before-experienced clinging sensation has been achieved by allowing free transfer of air pressure between the 34 air cushion chambers.

Designed for single use, but re-use may be possible with condoms.
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Tenga Soft Tube
Tighten yours to suit.

With the new Soft Tube, you can have complete control over tightening sensations, as well as rubbing and stroking. Controlled by how tightly you grip the sleeve, you can achieve the feeling that perfectly suits you.

Designed for single use, but re-use may be possible with condoms.
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14.99 11.95
Tenga Ultra Deep Throat
Enlarged size, upgraded insert. Greater feeling.

The much demanded larger Tenga Deep Throat is now unveiled. The new super smooth pad insert creates a soft, wet feeling - insert slowly and you will feel like you're in heaven.

The enlarged size brings you the strongest sucking sensation ever!

Designed for single use, but re-use may be possible with condoms.
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Deep Curve Stroker - Tight Pussy
The soft, stretchy and ergonomically curved Deep Stroker is a 7.5 inch long single ended male masturbator which has an opening shaped like a tight vagina. Contained within the masturbator is a distinctive ribbed inner tube with differently shaped pleasure chambers which ensure that the end of your shaft to the very tip of your penis head are catered for. Deep stroking ecstasy is guaranteed!
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23.99 14.95
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Helpful Information

Why Choose Male Sex Toys?
Many people believe that adult toys are made just for women. However, this is simply not the case. Whatever the size of your budget, our sex toys for men can make a real difference to your masturbation experience. Choose from masturbators with or without vibrations, those that resemble realistic vaginas and those that have pleasure nubs inside for increased stimulation.

Popular brands include Tenga and Fleshlight. Tenga specialise in nubbed sleeves and tubes while Fleshlight replicate male or female erogenous zones and are made from real feel materials for an experience that closely resembles vaginal or anal penetration.

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