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Fleshjack Vibro Pink Bottom Touch
The Fleshlight Vibro is the next generation of the best selling male sex toy in the world! Join the revolution and experience this amazing toy.

Inside the tight butt orifice is the exclusive Touch insert made from realistic skin-like material designed to transfer the vibrations to each of the concentric fingers along the length of the shaft.

You get 3 Fleshjack vibrating bullets inside so you can choose how intense you want your vibration. It also comes with a 10-Pack of extra batteries so you won't get caught short and a sample lube pillow-pack.
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Fleshjack Pink Jack Ass Vortex
This cute butt masturbator comes in casing that looks like a torch for when being discreet is a must!

The butt inside is made from super soft realistic material which will feel gratifying. When you penetrate you will feel the stimulation benefits of the amazing Vortex sleeve.

The four spiralled chambers of the Vortex will give you immense pleasure as you experience suction, texture, and an unforgettable squeeze as you pass through each pleasure chamber. Perfect pleasure when you need it most!
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Fleshlight Vagina Stamina Training Unit
Train yourself to be a legend in the sack with the Fleshlight Vagina Stamina Training Unit.

Once you penetrate the soft realistic feel lips and experience the large bulbous pleasure nubs and tight canal you will want to shoot your load.

The secret of this toy though is to stop yourself and train yourself to last longer. With regular use and a stop, start technique you will find you can last longer during sex. If you last 10 minutes with the Stamina Training Unit, you should be able to double that in bed with anyone! It comes in a gold torch like casing for secret sessions!
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Fleshlight Pink Vagina Vortex
This is a vaginal masturbator with a difference!

This Fleshlight Vagina feels just like real flesh and you can even warm it with water for super realistic sensations.

Once you penetrate the luscious lips you will feel the immense stimulation from the Vortex sleeve. With a variance in canal diameter and four spiralled chambers, the Vortex will bring you to dizzying heights of pleasure and give you a combination of suction, texture, and an unforgettable squeeze as you pass through each pleasure chamber.

Once used you can take the insert out for easy cleaning. Once cleaned and dried, replace into the torch-like casing so no one knows your secret!
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Fleshlight Pink Vagina Original
The Original Pink Lady Fleshlight is the most popular Fleshlight and has introduced more men to the pleasures of this popular range than any other insert.

Fleshlights are male masturbators that look like torches. Open them up though and they contain a secret. Inserts that look like naughty orifices and feel just like them.

When you penetrate the vagina inside, be prepared to take sexual gratification to new and exciting levels. This smooth textured insert is a realistic recreation of a young woman's vagina and you can even warm it under water for extra realism.

When you're finished, clean the insert, hide it back inside the outer casing and nobody will ever know.
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Fleshlight Classic Jack Ass
The Jack Ass is part of the new range of gay Fleshlights. This torch hides a secret. Unscrew the lid and you will find a male masturbator with an opening shaped like a bottom that is made from supple, malleable, non-vibrating Real Feel Superskin that is designed to replicate the feeling of penetrative sex. It has an original smooth inner canal texture and is the perfect choice for first-time buyers. Run the sleeve under warm water for body-like sensations as incredible as the real thing! Remove the inner sleeve to wash before re-use.
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Air Control Penis Pump
Designed to work with any length and width penis, the 7.5 inch Air Control Penis Pump now has a removable T-bar finger pump and easy flow air tube to make this one of the best penis sex pumps around. The hard transparent red tube has a raised measuring system and means you can see what is going on in there. To top it all off, like all of the best penis pumps it has a soft latex sleeve and a pressure release valve for total control and confidence.
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MTX1 Robotic Mouth Masturbator
The MTX Robotic Mouth Masturbator may look a little scary but it is the definitely one of the best toys on the market. Designed to feel like you're getting a blowjob it does exactly that! After lubing up the inviting mouth swallows the penis into the tube and gives incredible sensations. This male masturbator is suitable for all size cocks.
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Fun Factory Duke Prostate Stimulator
The Duke Prostate Stimulator is an 8 inch long smooth anal pleasure probe that is king when it comes to delivering unbridled anal stimulation. Thanks to its ergonomic shape, it adapts optimally to the male anatomy and stimulates both the P-spot (prostate) and the perineum intensely with its powerful vibrations. The upper bulge gives the feeling that this anal sex toy is fully inserted whilst its click 'n' charge capability ensures hours of endless anal pleasure. Made of soft silicone, the Duke is easy to keep clean and hypoallergenic. Available in Blue or Black. Don't forget to add the Click and Charge Magnetic Plug if needed.
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Deep Curve Stroker - Tight Pussy
The soft, stretchy and ergonomically curved Deep Stroker is a 7.5 inch long single ended male masturbator which has an opening shaped like a tight vagina. Contained within the masturbator is a distinctive ribbed inner tube with differently shaped pleasure chambers which ensure that the end of your shaft to the very tip of your penis head are catered for. Deep stroking ecstasy is guaranteed!
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Monkey Spanker Vibro
Monkey Spanker Vibrator is a brand new male masturbator for spanking the monkey.

Based on an innovative diaphragm design, Monkey Spanker forms a vibrating tube as it wraps around your dick. The super soft stretchy pad is made from a highly specialised medical grade material and has been designed to feel just like a woman's soft loveliness. Monkey Spankers feels really really good better than both hand and blow jobs and produces intense and extremely satisfying orgasms.

Please note that this male masturbator should be used with a lubricant.
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Pipedream Fuck Me Silly Mega Masturbator
When they say Fuck Me Silly they mean it! This mega masturbator is the most realistic looking and feeling piece of ass and pussy (apart from the real thing) that you have ever fucked! Weighing in at over 20lbs, the tight flesh-like pussy and ass channels will want to make you ejaculate like no other masturbator. You can even prize apart the cheeks of the ass and give it a good slap while you're having the time of your life! You'll be hard pressed to find anything more lifelike. Also included are sample size bottles of moist lubricant and toy cleaner.
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Redline PSI Penis Pump
A penis pump for man-size penis building power! This pump comes with an airtight soft stretchy rubber cock ring on the end, a pressure release valve to prevent over pumping and a built in pressure gauge. The 8 inch long, 2.25 inch wide pump chamber has a measurement gauge on the side to show how big you're getting when the high capacity hand pump is activated creating incredible levels of suction for maximum enlargement.
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Fleshlight Girls Lisa Ann Lotus Vagina
This Fleshlight Girl is cast from an exact replica of adult star Lisa Ann's vagina. This, combined with the Superskin sleeve, gives this masturbator an incredibly lifelike appearance and feel. The inner Lotus texture means that on entry you will experience tightness which is followed by a series of ribbed chambers for a deeply satisfying masturbation experience that you will savour time after time. The torch style case is pearlescent. The outer box contains all of Lisa Ann's vital statistics. Free sample lubricant sachet included.
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Fleshjack Vibro Pink Bottom Touch
This Fleshjack provides you with a more intense sensation than ever before. The next generation in male sex toys, this male masturbator is waterproof, easy to use and clean, and comes with over 13 hours of vibration at the touch of a button. Insert one of the 3 bullets provided into the canal and enter through the bottom orifice. The Touch Texture inside the shaft is designed specifically to transfer the vibrations to each of the concentric fingers along its length. Choose a sensation level to suit you anywhere from gentle to intense. Also included is a replacement battery pack, a metal carry case and a trial size lube.
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Sultry Vibro Pussy
If you want a male masturbator that looks and feels like a real vagina this is the one for you. This exquisitely sculpted variable speed vagina is delicately detailed and hand painted to accentuate each luscious fold. The powerful removable power pack is strategically positioned for ideal placement. Comfortable enough to be used by all men, the nodule love tunnel enhances the strength and longevity of your hard on.
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Giant Pussy
The Giant Pussy is a male vibrator at the top of its game. Its soft, fleshy feel is just the beginning! The life like textured insides vibrates while the multi speed rotation motor simultaneously massages your cock like a hot, horny woman in total ecstasy.

With the inbuilt rotation motor to massage your penis to an incredible explosion this male vibrator is fantastic. Dont forget that batteries are supplied free of charge.
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Vacuum Developer Erection Aid
Designed to provide the maximum in stimulation, pleasure and enlargement for your penis, the 8 inch Vacuum Developer Erection Aid comes with a latex ring for a comfortable fit, see-through plastic tube, a pneumatic bulb which produces a vacuum and quick air release control. Recommended for use with all size cocks, this is a penis sex pump that makes your manhood big, strong and hard!
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Power Piston
There are plenty of sex toys for men only but the 8 inch long Power Piston leaves most of them standing. The power piston is the total power tool. A combination and vibrating stimulator makes this your ultimate masturbation and erection maker.

Just slip you penis into the vagina opening and use as a masturbator, sliding on and off. Work the hand pump to create a powerful suction. Let the Power Piston maintain an erection thats sure to please, then twist the pressure valve to release the vacuum. Crank up the vibrator and feel the powerful and pleasurable sensations this sex toy for men only delivers.
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