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Male sex toys come in many shapes and sizes. Whether it's to increase your pleasure on your own or with a partner, you'll find a toy to satisfy you in our range of sex toys for men .

Our range of male sex toys also include blow up sex dolls with up to three succulent love holes for you to shoot your load into, the standard male masturbator sleeves which are non powered and rely on you providing all the action, and the old favourite penis pumps which normally consist of a plastic tube and a hand pump.

One of our most popular kinds of male masturbators are Fleshlights which have a realistic skin feeling offer the real feel of stars such as Jenna Haze and Tera Patrick.

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Lust Buster Vacuum Sex Pump
This vacuum sex pump is all you need to feel the sensation of having a really large penis whilst exercising your penis muscle at the same time. Features of the Lust Buster Vacuum Sex Pump include a 7.5 inch suction tube, a pump release valve, futuristic rubber donut that holds the tightest vacuum, a multi-speed control handle, a vibrating bullet and a rubber holster.
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25.00 19.99
The Linx Miss Laura Vibrating Masturbator
The Linx Miss Laura clone is one of the all time classic men's sex toys. The Clone is a lifelike variable speed vibrating vagina. It looks real and boy does it feel real. There is no doubt that you will enjoy this true to life sensation.
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29.99 19.99
Our customer rating is 5 stars
Pipedream Super Cyber Snatch Pump
Do you want a bigger, harder and longer lasting erection? This pump combines a 6.5 inch long jelly masturbation sleeve with a pleasure pump for amazing results. Watch your love muscle swell with every squeeze of the pump ball. The stretchy sleeve is soft and warm like a real woman and also features internal pleasure beads for additional stimulation. You can also use the sleeve as a stand-alone masturbator. Free sample lube and toy cleaner are also included. Available in Pink as shown. NB. The pump ball also comes with a pressure release valve to prevent over pumping.
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Fleshlight Sex in a Can Lady Lager
This is a male masturbator with a difference! Instead of looking like standard tubes, this one is designed to look like your favourite tipple in a can but instead of being regular lager it's Lady Lager! Made of realistic Superskin material, this masturbator has welcoming vaginal lips and has a mini lotus inner texture that is not found on any other Fleshlight product and one that is so seductively tight that it will have you cumming back for more!
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49.99 19.99
Our customer rating is 5 stars
Air Control Penis Pump
Designed to work with any length and width penis, the 7.5 inch Air Control Penis Pump now has a removable T-bar finger pump and easy flow air tube to make this one of the best penis sex pumps around. The hard transparent red tube has a raised measuring system and means you can see what is going on in there. To top it all off, like all of the best penis pumps it has a soft latex sleeve and a pressure release valve for total control and confidence.
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37.50 19.99
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Fun Factory Duke Prostate Stimulator
The Duke Prostate Stimulator is an 8 inch long smooth anal pleasure probe that is king when it comes to delivering unbridled anal stimulation. Thanks to its ergonomic shape, it adapts optimally to the male anatomy and stimulates both the P-spot (prostate) and the perineum intensely with its powerful vibrations. The upper bulge gives the feeling that this anal sex toy is fully inserted whilst its click 'n' charge capability ensures hours of endless anal pleasure. Made of soft silicone, the Duke is easy to keep clean and hypoallergenic. Available in Blue or Black. Don't forget to add the Click and Charge Magnetic Plug if needed.
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49.99 19.99
Monkey Spanker Cheeky Monkey Masturbator
Monkey Spanker Cheeky Monkey is a male masturbator for spanking the monkey.

Based on an innovative diaphragm design, Monkey Spanker forms a vibrating tube as it wraps around your dick. The super soft stretchy pad is made from a highly specialised medical grade material and has been designed to feel just like a woman's soft loveliness. Monkey Spanker feels really really good - better than both hand and blow jobs and produces intense and extremely satisfying orgasms.

Please note that this male masturbator should be used with a lubricant.
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24.99 19.99
Our customer rating is 5 stars
Redline PSI Penis Pump
A penis pump for man-size penis building power! This pump comes with an airtight soft stretchy rubber cock ring on the end, a pressure release valve to prevent over pumping and a built in pressure gauge. The 8 inch long, 2.25 inch wide pump chamber has a measurement gauge on the side to show how big you're getting when the high capacity hand pump is activated creating incredible levels of suction for maximum enlargement.
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Helpful Information

Why Choose Male Sex Toys?
Many people believe that adult toys are made just for women. However, this is simply not the case. Whatever the size of your budget, our sex toys for men can make a real difference to your masturbation experience. Choose from masturbators with or without vibrations, those that resemble realistic vaginas and those that have pleasure nubs inside for increased stimulation.

Popular brands include Tenga and Fleshlight. Tenga specialise in nubbed sleeves and tubes while Fleshlight replicate male or female erogenous zones and are made from real feel materials for an experience that closely resembles vaginal or anal penetration.

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