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Cock Rings and Ball Rings have long been a favourite of men everywhere. Cock rings can either be worn on the cock itself or behind the balls. One of our most popular types are men's metal cock rings. These cock rings are solid and unlike their rubber and silicone counterparts have no give in them. The restrictive nature of the metal cock ring means they are the perfect cock and ball rings for torture or restraint. Other, more flexible cock rings and ball rings such as those made from silicone or rubber are used to enhance and prolong an erection. These sex cock rings obviously have the direct benefit of making sex last longer and therefore hopefully more enjoyable for both partners. Wearing a cock ring behind the balls has the effect of pushing them up and making them more pronounced. Browse the items below for a complete listing of all cock rings and cock and ball rings for torture, restraint or sex that we stock.

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Screaming O O Wow Reusable Vibrating Cock Ring Bullet
The O Wow Reusable Vibrating Cockring Bullet from Screaming O has been designed to provide the user(s) with maximum stimulation by utilizing its enhanced super-powered motor. Place the stretchy cock ring at the base of the penis with the bullet at the top, and press the button to turn it on. The batteries last for 60+ minutes, and can be replaced with common watch batteries.
  • Incredible Super-Powered Motor
  • Strong Soft Gel Erection Band
  • Replaceable Batteries
  • Extended Ticklers
  • Waterproof
  • Wireless
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Rimba Penis Tube - Ballstrap and Buckle
Coming in lengths of 5inches, 6inches and 7inches (small, medium and large) so that it is suitable for most cock sizes, experience some serious cock restriction in this Leather Penis Tube that contains three cock rings. With an adjustable fastening that buckles behinds the balls at a tension at which you feel comfortable with.
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Rimba Metal Six Gates of Hell
For an even greater feeling of restriction than from the Rubber Gates of Hell products, this metal counterpart contains six metal cock rings (4x4cm and 2x3.5cm in diameter) for penile wear and one measuring 5cm for behind the balls which are attached to a leather strap. Lock up your cock and balls like never before. If your manhood becomes erect during wear the experience will be Hellish!
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Rimba Metal Five Gates of Hell
An incredibly effective chastity device, the Metal Five Gates of Hell contains six men's metal cock rings. Place the largest one (5cm in diameter) behind the balls, and place the other five cock rings (4x4cm and 1x3.5cm in diameter) onto the penis for inhibited movement. Get aroused in this device and suffer the painful consequences.
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Rimba Rubber Four Gates of Hell
Enter the Gates of Hell at your peril. Acting as a chastity device, use the four rubber cock rings (measuring 4cm in diameter) to restrict penile movement while the largest ring (5cm in diameter) is placed behind the balls. If an erection is achieved whilst wearing this restrictive device, the wearer will experience significant discomfort.
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Rimba Metal Four Gates of Hell
With even less room for arousal than its rubber equivalent, the Metal Four Gates of Hell is designed to prevent a hard on from being achieved. The cock ring worn behind the balls has an inner diameter of 5cm compared with the penile cock rings 4cm diameter.
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Rimba Cock and Ball Strap Changeable
Imprison your manhood and balls in this changeable Cock and Ball Strap. The rigid metal cock rings measuring 3.5cm and 5cm in diameter can be detached from the stud closure leather straps. Detach and use the smaller one as a cock ring by itself to maintain a fuller firmer erection with pleasure along with the feeling of some restrictive pain.
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Rimba Penis-ball Tube with Press Studs
For more confinement of movement insert your cock into the tube and place your balls through the hole in the back then clamp the press stud closure together. Measuring 3cm at the bottom and 5cm at the top, prepare to restrict the circulation to your penile region.
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Rimba Penis And Ball Straps With Press Studs
Attach the 5cm diameter leather ball strap behind the balls and the 3cm cock strap along the penis for some serious movement control. Pleasure/pain may be experienced when pushing the press studs together.
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Rimba Penis Tube Long - With Nails and Ball Laces
Strictly speaking, this is not a true internally spiked cock ring however you will find that it is better. Traditionally an internally spiked cock ring is a solid metal ring that only covers part of the penis. However this 3.5inch long, 4cm diameter variation covers a larger part of the cock, so spreading out the pain/pleasure up the shaft of the penis. If you are looking for an internally spiked cock ring then this fits the bill perfectly. With a lace tie up for behind the balls.
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Rimba Double Leather Penis and Ball Straps
Tantalize your partner by displaying your cock and balls in this stud fastening Double Leather Penis and Ball Straps. Both the leather penis and ball straps have two different press stud closures so you can experience two different levels of cock and ball tightness.
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Rimba Double Leather Penis Tube with Studs
Insert you cock into the 3.5cm diameter cut out and press the studded fastening together behind the balls. This distinctive metal studded Leather Penis Tube has two different behind the balls size fastenings - 5cm or 5.5cm diameter.
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Rimba Adjustable Penis Ring
Suitable for the majority of penis girths, maintain a firmer, fuller erection for longer with this adjustable leather cock ring. Adjust the cock strap to either 4.5cm, 5cm or 5.5cm diameters.
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Rimba Solid Steel Ball Stretcher
Made of solid steel, this ball stretcher is guaranteed to please by providing the testes with a variety of sensations. Available in a choice of either 45mm or 50mm diameters. The length measures 50mm in both sizes.
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