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ID Velvet Lubricant 200ml
ID Velvet can be used either for massage or as a personal lubricant. Never sticky or tacky, this silicone based lubricant has a velvety smooth, fragrance free formula that will not dry out making it perfect for intimate pleasures. Latex and rubber compatible, it has not been tested on animals or animal bi-products. Simply apply a few drops when extra lubrication is needed. Contents: 200ml.
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ID Sensation Warming Liquid 28ml
Water soluble and latex compatible, ID Sensation Warming Liquid is designed to stimulate your senses as it warms the skin on contact providing increased exhilaration levels for improved intimacy. ID Sensation Warming Liquid also acts as a fantastic accompaniment to either ID Glide or ID Millennium when additional sensations are desired for sexual contact.
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ID Glide Sensual Lubricant 65ml
Consistently top of lubricant reviews, Sensual Glide by ID is compatible with latex and polyurethane condoms, is rigorously tested to ensure purity and safety, is water based and water soluble, and unflavoured, non-staining and fragrance free. Simply add to the genital areas for lubrication and increased pleasure.
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ID Pleasure Lubricant 117ml Travel Tube
This water-based, ultra long lasting, latex compatible sensual lubricant contains the completely natural sensation enhancer Arginine. Ideal for use by both sexes, ID Pleasure Lubricant promotes a greater flow of blood into the penis resulting in more gratifying, firmer, longer-lasting erections for men and more sensitised and aroused genitals for women.
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ID Pleasure Lubricant 57ml Travel Tube
ID Pleasure Lubricant contains a 100% natural sensation enhancer to heighten sensations to the erogenous zones. With the addition of natural Arginine, this water-based, ultra long lasting, latex compatible sexual lubricant helps men to achieve a firmer, thicker and more prolonged erection and aids women to have more sensitive and stimulated genitalia.
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ID Glide Sensual Lubricant 117ml Travel Tube
ID Sensual Glide is a completely natural feeling personal lubricant. This doctor recommended brand is made from an original clear liquid, water-based, water soluble formula that is designed to be ultra long-lasting, non-sticky and non-staining. It is also unflavoured, unscented, nonoxynol-9 free and compatible with latex and polyurethane condoms.
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ID Glide Sensual Lubricant 57ml Travel Tube
Condom safe, ID Sensual Glide is a personal lubricant that can be used by both sexes. Rated top in numerous lubricant reviews, this lubricant is ultra long-lasting, non-staining, odourless, water based, water soluble, unflavoured and nonoxynol-9 free. This clear liquid formula also has a completely natural feel.
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