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Nalone Yany Luxury Kegel Balls
These are no ordinary Kegel Balls. These are Yany - Luxurious kegel balls... Crafted from High Quality Aluminium and with a sleek and sophisticated design. These are designed for women who want 'Only The Best.'

Nalone Yany Kegal Balls will give you stronger and deeper orgasms with a hint of luxury.
Comes complete with two sets of interchangeable Kegel balls crafted from body safe silicone. 30g Gold and 40g Blue.
Water based lube is recommended. Come with a 1 year Nalone Warranty.
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ID Hero Cool Blast Lubricant 130ml
Increase your levels of stimulation with this cooling lubricant which gives you a cool tingling sensation in all the right places! This water-based lubricant is long lasting, water soluble, glycerine and paraben free, latex condom compatible and non-staining. Its hypoallergenic formula means that it's kind to skin. It can also be used with sex toys and goes well with ID Hero Heat Ray Lubricant. Contents: 130ml bottle.
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ID Hero Heat Ray Lubricant 130ml
Intensify stimulation levels with ID Hero Heat Ray. Unlike other water based lubes, this specially formulated lubricant gives you a warm glow on contact. It's also water soluble, glycerine and paraben free, and latex condom compatible. This hypoallergenic non-staining lube can be used with others lubricants and goes especially well with ID Hero Cool Blast. It can also be used with sex toys. Contents: 130ml bottle.
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Give Lube Silicone Premium Lubricant (100ml)
This unisex lubricant is designed to be long lasting and to not dry out whilst enabling you to glide smoother, better and longer. Suitable for vaginal, anal and oral sex as well as massage and masturbation, this silicone lubricant can even be used under water or with rubber or latex clothing. It is latex condom safe, free from preservatives, unscented, oil free, colourless, odourless, flavourless and dermatologically tested. Simply apply a small amount of this lubricant to the desired area for additional moistness. Contents: 100ml bottle.
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Give Lube Premium Aqua Gel Maxi - 250ml
The unisex Premium Aqua Gel is a water-based lube that comes with the addition of aloe vera making it hypoallergenic. Apply a small amount to the desired area when additional moisture is needed to achieve more pleasurable foreplay and intercourse. This premium sexual lubricant is also long lasting, colourless, odourless, flavourless and free of parabens and glycerine. It is also safe to use with silicone adult toys and latex condoms. Contents: 250ml.
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Give Lube Premium Aqua Gel Midi - 100ml
Add a spot of this premium water-based lubricant to the erogenous areas for long lasting lubrication during foreplay or sexual intercourse. This colourless, flavourless and odourless lube comes with added aloe vera which makes it incredibly kind to the skin. It is also safe to use with latex condoms and silicone sex toys. Suitable for his or her use, this lube can be used in anal, oral or vaginal sex as well as for massage and masturbation. Paraben and glycerine free. Contents: 100ml.
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Give Lube Premium Aqua Gel Mini - 30ml
This premium water-based lubricant is long lasting and suitable to use with latex condoms and silicone sex toys. Apply a spot of this sexual lube when extra moistness is needed for foreplay games or lovemaking. It also comes with skin kind aloe vera and is odourless, colourless, flavourless and also free from parabens and glycerine. Suitable for use by him or her, this 30ml bottle is also the perfect travel sized lube. This lube is suitable for anal, vaginal or oral sex, massage and masturbation.
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Doc Johnson The Great American Challenge Giant Dildo
Dare you take on The Great American Challenge?

This monster dildo is made from jelly so it's flexible at least! The giant shaft of this brutal dildo gives you 11 inches to play with and a girthy 2.5 inch diameter so get ready to lube up and indulge in some serious satisfaction and naughtiness!
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Anal Finger Fun
Finger Fun from Loving Joy is the perfect anal toy for those new to anal play or those simply wanting to warm up. Small, smooth and sleek, this 2 inch long jelly plug also has a ring at the end in which to insert your finger which gives you optimum control when you want it most. Combine this toy with anal lube for exciting sensations!
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Mia Isabella Fuck My Cock
If you want to discover the secret to explosive ejaculations then try the incredible Fuck My Cock masturbator. This lifelike 7.5 inch long cock replica masturbator has a pair of perfectly rounded bum cheeks behind it enabling you to give it in the ass and reach around and masturbate at the same time! This masturbator also comes with free samples of lube, erection cream and toy cleaner.
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Oxballs Diesel Cockring and Anal Lock
Keep your cock locked and loaded with the killer Diesel Cock Ring and Anal Lock. The feeling of the warm soft silicone 2 inch diameter cockring which goes around the base of your scrotum plus the silicone plug up your ass is a sensory overload. This cock ring and anal lock will not stain or decay and can be used with any type of lube. Best of all, it feels like warm flesh against your skin. It is even dishwasher safe! The 2.75 inch diameter anal lock will give your butt a plugging that you will not forget!
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