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Cock Rings and Ball Rings have long been a favourite of men everywhere. Cock rings can either be worn on the cock itself or behind the balls. One of our most popular types are men's metal cock rings. These cock rings are solid and unlike their rubber and silicone counterparts have no give in them. The restrictive nature of the metal cock ring means they are the perfect cock and ball rings for torture or restraint. Other, more flexible cock rings and ball rings such as those made from silicone or rubber are used to enhance and prolong an erection. These sex cock rings obviously have the direct benefit of making sex last longer and therefore hopefully more enjoyable for both partners. Wearing a cock ring behind the balls has the effect of pushing them up and making them more pronounced. Browse the items below for a complete listing of all cock rings and cock and ball rings for torture, restraint or sex that we stock.

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Chastity Tube With Cock Ring
Anatomically shaped penis tube made of high polished premium steel. Cockring adjustable in 4/5 levels for perfect fit (3-5cm). Small opening to urinate through. Security Lock and three keys included. Length 12cm, inner diamter 3.5cm.
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Sextreme Testicles Weights
Designed for men who like extreme pain and/or testicle/penis stretching, the Testicle Weights allow a testicle/penis stretching of between 0.2 and 12.8cm. That's a maximum of 5 inches! The smooth metal testicle/cock rings have 3 spacer rods and an Allen key. Choose to wear the rings separately or combine them using a spacer rod. Each testicle/cock ring weighs 250g, is 1cm deep with an inner diameter of 3.3cm and an outer diameter of 6.9cm. The length of the spacer rods are 2.8, 5.8 and 10.8cm.
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Oxballs Diesel Cockring and Anal Lock
Keep your cock locked and loaded with the killer Diesel Cock Ring and Anal Lock. The feeling of the warm soft silicone 2 inch diameter cockring which goes around the base of your scrotum plus the silicone plug up your ass is a sensory overload. This cock ring and anal lock will not stain or decay and can be used with any type of lube. Best of all, it feels like warm flesh against your skin. It is even dishwasher safe! The 2.75 inch diameter anal lock will give your butt a plugging that you will not forget!
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Rimba 750g Ball Weight
Definitely not one for the feint hearted out there, this 750g bondage weight will bring satisfaction, pleasure and considerable pain to your balls!
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Rimba Solid Steel Spiked Ball Stretcher 285g
A unique kind of ballstretcher: this differs from the usual designs as it comes with 6 detachable spikes that screw in for different levels of tightness and satisfaction! Screw this bondage device on and adjust the levels of tautness with the allen key provided.
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Rimba Harness and Cock Ring
Get strapped into this Leather Harness with metal studded detailing and insert your cock and balls through the 5cm in inner diameter cock ring. Are you prepared to allow your lover take charge?
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