Bondage Rope

Bondage Rope is the perfect form of bondage restraint in which to tie your partner up with or use to tie them to the frame of the bed. It is also used by some as an art form. Very soft to use and totally adjustable, bondage rope is a gentler alternative to other forms of bondage restraints such as metal wrist cuffs that are designed for harsher forms of BDSM. A favourite amongst the Japanese for hundreds of years, bondage rope is not harmful to the skin and will ensure many hours of pleasurable bondage games. Choose from the different lengths and colours available and enjoy safe bondage play.

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Bondage Tape
The ultimate in bondage restraints, Bondage Tape is 20 metres in length and available in a wide selection of colours. Use it to tie, bind, gag and even mummify your partner! Bondage tape is perfect for beginners and experienced players alike and a single roll will go much further than you think because it can be re-used. Non-harmful, it doesn't stick to skin but just to itself so unravelling will not prove to be a painful experience.
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