Whether you're looking to expand your sexual horizons, dip your toes into new territory between the sheets, inject some fun into your sex life with something that buzzes, treat yourself (or someone else) to some sexy lingerie or want to crack the whip from our bondage collection - with Sex Talk we've got some great insights into getting the best out of your love life and the right products to suit your needs.

Claire July 02, 2019

Can self pleasure ease pain

Conversations about sex often focus on the fun and steamy side of sex. That’s great! For people who experience chronic pain though, enjoying sex can sometimes be challenging, but maybe it provides an answer......
tags: Masturbation
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Claire February 01, 2019

Ponygirls: Get The Look

So you've just discovered ponyplay and you can't wait to get started with your partner, but as with any fetish, it's important to have the right kit. There's only so much you can do with a few twisted bed sheets and your guy's silk work ties....
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Claire April 23, 2016

Anal Sex Guide

Many people have strong (negative) opinions about the act of anal sex, and the various reasons for this no-no attitude may be attributed to hygiene, a feeling of deviation and strong religious or political beliefs. Anal sex, however, can be enjoyable and fulfilling to both partners, if done correctl...
tags: Anal Sex
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stace April 23, 2016

Vibrator Buying Guide

There are so many different vibrators on the market, we stock over 600 varieties, all giving pleasure in their own special way. Often discovering which one is right for you will come from experimenting and refining your choices, but that's half the fun. ...
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