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Get naughty in the bedroom with Temptations Direct bedroom bondage sets. If you're just starting to explore the world of bondage, then we recommend starting with our beginner's bondage or soft bondage kits.

For the more experienced kinky couples our bedroom bondage range includes restraints, cuffs, slave kits, sex position masters and gags.

Whether its pleasure or pain Temptations Direct is here to help. Don't forget we offer 100% discreet delivery on all orders.

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Sportsheets Five-Piece Vibrating Position Pillowcase Set
This extremely versatile and innovative soft velvety pillow case turns an ordinary pillow into a multi-angle, multi-orgasm love ride. Choose to either use the pillow alone or with your partner to find your favourite position. Attach the 5.5 inch long Flare Silicone Dildo and the Dildo Anchor Pad for solo fun or as an addition with your partner. For maximum clitoral stimulation, slip the 2.2 inch long vibrating bullet into the Hump Bump pocket. This pillowcase is designed to fit any pillow and stays in place with Velcro. It is also rolls up small enough to be taken anywhere. Contents: 1 Velcro compatible, velvety soft fabric pillowcase, 1 Vibrating Foam Clitoris Cushion with bullet vibe, 1 Dildo Anchor Pad and 1 Flare Dildo. Battery included.
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Sportsheets Neck and Wrist Restraint
The unisex Neck and Wrist Restraint comprises of a soft sturdy collar with adjustable Velcro closure, a heavy nylon webbing restraint strap with sturdy metal D-rings and 2 neoprene cuffs with Velcro closures linked with a trigger hook. What is so unique about these restraints is that the cuffs can clip into any of the D-rings along the restraint strap allowing for many different possibilities. Perfect for use with any tethers. The total length of the restraint strap is 19.5 inches. The collar can be adjusted to a circumference of up to 20 inches. The wrist cuffs are adjustable up to a circumference of 14.5 inches.
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Sportsheets Penetration Station
The Penetration Station will revolutionize your bedroom play!

It will allow you to penetrate deeper in positions you never thought possible. The easy set up and discreet under the mattress storage allows you to hop on for the ride of your life whenever the mood strikes.
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Sportsheets Sex Sling
Relaxation and gratification come in many positions and you can too. The Sportsheets Sex Sling can ease you comfortably into new erotic discoveries. It has adjustable buckle straps and Velcro closures, aims to reduce leg fatigue and enables maximum penetration and G-Spot stimulation. An instructional booklet is also included.
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Sportsheets Romantic Restraint Kit
Consisting of a leather blindfold with elasticated back, a pair of Velcro fastening Sports Cuffs and a rubber tickler, the Romantic Restraint Kit enables lovers to play out some of their innermost fantasies. Mask the sight of your submissive and lash them with the rubber whip as soft or as hard as you want to while their arms are restrained. They will be powerless to stop you. One size fits the majority.
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Sportsheets Tie The Knot Kit
The Tie the Knot Kit comprises of four virgin white felt wrist and ankle cuffs that have Velcro fastenings and an ultra soft felt blindfold that is elasticated at the back. Not only is this set extremely soft to the touch but it is also totally adjustable meaning that it is suitable for most sizes. The cuffs are adjustable up to a circumference of 12.5 inches. The attached sturdy nylon tethers measure 40 inches in total.
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Sportsheets Hog Tie Set
Assume the classic bondage position with the Hog Tie Set. Lie on your stomach and experience being bound together with the four, soft sturdy cuffs with Velcro fastenings that are linked via the five ring connector. This is the quick and easy way to secure your partner. One size fits the majority.
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Sportsheets Sexy Slave Kit
Seduce your partner into obeying your every whim with the Sexy Slave Kit comprising of a soft red blindfold which is elasticated at the back, one delicate pleasure feather and four soft wrist and ankle ties (adjustable up to a circumference of 12.5 inches) with extensions that have Velcro fastenings. One size fits most so give in to your wildest bondage fantasies now. The extensions (tethers) measure 40 inches in total length.
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Sportsheets Door Jam Harness
The quickest set up ever! No installation! Won't leave any marks on doors! Place the straps over the door then close firmly. This set comes with one pair of felt cuffs that can be used on wrists or ankles (with adjustable Velcro closures) and 2 door jam straps. The door jams instantly fit either over or underneath any door.
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Sportsheets Under The Bed Soft Bondage Restraint System
This soft bondage restraint system features four fur lined cuffs with Velcro fastenings (adjustable up to a circumference of 14 inches), four 60 inch restraints and one 60 inch connector strap. Easy to set up in seconds, this bondage restraint system is suitable for any size of mattress. The straps can be positioned around the head and foot of the mattress or around the sides for new exciting uses. Turn any bedroom into an instant bondage playground!
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Sportsheets Positionary Cuffs
The Positionary Cuffs are designed for amazing sex in the missionary position. The neoprene cuffs with Velcro closures allow you to relax the legs during sex enabling the passion of love making to be enjoyed much more. They adjust easily to accommodate a comfortable width or length for any size couple.
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